Russian Foreign Ministry

Recently the Russian press appeared a number of publications, the general meaning of which is to ensure that it is time for Russia to reconsider its attitude towards the Taliban. Moreover, there are reports that such revision has supposedly been made and Russia until the beginning of the backstage, but real negotiations with Taliban leaders, some armed groups. Thus, AN Serenko, Expert Centre for the Study of Modern Afghanistan in its Article from 29.05.2009g. writes that Russia found a common language with some Pashtun leaders of the Taliban and today controls one of the Taliban armed groups in the area of the Afghan-Pakistani borderlands. And although the author Frankly, that set out the information they are based solely on hearsay, I ask, why did they have nothing to unconfirmed rumors spread to the wider Russian audience? On the other hand, what basis the author qualifies the official policy of the Russian leadership and the efforts of the Russian Foreign Ministry, aimed at eradicating the terrorist threat, including coming from the territory Afghanistan as a "ritual repetition of Russian officials, the diplomatic" mantra "about the need to support the efforts of the international community in its relentless struggle against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? " For their part, many years engaged in the Afghan-themed and carefully keeping track of all the changes occurring today in Afghanistan and around it, I dare say that Russia's policy in respect of the Taliban movement, which led in 2001. their country on the brink of national disaster, remains unchanged.


A report on the CAT 'Lars' on Security Council was to make foreign minister Vashadze. The meeting was attended by representatives of the government was expected, parliamentary opposition, as well as leaders of some non-parliamentary opposition parties. What a reach as a result of the Georgian authorities in the matter of the Upper Lars, soon to be known. But just a remarkable fact. However, there are other background things that cause or doubts or concerns.

The question is: Why Georgia urgently needed to "overtrain" a riot – that American, British, Israeli military experts so badly worked hard anything they have not learned to Georgian special forces? And now in Tbilisi hopes on the Turkish Special Forces help? Thus, according to an unnamed source in the Russian intelligence services, Tbilisi appealed to Ankara to assist in formation of special operations forces. But reports about the Georgian media 'Georgia Today'! We are talking about forming a battalion of rangers, who should be the basis for the planned establishment of a Georgian special operations forces for action in the foothills and mountainous areas. Estimated number of battalions of more than 500 people, and the total number of special operations forces – more than a thousand. The source also said that Georgia is working to improve antiaircraft and antitank defense, as well as highly mobile, equipped with modern forces capable during special operations effectively in the mountains. Moreover, the source confirmed that the Georgia's defense is going to increase in number and at the expense of imports from the U.S.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as soon as time will get your own website. It is reported that the government press service starts subsite of the Prime Minister in the portal of the White building. At the source of the next year premier resource will get its own DNS: one of its variants – 'Now everyone hungry, visiting the web page of the Russian government, oversees the tab' Prime Minister ', beyond which lies a little surprising information: biography premiere plus record his speeches seems several photo '. How assured sources surrounded premier newfound site quite no way does becomes prompt about Putin-president: portal 'flooded' information on the newly-head with the government since May 7. To create a website press-service premiere began in early July.

In the portal development, design design, structural fill, protection from within the powers hacker attacks participated seems state seem private companies. Key moment newfound site will become what Prime on therein appear 'appropriately his status seems personality' scribbling "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". Sakzhe reported that structurally similar external resources will differ from the presidential In particular, the page will be located full archive of speeches by the presidium of the Government, in statements During the working visits of various kinds seem to welcome speeches like the introductory words. Significantly increase the number of audio like video, will complete photobank. The site is similar will provide the most interesting Articles about Vladimir Putin: seemed seemed Russian so seems foreign 'production'. But perhaps mainly expertise becomes time-line – scrolling horizontal tape everyone can see seemed seemed seems in what indoors Prime fulfills its obligations.

Which regions seems empire Putin visited only where going arrive visiting or working trip – behind this henceforth becomes observe public. 'Shadowing' per Premier simplify a special interactive map that literally illuminate those geographical location in which the prime minister has visited the premises, but placing it in what are still waiting. According to RHS 'News', up, up until unit Putin Site recognize about life Prime seems communicate with him dozvoleno through portal Belyi building. Must say that crowning seems undergo modernization seems dressmaker reissue. 'In its stylistics portal Government starts harmonize with subsites Putin' – reported press service government. Specifically, expand set interactive services improve speed characteristics, increase capacitance seems diversity information only herself electronic page becomes bilingual. On final shaping portals Putin seems Belyi buildings leave near year. T meanwhile that newfound resource premiere afford all visitors opportunity interactive dialogue premier yet to usual 'paper' contacts through adoptive Prime.

Universal Smart Card

This can be a Universal Smart Card use on the Internet (at sites of public authorities or institutions providing public services) and the Universal Smart Card use in vending machines, offering to individuals providing public services electronically. It seems that the more popular and in demand should be considered as providing government services electronically using the Internet. In this connection special importance is the question of creating the legal infrastructure of Universal Smart Card for individual public services. Creating a legal framework requires adjustment of federal legislation for introduction into it of the possibility of obtaining public services through Universal Smart Card. The developers of the bill emphasize that since most of the requirements of federal law that greatly complicate the possibility of using the Universal Smart Card for public service delivery, associated with the need representation in government bodies or local authorities of the original documents or copies certified by a notary, was concluded on the need involvement of the Institute of Notaries in the process of providing services in electronic form using the Universal Smart Card. At the same time receiving government services using the Universal Smart Card may in the following ways: Getting the public services directly individual without the use of EDS. In this case, an individual (sole proprietorship) goes to state authority or local government using the Internet (or automatic remote access to public services) by entering the necessary data Universal Smart Card, identifying him as the holder of the Universal Smart Card. This method is possible if the applicant is required only to apply in a simple manner without need to witness the signature on the application and identification of the applicant.

Market Valuation

Rich not the one who has a lot of money, and those who know where to invest it, that they subsequently generate income. One of these options: investing in real estate. As in other areas of investment, there are some details, which should not be forgotten. Perhaps, in this case, the main factor to be considered: over time, changes in the value of invested capital. The reasons for this change are many, such as inflation, depreciation, the level of demand, location, respectively, and transport interchange, etc.

In this case, a very important role played by the real estate. What is the score? Assessment – is the establishment of project cost by an appropriate research consistent with accepted procedures of evaluation. All kinds of assessments are conducted in accordance with Federal Law N 135-FZ of 29.07.98, the "On appraisal activities in the Russian Federation 'and the RF Government of 06.06.01, N 519' On approval of standards assessment '. Often, the assessment will be carried appraisal company. Appraisal Company – is a licensed organization that produces an assessment examination.

Real estate appraisal is one of the most popular types of assessment. It includes both the valuation of the object, and individual rights in relation to it, such as the right to lease, use, etc., so an independent assessment of the property – the definition of its current market value. An independent assessment of the property – this is one of the most common species currently estimates. One special case of residential property assessment – evaluation of flats. Often the assessment is required in case of flat sales, but and appraisal can be made in case of a transfer, pledge or apartment, for example, at trial, if introduced into the charter capital, the estimate of the apartment insurance. After the assessment apartment, interested persons are at the hands of an evaluation report compiled by an independent appraiser. This document is an objective benchmark cost estimated object. Appraisal is also done and in respect of movable property. These include: evaluation of vehicles, property appraisal, assessment of equipment. Appraisal can be made to the following types of vehicles: cars Rating (cars and domestic, passenger and cargo), motorcycles, trailers, etc. Estimates of the car is made when the vehicle or other object of property committed by any business transactions. A sample list of situations in which an evaluation of the vehicle: car market value on revaluation of fixed assets, valuation of property and vehicles as part of a going concern, assessment of property in liquidation of the business and its sale; assessment vehicles for investment; estimate for leasing a car, custom car valuation, assessment of property and equipment for recycling, etc. The need to assess the property – there is Then, when you need to know the real value of the assets of any enterprise.