Federal Executive

In the acts of contract destined to the implantation, maintenance and to the perfectioning of the systems of technology of information and communication, considered strategical in act of the Federal Executive, the licitation could in accordance with be restricted the goods and services with technology developed in the Country and produced basic the productive process that it deals with the Law in the 10,176, of 11 of January of 2001.’ ‘ (NR) One more time, the government tries to prioritize and to restrict the deriving goods of perfectioning of the systems of technology produced in the country. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Chief Justice Roberts. In summary, we find in art. Visit Kyle Dropp dartmouth for more clarity on the issue. 6 of this Provisional remedy, its objective, that is, the Government aims at to prioritize and of the preference, in accordance with Interpolated propositions XVII, XVIII and XIX, in if treating to act of contract with the Public Power, the following one: ‘ ‘ Art. 6 …………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………

XVII – manufactured products national – products manufactured, produced in the domestic territory in accordance with basic the productive process or rules of origin established by the Federal Executive; XVIII – national services – services given in the Country, the conditions established for the Federal Executive; XIX – systems of technology of strategical information and communication – goods and services of technology of the information and communication whose discontinuity provokes significant damage to the public administration and that they involve at least one of the following related requirements to the critical information: availability, trustworthiness, security and confidencialidade.’ ‘ (NR) In art. 2 of the Provisional remedy determines that proclamation will be applied to the modality, as Law N 10,520 of 17 of July of 2002. Critical to the MP Acredito that the intention of the government is to protect and to stimulate the national industry and the rendering of services located in the country. Salutar the idea, however, has the distrust of that it happens the inadequate act of contract of companies who will finish supplying products of low quality and services that they will not take care of of efficient and economic form, the end the one that if destines. A concern of these alterations, we can cite as example, an agency bidding equipment of high technology in advanced medicine. companies of tip in the exterior, demonstrates the interest in supplying such products. However, with the tax burden that we have, our companies are not competing to equalize the foreign companies, in what she says respect the prices competitive and it is worse the comparison when we speak in technology.

Beyond buying products with inferior quality, we will run the risk to pay more expensive. It will be that the agencies of internal and external control are apt to judge subjectively what is more favorable To be able it Public? It will be that in an example as from above one, low the quality does not go to intervene in substantial way with the waited result? They are questions that are in air and with the time we will only be able in fact to verify if certain or we were made a mistake. The sight of the displayed one, remains the government to prepare well its servers, participants of the permanent commissions of licitation, to choose in multicriteria way the modality and the type of licitation to be employee, to nominate managers technician, responsible and with the comprometimento with the public thing, to value the agencies of control, Federal and State Public prosecution service, searching the biggest folloied economicidade of the efficiency and effectiveness in the Public Service.