Black Sea

Scientists believe that this study suggests some climate change is expected to land if the greenhouse effect will increase Solar energy can lead to environmental problems Environmental organizations are concerned: the rapid development of power on Renewable energy may cause serious environmental problems on Earth. For example, on land that is ideally suited for the construction of solar power, can begin the depletion of water resources. After all, for the maintenance of solar power (cooling) require a large amount of water. But such power plants are built mainly in the regions of our planet, where a lot of sun and little water. So, according to environmentalists, one major solar power plant requires about 2 billion liters of water per year. And, for example, only in the deserts of California, there are about 35 such objects.

Thus, there is the choice – or clean energy, or even greater depletion of land and the consumption of water resources Date of the Week: International Day of the Black Sea on the last day of October, Black Sea countries celebrated the International Day of the Black Sea. 31 October 1996, six countries on the shores of the Black Sea – Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine – signed the Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea, which was developed after extensive Studies of the marine environment, which showed that the viability of the Black Sea has deteriorated significantly in comparison with previous decades. Since that day by a variety of environmental actions, aimed at To draw attention to the problems of ecology of the Black Sea. Environmental activities within the framework of the International Day of the Black Sea were held in Krasnodar region: more than 50 bags of garbage from the two beaches and Riviera Matsesta collected Volunteers in Sochi. Joint environmental-awareness campaign held a Coca-Cola Company and the organizing committee “Sochi-2014”. But environmental activists are sent to the Heads of State and Government of the Black Sea countries treatment, to join the Declaration Chernomorets aimed at maintaining a favorable ecosystem of the Black Sea. Photofact week: These amazing chameleons and best work of photographers, naturalists on Last week we introduced you to some of the most amazing modern reptiles – chameleons, and also talked about the contest ended Wildlife Photographer of the Year for the best naturalistic photography, and certainly showed some of the best works of photographers, naturalists.

Cossack Forces

"His lectures and posts were always interesting, but fair, always smooth attitude has earned a great love of cadets "- recalled the witnesses. And in 1912, at age 33, Dutov was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, "that by then been considered supernatural. " To continue a military career, in fact if the situation in 1912 Dutova had to depart in one of the Cossack regiments, and within a year commanding a hundred. Alexander Ilyich newly arrived in , diligently carries a service with the regiment repeatedly happens in Chuguyev and environs, where were the cavalry charges, maneuvers and exercises. It was at this time is given by us above document brilliantly characterizes the young commander. By the way, this characteristic is not unique.

Per year of service in Dutov repeatedly celebrated as an exemplary officer in all respects. At the first world war teacher Orenburg Cossack School Dutov volunteered. On the Rumanian front, he formed and led the infantry battalion, which has caused a stir during the fighting on the Prut River, where he was wounded twice and suffered a concussion, temporarily lost his vision and hearing. After recovering back in operation, commanded by native 1-m Orenburg Cossack regiment, took part in bloody battles, covering the retreat of the Romanian Army. After the February Revolution, Alexander I., who enjoyed enormous prestige among the Cossacks, successively elected chairman of the All-Russian Union of Cossack Forces, a member of the Constituent Assembly, the chairman of the government troop and military chieftain of the Orenburg Cossack troops.

Kor Church

In the Russian Church a lot of the saints, involved in healing, such as the Reverend Agapit Caves or St. Luke (Voyno-Yasenetsky), which generally was both a bishop and a surgeon in the Crimea, he was even awarded the Stalin Prize for medicine in 1946, but subject not about that. It follows that the Orthodox Church with the same high respect for the medical practice, based on the service of love aimed at preventing and alleviating human suffering.

Healing the corrupted disease of human nature appears as the fulfillment of God’s plan of a man: “The very God of peace sanctify you in all its fullness, and your spirit and soul and body be safely preserved blameless the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ “(1 Thess 5 23). Earlier, at the dawn of medical institutions, hospitals, appeared at the monasteries, but now health care is separated from the Church, but, nevertheless, the Church blesses the building Hospital temples creates brotherhood and sisterhood, even founds courses nurses. That is, the Church seeks to harmony of relations of doctors and patients and should be the dictum of the Apostle Paul, that the human body is a “temple of the Holy Spirit, whom you have from God “(1 Kor.1: 19). Based on the foregoing, we can see that throughout its 2000-year history, the church showed and cares about the health of each and every individual, and nation, when the ratio of good government, and casual attitude to health is a sin.

Russian Federation

(According to the technical characteristics of tractor-trailer in Europe has a front axle load 4,500 kg) with trailer permitted to exit at some federal roads axle load not exceeding 4000 kg. Although the automated enterprise paying taxes, including transportation for the entire year. Must pay wages, rents, etc. Where can I take money for such a situation? Do not give optimism issues with the prices of petroleum products, which in the past 3 years have increased three-fold, whereas in the U.S. and Europe, only 40%. And lately there prices have fallen to the level of 2000.

Addressing the view of the role of road transport in the development of our the country and due to a severe crisis for the industry situation, you must take the following anti-crisis measures: 1. Abolish or adopt some changes:-Step Art. 12.21.1 and 12.21.2 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. (The penalty for violation shall be directed at the perpetrators of these violations). 2. Enter a two-year moratorium on price increases for diesel fuel more than 12 rubles. per liter.

3. To amend paragraph 23.5 of the Rules of the road to improve the overall weight and dimensions characteristics for the train to the parameters of the eu countries, namely: the upper-envelope – 4m20sm;-total weight – 44 tons;-axle load – 11 tons. 4. Repeal of article. 28 and Art. 30 fz 08.11.2007g 257-FZ "On the roads and road activities in the Russian Federation" prohibiting the carriage by road for 3 months because road services during the thaw should ensure the passage of trucks weak sections of road, and not "close" the country for several months freight transport. 5. Strengthen control over the work of all positions of the weight control, and mobile pbc eliminated as not relevant technical requirements. Adopt a single certificate weighing. In order to vehicle, loaded to the point of departure, an opportunity to weigh in and get the certificate and seal. Next on the route to the point of discharge claims for this vehicle from the regulatory bodies do not produce overload. At the moment we have a vicious practice, when the vehicle is en route weighed at different positions of the weight control up to a dozen times and has different weights, different from each other in order. Allow representatives of public organizations to exercise oversight functions of the carriers in these positions. 6. Given the complete inertia Ministry of Transport on issues of performance management, road transport sector performed in line with ever-increasing economic challenges, we consider it expedient to form a Government of Russian Federation Ministry of Road Transport. The above anti-crisis measures will help equalize the competitive capacity of Russian and foreign carriers, will give a vital impetus for Transport Russia will retain jobs for millions of workers.

Expert Or Specialist? Is There A Difference ?

There is absolutely identical to each other civil cases. Every civil case to some extent, special, although it may have a similar legal situation. But, nevertheless, for certain types of civil cases should be submission of this form of evidence as an expert examination (examination). Expertise – this is a reasonable conclusion drawn in the manner prescribed by law individuals with special knowledge in one or various fields of science, technology, arts and crafts. Examination may be conducted in a civil case only court-appointed in the manner prescribed by Article 79, 80 cpc rf in this case it is called a forensic examination. In the case where there is a need to ascertain the validity of the proof to sue in court expert study conducted at the initiative of an interested person in the institution, the entitled to conduct such research, in common parlance, this conclusion is called “independent examination”. Subsequently, this study can be used in court as written evidence validity of the claim – the conclusion of the expert, with subsequent involvement of specialists, who gave this opinion, as a specialist.

Unlike these proofs from each other – forensic and expert research (Conclusions of the expert) is first, in order of their conduct. So, forensics performed on the basis of a judicial determination of the purpose of examination, which identifies the issues raised in the resolution expert. Expert research specialist conducted under contract to conduct an expert study to a particular specialist or to a particular competence center (variants of names may be different). Questions that are designed to allow the study in this case, put in a request or an attorney, or a statement of the person concerned. A second difference is that the examiner judicial examination, warned about professional responsibility for knowingly giving false conclusion on Article 307 of the Professional Code, whereas the specialist, conducting expert studies, such subscription does not. However, afterwards, if This person will be questioned in court, it will also be warned about professional responsibility, but for perjury as a witness.

Does Forensics for the court any more substantial value? By virtue of Part 2 of Art. 1967 hpa RF: “No evidence has for the court a pre-determined force.” However, experience shows that courts use provided by the expert studies conducted on the initiative hand, only as a basis for appointment to judicial examination. Would like to draw attention to the fact that sometimes the expert study carried out by experts of the highest category with the experience of 40 years, whereas Trial expertise in the same case holds a specialist with 5 years experience. But practice is practice. So whether to recommend that his client sometimes quite costly procedure expert studies (Peer review)? I can assert that expert studies and never harm anyone not brought, and sometimes helped to refrain from unnecessary action to appeal court decisions.

Reasonable Compromise

Often a situation arises when the manager just wants to get rid of the employee because of his quarrelsome, contentious nature. Or the administration has found a more experienced person, and staffing is not rubber. The employee also does not want to leave, and reasons for dismissal "under" does not Of course, you can try to survive an unwanted, but not with each is very clear. Someone simply on the initiative of the employer can not dismiss (a pregnant woman, for example) – it's the law prohibits. And with someone because of the same absurdity of the head does not want to communicate – what nerves spoil yourself. And how much time and effort goes into little squabbles that have grown "article"! And then fired go to trial, even if it is not right. If the dismissal a mistake, you do get a "two in one": the loss of money (cost of enforced idleness, plus the costs of representation), and returning to the workplace Dismissed violations of human For such situations, the legislation provides for the possibility of dismissal by agreement of the parties (article 78 of the Customs Code). This method of termination of employment contract allows the employee and management firm or organization to find a compromise. Most often, it looks like this: for the fact that the officer left, he paid monetary compensation – the so-called smart money. What benefits will a dismissal? For employer, in addition to the lack of scandals, the main advantage of the dismissal by agreement is to ensure that the dismissed employee has subsequently present a claim.