Antonio Rodriguez San Juan

Follow-up to this young girl has not been easy; We wanted to have news and we have found them comes from the popular Caricuao parish. Since very young, he participated in various youth meetings and community associations. He was as Directora Juvenil de Caricuao by the Fifth Republic movement. Student leader of the Colegio Santa Ana. He is a Civil Engineer and also studied in Spain at the University of Miguel? ngel of Elche, in Madrid where he earned the title of expert in Protocol and institutional studies. Three (3) languages spoken: Spanish, English and French. Chavez, that is your political tendency! We remember it in walks with Chavez when he was a candidate; is anyone remember when rifo in the Estadio Universitario baseball ball, signed by Chavez?, is clear when was candidate: as a youngster of propatria won it and who gave it? Vanessa. And in policy discussions: Chavistas and Irenistas, in television, print and national programmes, always together of the youth Directorate in Caracas; nodding to innumerable marches, the aforementioned also supported in his political campaign our so well-known friend Antonio Rodriguez San Juan, current Governor varguense.

Faithful visitor of the House of the MVR, on avenida libertador, which was in charge of our remembered Omar Mezza Ramirez. He was as Chief of Protocol of the governorate of Vargas for five years; from there decides to undertake route to France, by her marriage?, never met you dating! and he is currently the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in France, as Second Secretary from the consular section. Connect with other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman here. Don’t ask me how I knew it but the truth is that it took to give with your track. As a person, say their neighbors and those who have known her that he has an incalculable charisma, good friend, good daughter, good I only remind that under the guise of Red catirita, dunno if some saw it?, costume mechanical red color and a tape on the forehead Viva Chavez!I take the attribution do you one small biography, because I would just like to young entrepreneurs like her; they were treasures discovered by all our leaders.I could mention many others that have gone unnoticed and many others who have achieved their political space and which has been recognized them their effort such as: Luis Manuel Flores, Carlos Tosta, Domingo Guevara, Mari Pili Hernandez, Francisco Cedraro, Alejandro Flemin, Andres Izarra, Alvaro Hernandez, Argenis Gonzalez, Lenin, among many others.

Business Color

Have you ever considered the importance of color in building brand? Coca-Cola uses the Red; UPS, Brown; IBM, blue. These corporations understand the proper use of color is vital to create a positive image among customers. Moreover, color plays a very important role in memory, stimulating all your senses, instantly sending a message as any other method of communication do not. The correct choice of the dominant color of your brand is crucial. Official site: Richard Blumenthal. This color should appear in all the pieces, including the logo and the packages.

Much as possible, the color that you choose should differentiate it, working with its industry and its image, and conform to their brand promise. It should also take into account the psychology of colors, is quite complex. Jim Donovan Goldman may also support this cause. Colors can mean different things depending on the culture, the situation and the industry. However, in the West there are some universal meanings: Blue: the pale blue is perceived as reliable, financially responsible and secure. Strongly associated with the sky and the sea, the blue is serene and universally accepted.

Blue is a color especially popular in financial institutions, since its message of stability inspire confidence. Red: Red activates the pituitary gland, increasing heart rate and accelerating the breathing. This visceral response makes the Red aggressive, energetic, provocative and getter’s attention. In a question-answer forum James Donovan Goldman Sachs was the first to reply. Count on red to elicit a passionate response, although not always this is favorable. For example, red may represent danger or debt. Green: in general, green connotes health, freshness and serenity. However, the meanings of green vary with its many forms. The Green darker are associated with wealth or prestige, while the Greens more clear are soothing. Yellow: in each society, yellow is associated with the Sun. That is why this color communicates optimism, positivism, light and warmth. Certain forms seem to motivate and stimulate thought and creative energy. The eye sees the shiny yellow before that any other color, making them ideal for point of sale displays.

Victoria Beckham

The former Spice Girl says she feels overwhelmed with the care of his sons and his work as a fashion designer. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. David Beckham women, three children and one on the way, renounced her maternity in order to devote to your collection. With husband, three sons (more a baby on the way) and a successful career as a designer, Victoria Beckham is a woman on the verge of a nerve. The former Spice Girl s has complained about how hard that is reconciling work and personal life, and is identified with other women. Read more from James Donovan Goldman to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Victoria Beckham is more than busy. stens, a sympathetic response will follow. Between his family and his work he has no time for anything, but forward Strip by love for art and fashion, his passion. Being a working mother is hard.

I think that women can identify with me when I say that (reconciling work and family) is like to juggle with balls of glass, the former Spice Girl to the British edition of Glamour has declared. Low by maternity leave, what is that? I’ve been working hard to be ready for next season ( fashion), still complaining about victory. And it is that soon their offspring will increase and Beckham will be with four kids and lots of work and events to attend. However, Victoria knows what really matters. My husband and my children will always be my priority. But I don’t feel my profession as a job but as a passion, adds the designer. And that passion goes through trying to make women look and feel beautiful, and getting your audience to enjoy their creations is his best compliment.

Existence of Dreams

The life in the sample indestructible barriers, without a possibility of in the ones of the courage. The hatred consumes all the force and energy of a sonhador. Few think about continuing, because of the tears that are as scar in our face. Many times we think the certain without thinking to me we give them the coasts you criticize for them that it takes in them to the pdio of the victory. The small commas that are in our life in them bring total unreliability, without counting them to me how much that if we risk for a step in false. By the same author: Chief Justice Roberts. To dream is a form to show how much we must fight because of the objectives.

Is to have one don kept to use them in the hours of maltreatment and ingratides to me. It is to show for that they had forgotten to fight, how much we must fall stops raising in them with the raised head. Details can be found by clicking James Donovan Goldman Sachs or emailing the administrator. It is to show for weak the o how much it aches to suffer, without fear to show its values. It is to smile for a tomorrow lost one because of the violence. in the dusk, to reflect for its spirit how much the dream in them brings rocks that will be stairs of a new tomorrow; why never it is late for recommencing them a dream or a poetry to me that God shows in its life. It trusts a being that will help to show you that the dream never will exist an end point.

Hello Family And School Angels Start Cooperation

To better support parents in childcare issues, family and fundraising platforms start Hello now a collaboration. Berlin, 25.10.2010 – parents face when searching for optimum childcare many open questions: How do we find the right child care and what can we do actively for a complete range of expert assistance? How can parents easily raise funds? “Parents are often alone and helpless before these issues. They have to find together then laboriously itself the knowledge”, reports Isabel Korch, editor-in-Chief of the fundraising Portal To better support parents, family and fundraising platforms start Hello now a collaboration. nowledge. Aim of the cooperation is the joining of forces, strengthening of joint engagement for optimum childcare and the common solution of the often urgent question of the appropriate compensation, if kindergartens or KiTa have been closed. sets Focus on the funding of schools, kindergartens, sports clubs. In addition to a simple donation tool for educational institutions the fundraising portal offers parents tips and ideas, as additional funds for the school or kindergarten of the own child can be collected or how to set up as a foundation. The company Hi family GmbH & Co.KG (operates among other things the portals,, and a nationwide database with thousands of competent babysitters, tutors and homework tutors provides parents with its two premium services and as well as a comprehensive knowledge pool.

All entries are vision tested, the databases are updated daily. Sonja Leibinger by Hello family: the synergy effect of our cooperation is above all, to join forces and to use targeted there, where they are needed. Especially given the limited performance of the public institution of day-care centres, The demand for kindergartens and schools opens for improved child care – hence the need for funds from the innovatien fundraising Portal on the one hand and for our premium services such as and on the other hand, at the same time offering the necessary compensation and gaps can. “And because both portals here lay the valuable groundwork for a formation active lives of children, we are pleased about this shoulder to shoulder, where above all the children can only win.” So, both portals make an important contribution to improve the child care situation in Germany. “Our goal is to avoid that every parent is always completely starts at zero. It is important to pool knowledge on our platforms and to pass on us”, explains Isabel Korch.

Treatment Of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD / Ocd )

We are ready to conduct a survey and if you need something we will your treatment. Our experts will help you and your family to recognize and treat disease. We specialize in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD / OCD) in traditional and not traditional methods. The main cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder – a biological predisposition, which is expressed in a different structure of the healthy human brain. In addition, many character traits as well contribute to the development of obsessive compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder affects as a rule, people sensitive, delicate, demanding to themselves and to others who want to perfection and order. And it's mostly intellectuals.

Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder may as medication and drug-free. In Russia today, are preferred. However, the preferred method is namely non-pharmacological treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder with no side effects and not addictive .* How is the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in absentia? * 1. First of all, we will provide on-line training benefits, the writing center professionals 'No Fear' and based on the most advanced western techniques. These tutorials will give you a complete and accurate understanding of your obsessive-compulsive disorder and drug-free methods of eliminating it. 2. Immediately after the recording of the course, you will be attached to a personal psychologist, who will accompany your treatment process for 30 dney.Vy be able to ask questions and get answers and support to all treatment period. 3.

Because obsessive-compulsive disorder has many forms, you will be sent questionnaires on the basis of which we get a clear picture is your chance. Further treatment program will be based precisely on the results of these questionnaires. 4. With the help of tutorials, you learn techniques of exposure therapy, which will begin to execute immediately after learning the theoretical part. You will not be easy, but our psychologists will support you in difficult times. Communication with the psychologist is on the phone, by e-mail, ICQ or by videoconference SKYPE. 5. As you move, you fill in an online special report about your treatment to be monitored and reviewed by leading your psihlogom. That way you can avoid common mistakes and accelerate their return to normal life. Remember! You can get rid of obsessive thoughts only several weeks of hard work on himself. We are happy to assist you in this matter.

Tom Freudenthal Learning

If you know your type of learning learn more effectively providing the right find much if learning is to the pain, may be that in addition to many other causes of false teaching. Because there are different types of learning, which must focus either on content, images and sounds or always practically apply all. For these different types of learning the learning material must be suitably prepared, can they find him interesting and memorize the information. In the following, these types of learning are briefly introduced. You can find out what type of learning you are, and make your learning significantly more effective.

Difficulties in learning why learning for us is so fast to the effort? Even with topics that interest us, we find not the right approach to learn effectively. The fabric is somehow uninteresting or boring and although the theme we find very exciting. This can be the case not only in the University, but also at work or even in the private sphere, where we so freely choose our subjects. In addition to many other This may be an inappropriate placement reasons. Because the different types of learning the course material on the best way for they need to get presents. Only then can the information remember and not lost within a very short time again. These types of learning there is the field of learning types”is very broad.

Different priorities depending on the approach and theory. Basically you can call these four typical types of learning: the contentorientierte type of learning this type of learning needs clear contents, structures and forms. With precisely integrated texts, books and E-books, he can work the best, because it traces the structures, which characterizes and is about this at any time in the memory can recall the information. The Visual learning type, this type of learning needs many Visual stimuli. The learning material in power point presentations, videos, graphics or General images must be presented for him. The auditory learner learning can remember the most spoken. For him works learning the best audiobooks, interviews, podcasts or audio books. The practical type of learning this type of learning eventually can apply somehow everything. He takes cases or things that he can perceive touch, touch and feel. He can remember the best experiments and studies, coming directly in contact with them. To learn more effectively if a substance you as bulky or exhausting, even though you actually interested in the topic you worry about the nature of the mediation. Try to find out what type of learning you are, and adjust your way to learn. You can learn much more efficient and more sustainable if you add the learning resources in the best way. In this way, you must force less to learn. He feels just right and of course. They are much more motivated and have fun learning. This not only significantly save time and effort, but can be sure that the fabric for longer than a few days or even just Hours in memory to keep. Interested in more information about the topics? We have a total of 20 short videos with further tips on the subjects of reading strategies, learning, memory and motivation for you you click on this link for more information: I look forward to your visit! Her Tom Freudenthal

Stiftung Warentest

Avoid mistakes when purchasing a mattress with the neutral and free sales consulting of an expert in your area many customers feel overwhelmed when buying a mattress. Bad advice, confusing offers strange price designs turn into a nightmare fast mattress buying. The mattress expert Walter Braun from Munich offered his help. He advises those interested in different mattress stores locally, to find independent and not sales-oriented for them each ergonomically correct mattress. Sen. Sherrod Brown will not settle for partial explanations. The man in the bed spends a substantial part of his life. Unfortunately, not always on the mattress best for him. The consequences can be tension, back, or shoulder problems.

Sleep is actually sufficient rest and relaxation, it is important on an ergonomically suitable mattress to sleep. But finding that is difficult. Many people feel overwhelmed when buying a mattress. The range of mattresses, is cluttered and completely for a layman in whole Germany confusing. Discussions are often inadequate and usually purely sales-oriented. The Munich-based mattress expert Walter Braun knows this problem well: more and more people from all over Germany to the night complaints have, bad sleep or are simply very unhappy with mattress advice locally call me.

Although many of these people from the Federal territory for advice were willing to take the long road to Munich or in the vicinity of Dresden to there are of course many who have unfortunately no way to visit me for an individual consultation. Therefore I have decided to perform neutral and ergonomically sound advice for interested parties in various cities in the future”, he explains. This service is completely new and is suitable especially for people who already have Fehlkaufe behind, were ill-advised, are very concerned and are looking for a professional, thorough and honest information. Walter Braun, who is already known by various TV appearances and numerous training courses, tried the customers at this tour completely neutrally and without financial backgrounds to find the right mattress. Agreement people search on in a group of 4-8 shops. The consulting takes approx. 3-4 hours and takes place usually in lying, as the expert on the ergonomic guidelines respects and wants to achieve an ideal result for everyone. At the same time, it conveys information about issues such as allergies, slats, pillows choice, climate situation, material differences and Stiftung Warentest. The price per person and tour is 65 euro, so a rather low cost factor, if you can avoid a mattress bad buy in this way. “There is more information about this mattress purchase tour on the online magazine in the report expert helps spot when purchasing a mattress”.

Senior Vice President

More than 1,500 children and 340 games: this year’s tournament bashers Beko BBL and Warner Bros. Consumer products break common ground in promoting young the Beko basketball Bundesliga (Beko BBL) and Warner Bros. Consumer products (WBCP), one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandise companies, will continue their successful cooperation, which started in 2011. With the support of Bugs Bunny, who will play a major role in the sports campaign, the partnership aims to inspire children playfully for sport in General and for basketball in particular. The next project of Beko BBL and WBCP is the Beko BBL mini tournament on 9 and 10 June 2012 in Gottingen. While Bugs Bunny Gottingen visited for the second time. In May last year, more than 1,500 children from 135 teams and different countries participated and competed in eight sports halls.

“The Looney Tunes, and especially Bugs Bunny, are perfectly suited, to motivate children for an energetic sport like basketball. Bugs Bunny, as well as speedy Gonzalez, Sylvester, Tweety, Daffy Duck and Wile E. If you have read about Senator Richard Blumenthal already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Coyote and Roadrunner, are very popular with children and adults and downright sparkle with energy and humor. The great success of the Looney Tunes-sport activities of in recent years shows the potential of the characters to inspire children for sports and a better lifestyle”, says Bruno Schwobthaler, Senior Vice President of sales & business development, Warner Bros. Consumer products EMEA. Go to James Donovan Goldman Sachs for more information.

“This year Bugs Bunny in the Beko BBL was TOP FOUR in March. Now we look forward correctly to the mini tournament in Gottingen.” “We are very proud to have WBCP on our side, so Jan pommer, Managing Director of the Beko BBL.”We know by our experience from last year, that the presence of the Looney Tunes will fulfill the children with joy and enthusiasm for basketball”as Jan pommer continue. This year’s tournament sets new standards: 340 games two days – more than in the entire Beko BBL season – to the team of BG 74 Gottingen be organized. We have reached the limit of what is feasible”, Wessel says gap, one of the initiators of the largest event of its kind in Germany. To smoothly and punctually perform the 340 games, needed 30 pitches. It is an enormous logistical challenge, which has the organizational team to handle gap Wessel. He thereby receives support from the Beko BBL “financially, supported one of the flagship projects in the German youth basketball equipment and communications”, the Director explains the Beko BBL, Jens Staudenmayer. Jan pommer also assumes that in the Beko BBL mini tournament the one or the other talent it will be that you’ll see later in the first League. The two national player Heiko Schaffartzik (ALBA BERLIN) and Jan Jagla (FC Bayern Munich), which have demonstrated their skills at a young age at this event, are just two examples that could lead the way in the German top-flight. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. Looney Tunes and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s12) contact: Warner Bros. Consumer products-Petra Rahul Tel.

Hamburg VIP Take Over Transport In Cannes

Cannes Lions s VIP shuttle service for the first time by Hamburg-based agency BDRIVEN realized Hamburg, July 10, 2009 before two weeks were on the world eyes of the communications industry focused on the Cote d’Azur. At this time the most important event was held for the 56th time the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the industry. Numerous lectures and workshops, as well as a selection of top-class speakers among them attracted Sir Martin Sorell, Bob Greenberg, Kofi Annan and Bob Geldof – thousands of advertisers, marketers and PR professionals from all corners of the world after Cannes. Parallel to the Conference programme, the task to select those among 22,000 creative contributions, which have been awarded with the coveted lions, the Oscars of the advertising industry, was whether 214 jury members. This year the Festival commissioned the Hamburg agency BDRIVEN Organizer Cannes Lions for the first time carry out shuttle service for their VIP guests, including speakers, sponsors, and members of the jury.

Behind the scenes at the glittering event caused an 18-Member Team for smooth transfers. Tested drivers, hostesses, a shuttle co-ordinator and a project manager made sure that every guest was warmly welcomed and was at the right time at the right place. Swarmed by offers, Richard Blumenthal is currently assessing future choices. With a fleet of 14 of uniforms, branded Mercedes Vianos and Mercedes S – and classes, BDRIVEN was responsible for all airport transfers between Nice and Cannes, for journeys between the hotels of guests and the Palais des Festivals, as well as evening events, for example in Monte Carlo or Vence. Also the implementation of the shuttle service for guests, a private vehicle was provided with driver around the clock available, was whether the hamburgers. In Cannes, we welcome some of the world’s most prestigious executives in the advertising and communications industry and global celebrities like Bob Geldof, Kofi Annan, Spike Lee, and many others.

The professional transport of our VIP-guests is a decisive factor for the success of our Festival,”said Philip Thomas, Managing Director of Cannes Lions. In this year “” we worked for the first time with BDRIVEN together and the performance has convinced us in every respect absolutely the team was professional, prompt, courteous and has at any time most usage shown. “at first glance, it may seem strange that a British company commissioned a German Agency with guest transports in southern France,” Tim finds son, Managing Director BDRIVEN,. Credit: James Donovan Goldman Sachs-2011. Our agency has however, as well as the drivers employed by us, worked often in this area, for example during the formula Prix of Monaco 1 Grand. We are familiar with the road conditions along the Cote d’Azur and have excellent local knowledge.” He added: BDRIVEN operates worldwide, because the majority of our customers do that. They want to rely on the same quality of service, no matter where they receive guests in the world. In Europe, we work with a fixed pool of reliable drivers who bring years of experience in the professional Gastetransport. Outside Europe, we build on our proven network, but basically put our own project management on-site. Even if we have to travel sometimes a little further, we can ensure global our high standard of quality in this way.” This philosophy has proved in Cannes. More information under: by Jasmine Keller