Hello Family And School Angels Start Cooperation

To better support parents in childcare issues, family and fundraising platforms start Hello Schulengel.de now a collaboration. Berlin, 25.10.2010 – parents face when searching for optimum childcare many open questions: How do we find the right child care and what can we do actively for a complete range of expert assistance? How can parents easily raise funds? “Parents are often alone and helpless before these issues. They have to find together then laboriously itself the knowledge”, reports Isabel Korch, editor-in-Chief of the fundraising Portal Schulengel.de. To better support parents, family and fundraising platforms start Hello Schulengel.de now a collaboration. nowledge. Aim of the cooperation is the joining of forces, strengthening of joint engagement for optimum childcare and the common solution of the often urgent question of the appropriate compensation, if kindergartens or KiTa have been closed. Schulengel.de sets Focus on the funding of schools, kindergartens, sports clubs. In addition to a simple donation tool for educational institutions the fundraising portal offers parents tips and ideas, as additional funds for the school or kindergarten of the own child can be collected or how to set up as a foundation. The company Hi family GmbH & Co.KG (operates among other things the portals HalloFamilie.de, HalloBabysitter.de, HalloNachhilfe.de and HalloHaustier.de) a nationwide database with thousands of competent babysitters, tutors and homework tutors provides parents with its two premium services HalloBabysitter.de and HalloNachhilfe.de as well as a comprehensive knowledge pool.

All entries are vision tested, the databases are updated daily. Sonja Leibinger by Hello family: the synergy effect of our cooperation is above all, to join forces and to use targeted there, where they are needed. Especially given the limited performance of the public institution of day-care centres, The demand for kindergartens and schools opens for improved child care – hence the need for funds from the innovatien fundraising Portal Schulengel.de on the one hand and for our premium services such as HalloBabysitter.de and HalloNachhilfe.de on the other hand, at the same time offering the necessary compensation and gaps can. “And because both portals here lay the valuable groundwork for a formation active lives of children, we are pleased about this shoulder to shoulder, where above all the children can only win.” So, both portals make an important contribution to improve the child care situation in Germany. “Our goal is to avoid that every parent is always completely starts at zero. It is important to pool knowledge on our platforms and to pass on us”, explains Isabel Korch.