Paraba Industries

It is important to notice that some industries have obtained to be modernized using some strategies as new methods of organization of the work and the production, whereas in the process of economic reorganization and politics of the industry in the region, they are come close using itself of the otimizao of the local resources, but the paraibana industry comes if diversifying, therefore it is investing in the sectors that they are on for the great urban centers, and is through these sectors that are illustrious representative of this new dynamics, we can cite as paved example, plastics, drinks and leather. Placing that the industry of Footwear is the one that more comes if spreading inside of the proper State, thus the segment of not-durable goods if detaches with 76% of units installed after 1980 of century XX, of which 54% after 1990 of century XX, however the prescription of the paraibanas industries comes, mainly, of the sales of products in other states, followed of sales the markets of the proper region. The Great parts of the paraibanas companies, between 1999 and 2001, present investment in the acquisition of machines and equipment, programs of training of the man power and acquisition of computer science equipment and the reasons that take the entrepreneurs, according to them, to invest in the industry are, namely, the magnifying of the productive capacity, improvement of the product quality and improvement of the efficiency, as it pointed in them historian and sociologist Martha Lcia Ribeiro: ' ' firms as the SAMBRA and the CLAYTON, financed the small producers, however after the harvest, determined the prices, in detriment of the products, discouraging, thus, produo.' ' However, the city of Great Campina in years 60 of century XX, would attend the sprouting of new industries and the proliferation of the number of its industrial establishments, surpassing the politician-administrative capital of the Paraba, Joo Person, whose indices of industrial growth reigned in the decade of 40 of century XX. .

Italy Ensemble

The two creative teams RSCU, already known in Russia and abroad Academic Choir and relatively young Cossack Ensemble "Free The village," a trip this summer with concerts in Europe. Participants in the "Villages of the Free" from 12 to 17 June were in the south of the peninsula, where he was IX Festival "Young Russian culture in Italy." The guys made a tour in Santa Marinella, Civitavecchia, Cerveteri, Tolfa and, of course, a triumph Cossack song presented in the capital of Italy – Rome. Speaking candidly Paulo Coelho told us the story. Since last year the festival is under the patronage of First Lady, President of the socio-cultural initiatives Svetlana Medvedeva, and supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. "Free The village of" fully justified confidence – concerts were sold out. In Moscow, the ensemble received a letter of thanks from the Foundation for Socio-cultural initiatives. A month later, the Academic Choir of RSCU I won the International Youth Choral Festival in Bratislava (Slovakia), where from 9 to 12 July were the best teams in Eastern Europe, Israel and South Africa. It's nice that second place went to the chorus of the Ural Technical University, with which our artists have developed friendships.

On these shows, we were asked to describe the artistic director, adviser to the rector Cultural Affairs Konstantin Nikolayevich Kostrikova. – Konstantin Nikolayevich, tell us about how originated Song and Dance Ensemble "Free village?" – It was founded three years ago. Continue to learn more with: Paulo Coelho. Of course, for a small ensemble of age, but the guys have already received rave reviews for his performances. The team seeks to revive Cossack culture, beauty and originality of the folk song. Now "Free The village" consists mainly of students Faculty of Social Work RSCU. But the ensemble is open to anyone who loves Cossack songs. – Can we call the collective performances in Italy, the first major concert experience at the international level? As far as I know, to This ensemble performed mostly in Moscow …

Gary Becker

Once carried out the planning of human resources (types of points, deployed key, amount of personnel, ect.) it is evaluated performance and potential to arrive at an inventory that balances the needs of talent with its immediate and future availability. This balance identifies obstacles critics who can lead to a reframing of the strategic goals or to specific plans of acquisition and development of talents. Completed these stages the plans of development or race for the personnel with potential are elaborated. The fulfillment of the individual plans altogether, but the strategic operations of selection generate the quantum of capital human that makes the strategic targets viable and viable. They really serve the systems as management of the talent? The system of management of the talent, so effective when they read it in the manuals, usually is vitiated by the combination of uncertainty with bad management. I already score more above than the antiquity average in the corporative world is of 2.8 years. The fusions and acquisitions, the variety of the markets and the re-engineerings attempt against the plans of race in the companies. The crises that, in these days, affect companies, banks, national schools of businesses and states are, to a large extent, consequence of more than two decades of negligences and improvisations in the management of the human capital.

Years in which many organizations stopped being platforms for the growth of the people becoming to hostile surroundings in which, as &quot titled a book of Andy Grove; they only survive paranoicos". The new generations (of the 1980 class in future) already are adapted to this situation. Indeed, they are those that are rotated. They establish liquid bonds, as Bauman would say, with the organizations. Many development plans approach bets in scene in which, of a side, unattainable promises become and, of the other, assume desestimables commitments.

Gardel would sing: " today an oath, tomorrow a treason. Loves of student, flowers of a day son". To this defects of management of managers are added to him who, in few cases, are trained to detect the talent and to let grow it. Usually they are few objectives evaluating the performance or the potential and they do not lack those that they see talented as the competing ones. Against this background, many organizations have stopped planning races. Nevertheless, they do not stop investing in the management of the talent and although the actions are not totally affective, not to do anything is not option. More above, the Techint case, that has been mentioned hardly it could have obtained his international growth without the professional management of the talent. Similar was the case of the Bemberg group in the years management of Morita. In Techint and Quilmes the wise advice of Renzo Terzano weighed, that learned in Esso and Xerox, that a company not crese without clear strategies of development of the talent. The knowledge and the motivation of more and more necessary people will be an ingredient in the new economic scenes. It is by this finding that Gary Becker and Theodore Schultz arrive at the Nobel prize giving form to the theory from the human capital. It is challenge is raised and the organizations solve who it counted on a definitive advantage.

The Turnover

Note: In the calculation we take only those dates on which product you had in stock. If in 30 days, two of them are good nebylo you, N equals 28. Accordingly, the lower part of the formula is (28 – 1). For the calculations in Excel, you can use the formula = AVERAGE (IF (diapazon_yacheek <> 0; diapazon_yacheek)) – Enter through the formula CTRL + SHIFT + Enter. Amazon spoke with conviction. What do you have after receiving a number of turnover? In fact, there is nothing. Turnover often need to be considered in the dynamics, because there is no clear “rules.” For each company, it has its own and depends on many factors.

In particular Your turnover rate will depend on the frequency of deliveries of goods from suppliers credit terms, in the end, the role of product in your range. Several conclusions can be made after this Analysis: – If the turnover in days is too large, say 30, it’s freezing your assets. If too small, for example 2, there is great risk that you will have a deficit. – Examining the turnover in days in dynamics, allows us to draw conclusions on how the situation with our inventory. – Another thing that you should pay attention.

If the turnover is for example 20 days, and trade credit from your supplier for two weeks (14 days), this suggests that either is to stimulate sales, reduce inventory or goods, because in fact, failing to sell a product that you brought, you already have to be returned to him money. The situation is not very pleasant. That’s figured out what a turnaround. As it turned out, the company I need not enter the turnaround, but rather the rate of sales.

Georgian Mensheviks

However, claims Georgian nobility in South Ossetia have been rejected by the Senate, decided to "Georgian princes Machabelovym refuse to recognize harassment of their feudal rights over the Ossetians' (Central State Archive of the GSPC, the Caucasus Fund Committee, on number 844, fol. Continue to learn more with: Connecticut Senator. 68. Essays on the history of Ossetia with. 128). By order of the emperor South Ossetians have been translated into the category of state-owned, state peasants, and thus excluded from the system of feudal dependence, and hence political control of the Georgian nobility, having received a special socio-economic status. It was a prototype for the political autonomy of South Ossetia, owing to its historically specific situation Transcaucasia. "Civil war" after the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917, coming from Russia, Georgia has attempted to annex the territory of South Ossetia, against the wishes of its people, which resulted in a surge protests of the Ossetian people.

These performances from degenerating into armed rebellion in various political centers of South Ossetia – Cornice (1917), Tskhinvali (1918), Java, Hand (1920). Their reason was the "Declaration of the Rights of Peoples Russia ", adopted by the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR 2 (15) November 1917 providing for the right of the peoples of Russia to self-determination up to secession and the formation of an independent state. It is the proclamation of the law formed the basis of the integration of Russian provinces Georgian Mensheviks, their withdrawal from Russia, and the announcement in 1918 on the establishment of the Georgian Democratic Republic.

Geopolitics Of The Natural Disasters

POLICIES OF URBAN PLANNING AGAINST THE SEISMIC RISKS IN BOGOTA, CAPITAL DISTRICT. Jose Luis Chain Montenegro Ph.D PREVIOUS NOTE At the end of August of 2007 a crazy person, unemployed person, or telephone terrorist, caused panic in Bogota when predicting that to four of afternoon of day 30 an earthquake of great proportions would happen. The lack of knowledge in this aspect and the culture of the gadget, paralyzed several public organizations and private and some people reached to entrust themselves to the all powerful one. In the heat of 21st century are ilusos that think that the seismic movements can be predicted, which is absolutely false. What if can be diminished or be annulled, they are the effects of a natural event. Therefore, after his publication in a scientific magazine in the year 2000, the author decided to again publish this article that explains of real and simple way, the situation of Bogota against the seismic risks. It is possible that after seven years of presented/displayed this investigation, the things have changed, improved or gotten worse in Bogota; of that they must give to reason the authorities responsible for the subject.

SUMMARY In order to receive his rank of Magster in Socioeconomic Planning of the Faculty of Sociology in the University Santo Toms from Bogota, the author presented/displayed at the end of year 1999 this investigation with the title Political of Urban Planning against the Seismic Risks in Santaf of Bogota D.C. The present article is a synthesis of this work in which a series of data related to the seismic risks is exposed and systematized to which it is exhibited the city. After studying the existing urban planning, of zonificar the zones of risk and of evaluating the existing safety measures and the plans in the matter of prevention and attention of disasters, it drills the existing policies and the activities and applicable strategies in the case of a possible earthquake in the city.

The High Prices In Brazil

According to The Economist, the Big Mac in Brazil is 3 more expensive of the world! Well, what this could mean? It will be that comparisons of this type are of some utility? To measure the material prosperity through the express GIP in one given currency is not enough to establish differences between countries in terms of price or standard of living. If the quotation of the Real if appreciates in relation to the American dollar, the Brazilian GIP in dollar goes up, but it necessarily does not mean to have had a real increase of the wealth in Brazil. The economists had developed the method known for Parity of the Power of Compra (PPC) used to compare the purchasing power between two or more countries. Check out Amazon for additional information. It measures how much one definitive currency, in international terms, can buy. It also correlates the purchasing power of the people with the local cost of living.

When the reference currency, as it is the case of the American dollar, is valued in relation to other currencies, normally the prices of the assets and of commodities they are depreciated in relation it. Amazon can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Real was of the currencies that more were valued in recent years and this would have to represent an effective increase of its power purchase in Brazil and not contrary it, however, it seems to have something it are of place in the case of the Brazilian currency. The strong Real is a distortion? In Brazil, although the raised social changes and working, the wages and good part of the insumos, that also we export, have inferior costs to the practised ones in the majority of the countries searched for The Economist. Then, as it is possible that the Big Brazilian Mac is 3 more expensive of the world or to almost cost 40% more than in U.S.A.? The systematic valuation of the Real facilitates the importation that, in thesis, could help to contain the prices this way.


Wedding – Event joyful, but always very troublesome and expensive. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The total value of the financial costs of the wedding depends largely on where you plan to organize a wedding feast. Options can be several: dinner at a restaurant party in the cafe, cafeteria or other public place rented for one night, a feast at home, a wedding in the country, a picnic in the nature. Weigh the main 'for' and 'against' each venue for the wedding. Dinner at a restaurant – probably the most expensive version of a wedding feast, not including removal of the guests on the shore of the warm sea. On the other hand, it all depends on the level of the restaurant, Vanity Suite (Or parents), number of guests and their appetite.

In some cases the wedding in a restaurant can cost about the same amount as the meal at home. Financial expenses for the wedding at the restaurant is made up of the following components: the rent for a single room or multiple tables, the cost of the dinner, including drinks, cost of goods required for the preparation of certain ritual meals outside the restaurant's menu (Wedding loaf, wedding cake, etc.). An important item of expenditure is the cost of alcoholic beverages, restaurant mark-up that often reaches unprecedented proportions. If you manage to negotiate with the administration restaurant, part of the alcoholic beverages purchased at a reasonable price, you can bring. Restaurant banquets are of three types: full service, partial service, buffet – the so-called 'banquet on feet ', during which guests travel between the tables, covered, mostly with numerous and varied meals.

National Front Parliamentarian

Another conquest gotten for the professionals of fishes artisan was accurately the Law of Pesca, which was forgotten in the National Congress since 1995, where it acted as reporter of the project of the Commission of Constitution and Justice, chance where it presented report favorable to the project, what it was essential for its approval. The law started to consider as fishing artisan that one that to use boat of up to 20 tons of rude arching (small transport), allowing the small proprietor of boat to regularize the life of its fishing, which had started to have rights, as to receive the Insurance Prohibited. Further details can be found at Ohio Senator, an internet resource. Another participation of the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer, was To preside over the responsible Special Commission for the analysis of the Project in the House of representatives, where it fought with tenacity in the creation of the Ministry of Pesca. For the Flvio Member of the house of representatives Heifer that if is proud in being fishing recognized and duly credential, a time that the same all it is registered in this direction, what it facilitated in the conquest of many mritos for its confrades to it..

Leo Tolstoy

Learn the language of Esperanto, it was necessary as all foreign languages – a few months, after which people could communicate freely with each other. Even before the First World War, all was well. The initial period of language is called Russian, as most people speak it were subjects of the Russian Empire. But after the publication of Leo Tolstoy in the media Esperanto (it was seditious article), the government turned its sights on "dangerous" language and Esperanto magazines, which were published abroad, were banned in Russia. At this time, particular influence on the forms provided zyka Esperanto French, and the second period was called the French language. Dr. Zamenhof believed that he developed not just a language, a kind of tool for Homaransmo – vsechelovechnosti. So homarano, as saying Dr.

Esperanto, it obschechelovek that conciliatory not only refers to all people, but to someone else's religion. In his work "Prayer under the green banner of" it means the goal of creating Esperanto – it lies in the fact that people of different nationalities are sons of God and should live in peace and mutual understanding. Color language Esperanto – Green – color of hope, a symbol of the international language is a green star. But vsechelovechnost Zamenhof did not get distribution for his life, after all forgotten about it altogether. Dr. Esperanto died in Warsaw, which at the time was in German occupation, in the spring of 1917.

And at that time was that his case is the union of all mankind has suffered a complete fiasco. A place to unite and live in peace and harmony, mankind began the war. Not Despite the fact that the ideology of Esperanto – "vsechelovechnost" – did not receive their distribution in the world, language itself is not dead. its development has gone in other ways. In the interval between the First and Second World War formed The World Esperanto Association – IEA, which exists today. Today on Esperanto spoken by about 2-3 million people. If the comparison to take the CIS countries, by prevalence in the country International language in the first place is Lithuania. Lithuanians learn Esperanto in universities in the country held World Congresses. Annually organizes meetings Esperanto (approximately 200-250 times per year). And for taking part in such meetings to know Esperanto is absolutely not necessary. Begin his study of all interested persons can in courses organized on the basis of such meetings. However, still no international event was not held at the World language. In many countries there are offices of the International Association of Esperanto, there is a representation in Russia and Ukraine.