Wedding Days

How to make a wedding day special and give it a tinge of magic? Rose petals, luxurious motorcade, instrumental music and battery candles are commonplace and long surprise nobody. And how often do we see fireworks at weddings? Oddly, the salute at a wedding is not as common as we would like, although that day deserves a colorful design pyrotechnics. Flying sparks and whistle salutes will wedding day a memorable and turn it into the atmosphere in a magical adventure. Stock up on festive shells, carefully designed programs of fireworks, and the wedding day will be long in the memory of the guests and themselves perpetrators celebration. 1.

Glitter first kiss. The first kiss in the registry office – is one of the most important events of the holiday. Suppose that at time kissing guests will light sparklers candles, and then a romantic moment will be lit frisky golden shine. 2. By shining path. Put the path from the registry office door to the coach newlyweds high fountains. Make a path wide enough, because the bride dressed in a magnificent dress that you can not spoil it! Let the couple will make their first steps in family life along the color of the glare of geysers of fireworks.

3. Sweet fireworks wedding cake will be even more beautiful and seductive, if decorate his desktop with fireworks. Before you cut the cake, light small fountains and scream "Kiss!". Let him kiss lasts as long as the cake goes out the last spark. Try to find and buy the most long-lasting tabletop fountains! 4. Incendiary dance of love. What wedding can do without the dance honeymooners? It sounds grand waltz, views of young fixed on each other in gentle na they move around the room … Spread along the walls of fountains, of medium height with a silvery effect. Newly suprgi feel great heroes of fairy tales. 5. Finale. Accompanying guests at the wedding night, quietly beeps … and the window will flash a marvelous dawn of the finest bursts of Roman candles, Fireworks-suns and supersalyutov! This finale will be the best finale to a brilliant wedding.

The Giver

Another of the most dangerous illusion to consider that the respondent does not choose and see the interviewer as the giver and owner of a profit. A fact not less, is the freedom and flexibility with which the applicants are conducted at the time of opting for a job offer. Source: Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Delaying the decision-making usually involves losing candidate, because candidates now involved in several searches simultaneously and are able to choose the proposal that is most convenient to define more quickly. It’s definitely a round trip, at both company and candidate elected.

Returning to the theme of the interview as a tool, their wealth lies in the possibility of granting freedom to who speaks and who summons, the power to conduct such restraint and acuity oratory. To successfully pass this phase of the interview, we must have a clearly defined objective about what we need to explore and find. For this reason, it is necessary to know in depth both the technical background (technical skills) and the psychological profile (management skills). It is essential to ask questions that allow us to estimate how the candidate acts against certain situations, what their values and prejudices, how they react to complex situations and how it managed to develop their skills throughout their working tour. They are functional, then, those questions whose answers relate to what he did and how did what he did in real life situations prior; considered as optimal resource ‘interview competency. ” Through the stories of experiences is possible to perceive how the applicant has faced various situations, what are the concepts and values that govern their actions, resources it has put into play to resolve a conflict and blind spots present in each of the events that explicit.

30 Years Touring Spandau E.V.

The touring Spandau e.V. Berlin celebrates its 30th anniversary Berlin, 22.02.2012 – hiking, swimming and cycling without pressure, target times and competition have experienced a rapid spread in the period around 1960-1970 in the Federal Republic. In the context of this kind of sport design, only just lengths and made appearances at the events will be settled in on a voluntary basis, the German public sports association (DDV); His first hiking day in Berlin attracted approximately 10,000 enthusiasts of folk in December 1979. Under the umbrella of the DVV, the touring Spandau e.V. was founded on the 02.03.1982. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Sherrod Brown, another great source of information.

Initiators were the Board members of the first hour Lothar Labitzke, Peter Rempert and Manfred Baumann. Special Initiative for establishing went also by Mr Fredy, sailed the later sport Councillor of Spandau. The Club quickly created its Statute, has been recorded in the DVV and Berlin’s Club register. In its thirty-year history, more than 55,500 hikers to the 82 international days are the main annual events of the Association, come. Since the beginning, the Club offers hiking trips and hiking day trips. The Club established its first permanent trail, the path in the citadel in Spandau, 2007. It was followed by four more the boy digging way in Spandau and one each in Bernau, Berlin City West and Konigs Wusterhausen. Also ran several thousand international walkers over the years.

A long time ago, it was guided hiking holidays abroad and since 2011 also domestically in the offer of the athletic program. To great popularity, the new year’s Eve punch-walk has prevailed in Spandau. It will take place again this year on 31 December 2012. The high number of events in relation to the Association members, suggests a big staff ceiling in the Club. Actually, it consists of approximately 45 members, that all community and everyone according to his ways to implement the programme of events with great success. It is worth to read the program for 2012. A chronicle of 30 years touring Spandau e.V. will appear on the 02.03.2012. This and the multiannual programme can be obtained on the website of the Association under and printed out. On the 03.02.2012 there is an anniversary celebration in the sport’s home on the Askanierring for invited guests. Zander, Waltraut Tahir, Helga Emrich and Gertrud Tiede is thanked the Club and its current Board Member Horst for her work for the benefit of the people athletes and one wishes good sportsmanship and active members for the future. Bernd fai press PAL, touring Spandau e.V. photos and text requirements under press contacts

Southwestern Pillar

Walter Bonatti took leave yesterday of the world for the second time. He did it in his house of Rome, far from his first goodbye. That was in 1965 when, after scaling the North face of the Cervino, it hung crampones and piolets in the top of his art. It was 35 years old, it had scaled everything, even those reserved challenges to future generations. It was a genius of the mountain climbing rather more and than that.

Among others many virtues, incarnated the pure mountain climbing, the incorruptible mountain climbing. There are them admire to the Bonatti, that could with the Southwestern Pillar of the Dru in 1955 and with Gasherbrum IV, three years later; there are them admire them because he was the man who did the impossible thing to save from his six companions in the South face of Mont Blanc, retiring of the Pillar of the Frney in a horrible fight to survive. But it is possible to admire something in Walter Bonatti (Italy, 1930-2011) is his extraordinary spirit of adventure and his enormous culture, value that allowed skin mudar him when the one of mountain climber it was consumed. Source of the news: : The second goodbye of Walter Bonatti

Grid Glasses Improve Eyesight

Through the glasses of a grid is the eye trained and strengthened sight even if that sounds contradictory, is here to improve an effective way to sight and well being. While normal glasses improve the visibility and please the eye, these are even counterproductive for the preservation of eyesight. Grid glasses is, however, promotes the eye muscles and trained the brain. (Similarly see: Sen. Sherrod Brown). Indigenous peoples knew that grid glasses already we can also benefit from the knowledge of indigenous peoples. To sharpen the vision in stressful situations, carved slits people in bones or shells.

As the effect as an even better sunglasses makes popular grid glasses in everyday life. Instead of reducing the spectrum of sunlight, the grid goggles reduces only the amount of light. A dot pattern on the center of the retina, resulting in the hole glasses or goggles of the grid while the eye strives to use the retina Center to watch. Thus must eye and brain in the Combination put together the individual points to an image and are thus trained. By the increased mobility of muscles, hence a more relaxed position of eyes is possible. Thus, the appearance of less is tiring. Prevents the grid glasses are tired eyes by headaches and tension, so also, vision is impaired in addition to well-being. Also non – eyeglass wearers can use the grid glasses, to prevent any impairment of the eyes.


That serves you a company attract new customers, if it is not capable of retaining those who already has. To go a step ahead of the competition, we must manage our customer’s experience, this justifies any doubt, use better techniques of loyalty. Managing the customer experience represents an efficient technique of loyalty, even when there is dissatisfaction, a skillful control of the negative experience of the consumer can be overcome. Well, that is the customer experience now? It can be set, as the subjective response of the customer at the moment of contact with any aspect of the company. Relevant customer experience management is to identify the contact points or moments of truth (points of contact of the customer with any aspect of the company).

The contacts with the company may be direct and indirect. As example of a contact is direct, found the process of purchase of a product or service, otherwise indirect contacts involved in the majority of cases unexpected encounters, as found for example with some representation of product or service offered by the company or any intangible aspect of the same. When we hear the characteristic sound of a Harley-Davison motorcycle, we are in the presence of an indirect type contact, since we would be not buying motorcycle. The secret is not to offer a product adapted to the client’s needs, we must correctly manage the experience that will have this before know or purchase the product. The FedEx online company offers its customers as its value delivery proposition in time, the company must ensure make this feature of their service known by its customers before purchasing your service. The company should worry about collecting information on the experience of the customer in the contact points, these last defined as instances of direct contact with the product or service or some representation of this.

The corridor term of the client, in order to define the series of contact points that the customer experience is used. Below we will present some considerations of relevance on the points of contacts: * the contact points are not static, however changes over the course of the life of the customer. ** Not all contact points have the same value for the customer. ** Contact points that lead to another point of contact are the most important. We must constantly monitor the points of contact, since in each one we must decrease the gap between the expectations of the client and their experience. ** Flexibility toward changing the contact points will determine the possibility of survival of the company, whenever these are the difference between satisfaction or dissatisfaction. ** The company must trace a map of the corridor of the affine client determine if there are any congestion or block that not allows you to have a pleasant experience. ** If the customer contact points are properly designed all experiences should be pleasurable and efficient. Consider that: the moment of truth is the very moment at which customer gets in touch with our service and on the basis of this contact formed one opinion about the quality of the same. Jan Carlzon. Learn about that: when the moments of truth are not attended to, the quality of the service moves in direction of mediocrity. Karl Albrecht source: original author and source of the article

Forklift Snow Shovel

Winter road maintenance in comparison: snow shovels or snow plough for forklift truck – when choosing which forklift attachment? Often these terms snow shovels are used snow plow interchangeably for forklift trucks and forklift truck -, although there are significant differences between the two attachments for forklift trucks and not both types of forklift truck Anbaugeratefur the winter service can be used for most applications. Hear from experts in the field like Congressman Charles Rangel for a more varied view. This almost synonymous usage is justified in the identical at first glance look of both trucks Anbaugeratefur professional winter service. In addition snow blade is used frequently even the terms for forklift trucks with snow blade generic term for fork-lift trucks – Snowplows and. Snow pusher for forklift truck is. A forklift snow pusher has no auto-leveling, so a snow pusher for forklift Planar is the first choice. Assemblyman Dov Hikind : the source for more info. Recorded as the most attachments for fork-lift trucks are also snow pusher for forklift truck with the forks of the forklift. At almost all snow pusher for forklift trucks the Auger housing can left or right double be adjusted to adjust various space angles and be adapted to the respective room conditions. With cutting edges made of different materials (rubber, polyurethane or steel) there is the matching cutting edge; also here for every need the cutting edges for forklift snow shovels are interchangeable, so that wear easily according can be created here.

In contrast to the snow pusher for forklift has a snow plough for forklift trucks an automatic levelling making it perfect for rough uneven, because a Gabelstapler-snow plow. This compensation consists of a special suspension and adjustable skids, which guarantee the regulation of ground clearance. The use and adjustment of a Gabelstapler-snow plow is very similar to the possibilities of a snow slide: multiple to the right and left, adjustable and also the shot is taken at a forklift snow plow easily with the forks and one Bolts. Depending on the need for different plate widths are available, ranging from a clearing width of 1500 mm both for forklift snow plows and snow pusher for forklift trucks up to 2700 mm. Whether snow plough for forklift truck or snow pusher for forklift trucks – with these winter service attachments for forklift trucks also large areas are no longer a problem and the snow is quickly cleared. Also offer the snow shovel and snow ploughs for GLa-Bauer the possibility as a welcome option, to use a lucrative addition with an existing vehicle (forklift, front loader, etc.). Just strong onset of winter, these winter services of the service provider are very much in demand from private individuals, companies and also municipalities like rely on support in the winter service, to better do the accumulated room service just for the strong winter slump.

Professional Toastmasters

Certainly when you hear the word wedding, you just a smile on his face. But marriage is not just the best day of my life, the bridal bouquet or wedding cake, but a lot of questions – what to give, where to spend, who to invite and so on. And who is not a professional toastmaster will give the best answer to these questions. Thus, the toastmaster is responsible Vladimir Nikolsky. Preparing for a wedding There is a procedure of preparing for the wedding. First of all all for some reason, begin to selecting a location for the event.

But, in my opinion, it is possible to get rid of headaches if you seek help from a professional. Tamada fact intended not only to entertain visitors and talk nice toast – it will help solve the problem with the choice of the registrar and the selection room, preparation of the banquet menu and guest musicians and entertainers for the evening cultural program. What to give for a wedding? Gift – a matter of individual character, but I have noticed that many wedding gifts are often repeated. Many guests find that the newlyweds have to be several sets of cutlery. The best advice in this matter – to agree with a gift by the originators of the celebration – bride and groom. Ohio Senator is full of insight into the issues. At what time of marriage, or to play a wedding? Legend has it that the first humans were the 'holistic', combining the characteristics of men and women. But have they done to the gods and to punish those they split the half.

Since then, these pieces and look for each other. William Shakespeare said that: Love is the light that comes down to us from there, from the realm of the stars, with azure height, she wakes up thirsty in our miracle! And the inspiration, and beauty! Love is a feeling that not subject to the laws of physics and is not subject. And yet, there are signs of popular wedding so: JANUARY – to early child; FEBRUARY-life heart and soul; MARCH-new residence; APRIL – happiness and misery evenly; MAY-Mast for life; JUNE – the eternal love between husband and wife; JULY-regret hasty marriage; AUGUST-world and dedication to both sides; September – a quiet family life; OCTOBER – a lot of difficulties on the path to happiness; NOVEMBER – material abundance; DECEMBER – an eternal feeling of love of the spouses. Celebrate your most important event in my life and live happily ever after.

North America

Great country overseas, the U.S. called. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. And in the vast it all can be found. Is there thick forests, deep lakes and high mountains, on the ground and underground wealth untold: fossil useful semi-precious stones so. "Countless diamonds in the stone caves "- as a guest Sadko Indian singing.

An begin to understand more deeply and find out what a diamond in the states and those not. Well, maybe in one. But speaking seriously, the U.S. can really boast of outstanding collection of minerals and precious stones mined in the country. But while diamonds, which would later become "best friends, girls," Americans are literally extracted in a single state of the country – Arkansas. How to explain this paradox – we do not know, but here draw the attention of travelers to the fact that the field it will soon become history because development of gem-quality diamonds running out – can.

And therefore we must urgently go to Arkansas to witness the place where he was found at one time the largest in North America, a diamond. However, to go in the American state is not the only reason. But first things first. Thus, Perhaps the most exciting attraction is the Arkansas tour around town Murphysboro, in "Diamond Crater." Here you will see is that Americans are true to themselves: in this park you can find not only the historical exhibition and gift shops, and tents, as well as a playground for the youngest visitors. For more tourist main attraction will be playing a daring diamond miners.

Munich Bank

Still owed repayment rates can not be made from our point of view the question is actually only, when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Investors should be urgently review their claims with circular letter of February 9, 2012 investors of shipping resources Warnow GmbH & co. KG MS “Warnow Vaquita” have been informed that the Fund cannot meet its redemption obligations. Previously, a repayment suspension agreement was already expired. Condition for the respite offered by the Bank by two quarter redemptions was the partner to provide appropriate liquidity.

The Managing Director has called unworkable apparently and – except for the investor to report – not even the attempt. Therefore, the Bank requested an opinion on the going-concern Outlook that however negative. You may find visit website to be a useful source of information. Consequences were not drawn apparently, man once except that the Board of Directors apparently saw the sole decision of the financing bank. Investors are taught in a circular letter dated May 25, 2012, that a restructuring plan in order was given and the management were about the conditions with the Bank in negotiations. Still owed repayment rates can not be made now the Bank must tolerate the deferral of the third quarter rate 2012 in a row because the company is not solvent. (“No liquidity available is the society this year, to provide the full scheduled year repayment of approximately 1.5 million USD.”) Was the concept ever viable? Not only, that after the initial Charter from the outset no secure employment had the ship. Now retaliates that financing–to improve the forecast profits – a substantial part (25%) was probably recorded in yen and up Rate hedging transactions has been omitted.

Now napping “so far unrealized foreign exchange losses of about 1.88 USD” (Note missing because the word “Million”?) in the books. Of course of course are problems that not insignificant problems with the financing bank. From our point of view, only the question arises when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Statute of limitations threatens investors must in our opinion until December 31, 2012 assert their claims against their consultant for prudential reasons and limitation-inhibiting measures. Already in driving legislative report of September 28, 2009 they were used namely in knowledge, that the recoverable Charter rates (just 30% of the planned) are not nearly easygoing and repayments to the Bank will not be possible. We were able to determine that the brochure obviously not the necessary validation was subjected and in addition we error has reported -. None of our clients was informed about the actual amount of so-called soft costs, with distribution costs already accounting for the lion’s share of about 77%. Do you have questions to your funds? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages? Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855 Hamburg: Dorpfeldstrasse 6, 22609 Hamburg Tel.: 040 53799042 Fax: 040 53799043 Berlin: Roth first breed 19, 10245 Berlin Tel: 030 95999280 Fax: 030 95999279