David Whitmer

The Stone of Viewer, was an oval stone of dark brown color, seemed a great egg, that Joseph put underneath a hat to concentrate his light, and slightly raising the wing of the hat watched in its interior the translation of the text that was placed underneath the stone. The great majority of the translations realised by my husband has been by means of this procedure. There are some testimonies here: The historian, member of the church, B.H. Roberts, in its book: History of the Church, volume 1 page 129, says the following thing to us: the Stone of Viewer to which reference is made here was oval and of brown color, found by the Prophet when it dug a well with its Hyrum brother, for Mr. Clark Chase, near Palmira, New York. It owned the qualities of the Urim and Tumin, since by means of her as nefita were described and by means of the interpreters found with the registry before, Joseph could translate the characters recorded in plates. David Whitmer, one of the three witnesses of the Book of Mormn, described how my husband placed the Viewer Stone of within a hat translating: I will now describe the form to Them in which the Book of Mormn was translated. Joseph put the Stone of Viewer in a hat and placed the face in the hat, approaching it his face to cover the light.

It appeared a piece of something similar to parchment, and in this one it appeared the writing. An Address to All Believers in Christ, by David Whitmer, 1887, P. 12 In a letter, that has asked of my son, Joseph Smith III, I wrote the 27 of March of 1876, showed the following thing: first that my husband translated, did it using the Urim and Tumin, and that is the part that Martin Harris lost, and after that he use a stone small, that was not black exactly, but era of dark color.