General Assembly

Another one of the resorted critics more on the part of the partners was the one of the quota of 300 Euros that they had to pay the new ones. " We have been mistaken in this subject and the other day they convinced to me of it. For that reason, we have not acquired the quota and we do not go it to cobrar" , it recognized. As far as the questions on the investigations about the irregularities of the old president, Ramon Caldern, the top white agent chief executive preferred to go with caution. Some contend that Sen. Sherrod Brown shows great expertise in this. " We must all be right with that subject, was very serious what they did, but we do not want to do nothing before the judge says something to us. We do not want that they say that we want to us to influence, but I can assure that it is not going to be in the forgetfulness and that all that we are here we are partners compromisarios" , it commented.

They approve the accounts As far as the General Assembly Ordinaria, the partners of Real Madrid has approved this Sunday with a full majority the accounts of the Board of directors in relation to the Liquidation of the Budget, the Memory, the Balance sheet and Cuentas de Prdidas and Ganancias of exercise 2010/2011, as well as of the budget for following and the social quotas for season 2012/2013. Real Madrid, according to informed days back, has closed exercise 2010/2011 with a number of income of 480.2 million Euros, which supposes an increase of the 8.6 percent with respect to the previous one. In the assembly, these data have been approved with a total of 946 votes to favor and no against, also counting on seven abstentions. The second voting of the day consisted of adopting the budget of the club for the season 2011/2012, that will be of around 500 million Euros and that will depend on far which the equipment in Liga de Campeones and the Glass arrives from the King.

Future Community

The joints have that to leave of being particular longing for vacant in cabinets, and yes collective! I see that some communities already have grown in this aspect, and not to bastaser only one communitarian leader, but yes somebody that has identidadedefinida. Therefore it is through this leader who the Community will go to receive to ouperder a benefit. The politicians and all the society are of well opened eyes for inside of the communities! Efazer projects that englobam the slum quarters, the villages, the accumulations would eperiferia is not so simple thus. Speaking candidly Richard Blumenthal told us the story. Therefore as I said before, if dpara not to work for a devoid community, and yes for communities they queavanam and they grow. The people has gone down the mounts in eleiespolticas, to vote in the most diverse public offices, e> also emaes as the participativo budget and hearings you publish. Beyond deoutras important things interest of the Comunidades.Ento is easy I to say that I live in a Community of 35.000 inhabitants, but is difficult to the times to count the history of it. Paulo Coelho: the source for more info. Entoquando I become involved myself in one communitarian politics, finishes being more to fcilparticipar of a history that in the Future somebody will have that to count, and quecertamente the politics and its consequences will be together.

Economic Development

This part of Dagestan, which we conventionally can call "new Dagestan, "became a kind of boiler, where the individual members of different nations through cultural interaction, through intermarriage created supra-ethnic, obschedagestanskaya identity. There are people regardless of ethnicity, narrow, single process involved in the creation and distribution of public goods. The total population of "New Dagestan", as mentioned, considerably higher than number in the "old" mono-ethnic areas. The "new" Dagestan is certainly a step towards creating a future single obschedagestanskogo ethnic group. In my opinion, by the end of XX century the most important of which determined the future development of Dagestan changes was actually formed, but not yet officially recognized by the division of the republic into two parts, one of which is product development in the XX century, and another – the historical continuity centuries of the previous stage of development. Quite conventionally we call these two "new" and "Old" Dagestan.

Prospects for the development of mountain areas, to put it mildly, quite dubious. During Soviet times, when efficiency Economy sacrificed social equality, in the mountains employed hundreds of shops where women knit little-needed dzhuraby. In the 1990s, when the state is gradually disappearing from the economy, about the bulk of the unemployed able-bodied population of the republic were in the mountains. This inevitably led to an increase in the degree of informal care of young and dynamic population. Nothing has changed in the last ten years. Young people continue to seek in the city, where they were not waiting to improve financial position leave for other regions of the country …

But in terms of investment development of the mining area – the main priority of the government. Here stoyatsya HPS, build roads and pipelines are built dozens of schools and FAPs … Hard to say what would happen. I think nothing. I can not understand why the money to sow in the mountains if they are sorely lacking in the most promising and dynamic areas, and above all – in Makhachkala. Over the last twenty years taken measures to increase employment levels in the mountains or the development of production does not yield the expected results. This means that the number of mountaineers in the literal sense of the republic and will continue to decline.

Brazilian Character

Who is that it stops to read a periodical and to criticize what observes there? Who is that it is worried about serious things? Who thinks today about the collective one in day? Nobody! This is loss of culture, loss of identity as citizen. I tire of speaking that ' ' he does not vote yourself only in who is in the front in pesquisas' ' , but he seems that I say an unknown language, everybody looks at pra me with interrogation face, way that giving to understand: ' ' face, you is donkey? Why to vote in a candidate who nor appears in the research or group of bencheses of the televising debates? ' '. It is therefore that, one more time, everything will continue in the same one. Same proposals, same indifferences, same pilantragens, same alternations of being able, same corrupes, same outlaws, same ignorant voters, same hypocritical society and conservative of we pssimos customs, same democracy of blind people and clowns, as always. While not to rethink on what it is to be a Brazilian, I continue with the so infantile and babaca question that folloies the infantile and babaca reasoning of each one of these thousands of unconscious citizens: ' ' what it is to be a Brazilian? ' '. The reply it is in the face, but and proposals of improvement and solution! It is that deferred payment there the question. It swims goes to move in this country while it will not have somebody worthy of character and confidence that if presents as the true candidate of the change.

Or better, nothing it will change while the proper voter not to demand changes in the structures of this fabula that it is Brazil. The combination of one and another one, solely, is that our hopes can become reality. Unhappyly, still one gains with corruption and lie in this country, therefore the politicians think that only of this skill they lead best. This makes jus to the mask that they dress every day. we here, also, dresses entirely the character; dresses of clowns, for pure and sincere desvalia. It will be that this makes jus to our character! It is of if to think, then, THINKS.

Venezuelan People

Time brackets Teodulo Lopez Melendez The creation of a new reality is similar to the Venezuelan people have a mission impossible for alleging lack of forces. The word solution seems to have escaped as a wandering celestial body not subject to any gravitation. Now think about the possible outcomes you crave a feature of his ancestor barren historical times finished. We can call this time that we are one in parentheses. Now look at the reality with fatigue and pessimism is set to a heavy hardware which prevents the transformative power of the will. The new paradigm can not wake him or does it looks powerless to remove it from the historical tragedies that sank into lethargy or is tampered and hidden under the carpet by the representatives of a past that will not return. It is a particular ataraxia replacing with equanimity alert status.

We wonder why the Venezuelan has abandoned the role of decoder. Dissatisfaction with the status quo seems to have lost its ability motorized travel out of this ominous. Chavez has lost the power to enforce submission to the symbolic order of reality. That is, no longer questioning. This space jammed between two symbols is only one and is called parentheses freezes and breaks up, it will constitute a kind of limbo where only one would expect a higher decision to determine once and for all the duration of punishment prior to promotion to new instances . The two ends of the brackets remain confined to a republic while some argue that the command that closes right break on 26 September in a barrage of mana. From the side of power takes pleasure in the time hidden in the bracket while outside unleashed a flood of tears facts and utilizing the parentheses. Inaction characterized at the time of parenthesis.

It is known in Christian theology that the time of end brackets, which is just a passage, but the concept of time is curved like a snake coiling about itself that seeks the tail to bite like a well written story with appropriate literary techniques. The emphasis is on the right side of the bracket and it is argued that it dates, it is enough patience to get the time of the parenthesis. In the outside world, however, time runs fast, is captured, it violates, is passed over, the clothes because the republic is enclosed in parentheses. This country has two stages: that of which is enclosed in parentheses and the Republic of the usurpers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Paulo Coelho. The stench has two stages: the cats who dig and those who display it. There are two theories: that of those within the brackets begin to argue that time does not exist and those who questions the interaction to the rebirth of energy. We conclude that we must seek the highest group of symmetries as possible what always leads to unimaginably high energies. It is possible that the country is simply pushing the right side of this sign spelling-political and extending the time parentheses. Open bracket is needed, interrupt the speech contained, make clear that the speech goes on all the expression and not on the closure of a time. Here there can be no saints or patriarchs awaiting the redemption of the genus in Venezuela. We have to get the plate that have hung around his neck. We can not continue to ignore the intricacies or evaporators Avila smoke that burns alone.


Why suddenly "exploded" self-interest, why do people have to use each other, instead of the communal life which was with them in Mesopotamia? It is programmed growth of man. Only in this way, rising over the growing selfishness in him, humankind comes to the love of interdependence and integration that exists in nature. RI: So why all the rest – still, vegetative, and living things – created by the Creator without the condition of development? ML: Man – this is the last stage of development: inanimate, vegetative, animal and man. And the man does not differ their animal state, namely the fact that "man" in it, his "I" is gradually developing. We see that the animal, as in life, and from generation to generation does not develop.

Only in man, in this special creation of nature, the ego develops from generation to generation, and in life. A small child about an adult – it's a huge difference in development. RI: But why man? ML: That's because it laid back and an additional goal – to become equal to the highest power of nature. Call it the Creator, or just nature – it does not matter. Man must reach the level at which is nature itself that is at the level of eternity and perfection. RI: Tell me, please, from this number – 600 thousand people? ML: In nature, there is a system that controls our world. It's called "Arich Anpin" (Long face).

By the way, all the terms in Kabbalah in Aramaic – the spoken language of ancient Babylon. This system works so that once there is 600 thousand people who can connect with each other as they did in the same ancient Babylon to the burst of egoism, then mankind will find peace … That is enough of a critical mass of today's humanity, so that through him was a wave of energy created in our society the same harmony, as in all universe.

Social Politics

INTRODUCTION In lower court this article comes to propitiate a quarrel directed the multifaceted ones of the social service since its sprouting until the current days, its dynamics of intervention and its main events fortifies that it as profession in a society that suffers with the most severe actions of the capitalism, thus leaving, its form of acrtico thought and adopting a form of critical thought to intervine in the social problems from some historical moments as it was the movement of reconceituao and the intention of rupture, the attempt of return of the traditionalism with the conservadorismo and the definitive rupture of the Social Service with the traditional one. Inside the quarrels on the subject in debate it will be dealt with primordially to the social matter and the public politics directed to the population of the agricultural zone, has debated this that comes taking its space from the popular participation in the base works and territorial quarrels where if the politics of social assistance argues, economic, educational, ambient and cultural. However, the Social Service assumes a basic role in the society, that is to keep a relation with the politicosocial conjunctures in accordance with the marxist source that is placed as support for the Social recital and the consolidation of the professional intervention with position politics from the rupture with the traditional Service, being this finishes based in the conservadoristas sources. SOCIAL MATTER AND the PUBLIC POLITICS IN the AGRICULTURAL ZONE the socioeconmico development of Brazil comes if giving in one it forms highly concentrative of income that excludes from the benefits and the public politics part of the significant population, raising the social inaqualities and affirming each time more the division of the society in classrooms in accordance with the model of capitalist production. Therefore, it is pertinent to affirm that, who suffers more with the centralizadoras actions from the State is the population of the agricultural zone. .

Nelson Jobim

To grant to beautiful piatas companheirada, it was installed in the Ministry of Justice the deAnistia Commission and Peace. Names as Jose Genono, Dilma Rousseff, Jose Dirceu, Digenes of the PT and until the proper Squid had participated of the spree of the dinheiropblico (Cfr. ). Ziraldo, Jaguar and Carlos Heitor Cony had received indemnities, each one, the R$ superior 1 million, beyond a monthly pension that, in some cases, as Cony, is equivalent to the wage of a minister of the STF. One will detail: cancerous comoos and the aidticos, these privileged ones do not pay to tax derenda (as Decree n 4,897/2003). The Commission foresees that 40.000pessoas will enter with claim. Some States tambmcriaram its> beyond terrorists whom they had entered with processes nJustia, to arrest the colonel and to surrupiar of it and the State pecuniary gordaindenizao.

Thus, to speak, today, in Law of the Amnesty is to discourse on what it does not exist more. To embed it of time, it only lacks to place Ustra in the chain. Paulo Coelho will not settle for partial explanations. Osterroristas defeated of yesterday will not go to sossegar until seeing> the history that the left does not want that Brazil knows, of the proper Ustra; the book, success of sales, already in 5 edition, apesardo boycotting of the bookstores and the media, arrived to be between the 3 maisvendidos, as it notified the Periodical of Brazil; however, nor Veja, reviewed of liberal trend, took knowledge of the fact; as it is known, the ia magazine of the Civita has one makes rancio natural against the military; – Right Project to the Memory and the Truth: book elaborated for Vannuchi, that only serves enaltecerterroristas and to pursue the military; in the occasion of its launching, Nelson Jobim threatened the military: ‘ ‘ If somebody to react, goes terresposta! ‘ ‘ ); – Disclosed Memories – National Archive: petista site (), only has linkscom left entities, as Torture Never More, Foundation PerseuAbramo, CUT, menosprezando important sites, as Ternuma and the VerdadeSufocada, where important historical quantities exist.