Boris Nemtsov

With what other associates Ukraine – with bacon and with an anecdote: when a Ukrainian born Jewish – began to cry. Salo – the national dish. Lard is traditional and very highly valued food item in the Ukraine, which played out in many anekdotah.Chto person eats, so he thinks. They say that the pig has a good amount of intelligence, but is not in first place in the list of beasts, but cunning and acumen Ukrainians do not hold. Take a look. As Ukraine wrapped it with gas.

Russia, a huge and strong Europe, a small, but civilized, trying to find out 2 weeks: Ukraine stealing gas, or not? It's had so valiantly all crank that, when such a large cluster Russian-European IQ poor physicist Boris Nemtsov and said: Well, if I do not understand, others certainly do not understand. Well do not be proud of such wit? It turns out that fat – around the head. Eat fat – and the development of gray matter provided. Just can not conceive Ukrainian politicians, it's time to patent a discovery and sell it worldwide, as a national Ukrainian heritage. But not before the Ukrainian authorities, she was more like the U.S. slides: up and down. Dollar – up, simple Ukrainian – down. And suffer, poor fellow, forgetting the taste of bacon home, and pulls tight belt, and hopes for a brighter future.

So it turns out that faith is a fat, which feeds the Ukrainian people. On faith and holding on. Last Hope for the Ukrainians in the 2010 elections. But they all vryatli fix the situation in and around Ukraine. In general mentality thing at once so complicated and it can not be changed. It will take years and even decades and then, gradually, Ukraine will be on the right path … PS The polar bear eats only the skin and fat of the victim, using the rest only in exceptional cases.