On The Road In Barcelona

What you should not miss the highlights and highlights of the city are what? What must be seen and what places can you miss? This article is kinda imagine the capital of Catalonia and highlighting their beautiful pages. Barcelona’s architecture is particularly outstanding because it was marked by great artists and personalities. They discovered something almost everywhere and always again fascinated by the diversity and elegance of the city. Significantly, probably, it’s the great artist of Gaudi, who has left his mark all over the city. Everywhere you can find details and interesting items that can be interpreted. See TCF Capital Solutions for more details and insights.

The most known masterpiece is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. It is a beautiful Cathedral in the heart of the city, which daily attracts so many people fascinated and enchanted. You can’t do not disturb from the cranes, which are still present, since the construction is still not completed after more than 100 years. Others architectural highlights include the Parc Guell, the houses of Mila and Battlo, the Cathedral and many other buildings. You should allow plenty of time to look at everything in peace.

A further feature of the city is the great cultural scene, it will come any interest contrary to and one will find an event or exhibition in any case, interested in one. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. To mention only two representatives of large bandwidth of the Museum scene, the Picasso Museum and the Cosmo Caixa to are briefly introduced. Pablo Picasso lived between his 14. And 23 years in Barcelona and later often returned to the town back when he lived in Paris. Mainly works from his career in Barcelona are exhibited at the Picasso Museum, which you get to see anywhere else. The second Museum, the Cosmo Caixa is the city’s Science Museum. Here the history of the matter very clearly shows and is interesting through numerous experiments for children. Not only in Barcelona, but the whole region of Catalonia rises through their history particularly off. During the repression by Franco could not live the Catalonians her true identity and were restricted in their way of life. This is today fortunately not so, but you feel the pride and patriotism above all when Barcelona plays a football game against Madrid. During a visit to Barcelona, you can look also Camp Nou, the largest Fusssballstadion in the world and insight into the triumphs of the team bekommmen. To round off the wide range of Barcelona, the absolute advantage of the city is located on the location to the sea. You can admire not only fantastic architecture and art, but then still comfortably bathe go. Either on the beach in Barcelona itself or around a bit outside, in Sitges or Castelldefels. Also you can go fantastically well shopping and the best in and around La Rambla, the main shopping street of the city. It’s probably obvious why so many tourists are impressed by the city.