Financial Interests

Countries at war may have a financial interest in other forms of crime such as illegal arms imports. Thus, establishing alliances with other countries illegal. a Therefore, a controversial issue is the extent to which the economically more advanced countries to promote transnational crime. For example, illicit drugs, many officials in consumer countries are likely to attribute responsibility to the producer countries and fail to consider how an existing culture pharmacological permitted the use of illicit drugs to develop. Also ignore the demand side of the equation, since it focused and on the assumption that the proceeds generated by illicit drugs only appropriated by foreign producers and large distributors. Therefore, considering the considerable revenue generated by illicit drugs consumption in the countries themselves.

A second controversial issue is that transnational organized crime is seen by many officials to be the result of the increasing number and variety of individuals and groups to reach more economically advanced countries. Since these people and groups come from places scattered around the world, often from countries in transition or in crisis, that are perceived as difficult to control and tight integration. The newcomers are said to bring with them their social and commercial networks, which make it difficult for law enforcement and at the same time, facilitating the "conspiracy." No attention is paid to the same difficulties encountered by law enforcement before the arrival of migrants and the commercial "conspiracy" is already contained in the host countries long before they are "invaded" by foreigners.

Forest Lawn

The sun had just gone. Frog brought his evening concert. The bees got into the hives. Closed the petals of flowers and lowered heads, bird heads hid under her wings, and the deer lay down to rest in the tall soft grass at Forest Lawn. Gradually, all was quiet. Shining star from under the trees slowly emerged a month. -Is there anybody here? – Asked the fog. But no one answered, because there was no one.

Then the fog rose – light and white. He danced on the lawn, stretches over the lake, and then snuck into the woods. -Who are you, buddy? – Asked the flower, which could not sleep. Fog, not answering, continued her dance. -I ask you, who are you? – Repeated the flower. -If you do not answer again, I thought you boor. Now, I'll hug. And the fog is dense flower clasped his long hands are wet so that the flower quite damp leaves.

-Oh! Oh! – Cried the flower .- Take away, please, my hands, my dear friend. I like to bathe in the pond. The mist rose higher. "Who am I? – He cried. -I – a drop of dew on a flower, a cloud in the sky, the mist on the meadow. I was constantly changing his appearance: am and dew and rain, and streams. When I emerge at night in the meadow, people say: "That's up Fog. Strange-making – said the flower. -Can you tell me more about it? -Well, I can tell you this story – said the fog, and lay down a little distance, at the foot of the flower. -I was born deep in the earth, there is not take out your roots. There I and my brothers made their way in the dark as pure as crystal, underground key. One day we ran out in the sun, at the foot of the hill. We murmured on pebbles, lapped against the shore, beautiful fish frolicking in our streams, and trees bent over and looked at us like a mirror. -Ran, we ran Then poured into the lake and moved along its bottom. There was dark and uncomfortable. I crawled to the surface and lay in the sun among the round-leaf water-lily. The sun burned enormously, and I'm sorry, why not stay at the bottom. In the evening, the sunset, I suddenly felt incredibly easy and I flew Higher and higher Here I met many of my brothers, which suffered the same fate We flew across the sky. We make the clouds.

Case Work

Chtoby be a winner, look for the benefit of anytime, anywhere for example, pay attention to what goods this month, you offer a discount, so you can save not a bad amount of money. 6. imagine that a crisis is your chance to change lives for the better, if you are left without work, realistically assess their chances, try to improve their skills or learn a new activity in which you would be interested to work, it’s a great opportunity. 7.Vo during hard financial problems every month buy or even update your wardrobe, so turn the imagination and become a designer of his clothing, where at the lowest cost you will be a lot of new clothes and interesting experience. 8.Benzin – it is an expensive luxury, and therefore a very good way to save, I suggest not stand half – of the day in traffic inhaling fumes, and change seats on public transport, just imagine how many books you have time to read or listen to new album favorite band or even just take a nap, while not sacrificing their time. 9.B currently very popular lunch and dinner in restaurants, once again popular, but not helpful for you and for your wallet. On average, one campaign, such as sushi for two people the average check is up from 2000 rubles, without a limb, it all depends on your appetite. Imagine now that for 2000 rubles a family of three people can eat a week, far more useful and nutritious food.

So maybe we will take care of their welfare in general? and more often to eat at home the whole family. 10.Rabota – this man’s work, for which he receives financial compensation, someone is physically, someone intelligent or creativity. In order to achieve success in their work, the case that you do should interest you, sometimes we forget that the work should work and the crisis is exactly the time when it is necessary to actively promote their ideas, suggestions, look for clients, just as in the first place you’ll be able to help themselves. Each individual person, so he decides what to do during a crisis, be silent listener who quietly waiting on the sidelines or the master of its destiny, which only plays the main role. In any case, the crisis is over, and as usual after every recession, there will rise. Only whether to postpone the time for later? Take matters into your own hands and soon we will hear about you.

Ufa Advertising

To determine the right vehicle with the first step is to determine – what advertising campaign! Whether you're advertising a new product / store, increase brand awareness, maintain interest, or information about the ongoing promotions, etc. For each goal requires a different carrier. You should also determine to whom targeted advertising – to reach most of the population or some separate group. If all of these issues are specific answer, yes it is a concrete, otherwise everything else is useless, then you can proceed to the choice of carrier. And you should consider a way to feed the advertising message, since each supports its own ways, the concept and forms that pursue their specific goals. The efficiency also affect the timing and seasonality (of goods, the audience).

Can be a good season to advertise, but at this point in the selected carrier will not the audience that will some useless and will not bring the expected result. And all of these items as it is strange form a "closed ring" with a budget advertising campaign. Fit strictly in the budget is very difficult to light – is not effective, and only upon full analysis of the goals and objectives, the most suitable carrier, seasonality, and budget to give the best option for cost and outcome. Unfortunately, this process takes a decent amount of time and should proactively address this issue. Rush is one of the main enemies of the campaign. Advertising media, it will focus only on the republic and in particular the city of Ufa.