What Goes On In the National Assembly

This is producing a shift from passive acceptance to a field of alternative development. It requires the appearance of a person with his conception of Being in politics, one who decides to do and to institute. The issue is to tame the Venezuelan government, Chavez is not possible. The correct approach is to induce that human life is no repetition, and fewer of the political sites, and find back in reflection and deliberation on a new meaning. We are not talking about a “Revelation” but the sudden creation of a new social imaginary. So, without getting ideas and thinking about the future to do can not change what exists.

The Venezuelan government questions every day its reason for being and this is provided in our power to build the new paradigm. The option is hidden in instituting anonymous collective. In this way forget the classic terminology. The maximum value is not a constituent power. What is a Power Institution, which does not mean that the instituting not institutionalized, only to be challenged by the emergence of the instituting new. Democracy is therefore constantly changing.

Any such process takes place, it is obvious-in a specific historical circumstances. In ours, the Venezuelans today, we can not fear the uncertainty of the future The twenty-first century democracy conceive, then, is a permanent update. Venezuelan society today is in negative phase. The protest is simply a loss of patience and reading columnists who insult the government a simple exercise in catharsis. What I intend to talk about instituting citizenship does not refer to a founding myth. I refer to an agent (the agent) that constantly promotes inclusive democratization. There is hope, because of the new rationality in ethics will be built. This will come from the awareness of a necessary recovery (not the past, in any case), but of meaning. The country that the “intelligent elite” must lead in fighting is a distortion, one based on a logical alternative. Happens because people take as a new standard of conduct is not delegation, which in turn implies the assumption of the role which makes redefine responsible in first grade. It is through the complex thinking that can cope with the maze itself XXI century, as the mixture of predictable and unpredictable elements, accidental, or undetermined causes, restates in full force the ride out of dogmatism. I reiterate my country’s proposal to form a government parallel and Instituting a National Assembly to challenge the future.