South Ossetia

Here, even Goebbels rest. The Western media, all the attention which was at that time focused on the Olympics in Beijing, just could not even figure out what actually happens in South Ossetia. Too much contradictory and diametrically opposed to the information gets from the parties involved in the conflict. Apparently, in many respects connected with this media with a certain delay in response to events and distorted in the first stage of the interpretation of these events. Chief editors of many news agencies, listening to live speech, the Georgian leader, simply could not imagine that the head of state can brazenly and so shamelessly lying.

And only when the scene was visited by representatives of the international community and the press, publications tone began to change. Among other things, Saakashvili has taken care of, and information cover for their adventures. For providing disinformation media, he was invited to visit the leading specialists in this respect, more involved in information services in the right way the Yugoslav conflict. And the bread, these specialists worked out in full. Suffice it to recall a live interview of one of the leading well-known American television with two Ossetian, had just arrived from Tskhinvali and former eyewitnesses. This leading coughing, snorting, squeaking chair, announced the commercial break and did not uttered a loud air, but would not give an Ossetian to tell the truth about what killed them Georgians, and the approaching Russian army rescued them from destruction. Or shown on Spanish TV episode, filmed on a tanker Georgian mobile phone, when he shot at his tank and residential quarters of Tskhinvali civilians and left at this specific comments on the Georgian language.

Church Still

" When evidences of sexual abuses appeared, the answer of the religious authorities era to transfer to the violator to another place where, in many cases, he was free to commit abuses nuevamente". This has been of I publish knowledge in Report of this commission, in Ireland. We see that the priests, like the nuns, who did not manage to support the celibacy showed no mercy with the people who debian to educate, to protect, in their schools, convents, orphanages, etc. To maintain this absurd, opposite order to the will of God, while still alive to castrate these people, do not do but who to turn them into monsters, that years later astonish to us with the discoveries that investigators do and who every day that happens are but terrible. Get all the facts and insights with Ohio Senator, another great source of information. It is not mandate of God, nor of the Sagrada Scripture, the Sacerdotal Celibacy.

It is a mandate of men, of jerarcas of the Catholic Church, an invention of dark ages, to avoid that the goods of the Church disperse and seems that the money and the gold, weigh but in the mind of the Popes, bishops, who the psychological, moral, sexual well-being of its ministers and priests. The priest with cassocks, is still a man with all sexual needs, is a man at the end of accounts. And privily or abiertamente tendra anyway adventures sexual, because it cannot fight against its nature. It is a cruelty, in these times, to force to which they wish to be priests, to accept the Celibacy, still more when is not an order of Christ, neither of God, nor of the Sagradas Scriptures. It is only a stupid whim of the Roman Catholic Church. A Church that the origin of all badness in the world sees in the woman, a vile and despicable being who corremperia the soul, the spirit of the priest.

Schloss Salem School: Feudal Birth Defects

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties in the first place. No other boarding school in Germany represents a such dazzling elite concept such as the school opened by Prince Max von Baden and the Jewish son of large citizen Kurt Hahn in 1920 Schloss Salem at Lake Constance. The interpretations of the Kurt Hahn education hire education for civic responsibility at the Centre, overlooked their anti-democratic and reactionary goals. Hahn, who is considered by supporters “the great educators of the 20th century”, but as no pedagogical training, not even present a formal academic qualification despite his studies of philosophy and Philology at various universities (Berlin, Freiburg, Gottingen, Oxford) had many representatives of the pedagogical movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, deal only child importance of academic performance. One floated him after the “7 Salem laws” to the “”Responsibility elite”well-mannered”leadership aristocracy”before (Birsner 2012, S. 55), whose privileged position through an entire catalog of properties to learn” (Palmer 1996) should be legitimized. As tap comment makes clear studying law (“the sons of rich and powerful parents from the enervating sense of privilege redeemed”) to the 7th, the goals of the school never egalitarian were Schloss Salem. It was by no means (and doesn’t to this day), every efficient in accordance with his performance of the rise in responsible positions in politics and the economy to enable, as it corresponds to the ideals of a modern democratic society (However in the Federal Republic still not realized!).

The studying education concept should solve the problem of “decadence” in the upper-class family dynasties first and foremost, which was ‘a deliberate waste of a magnificent heritage’ cock and attributed it, that “the ‘poor’ boys and girls the” Rich”not might develop into successful adults”as long as she restricted their circles”remained. His claim: “Let’s experience a fascinating school life with sons and daughters share their Eltern have to fight for their existence” was only on, to create a more favourable environment for education the young nobility and upper middle class. The children of less privileged were in this sense specifically instrumentalized. The following set is no different to understand: “No school can build on a tradition of self-discipline and energetic, joyful effort, if not at least 30 per cent of children from homes, where life is not only easy, but even hard.” A quota of 30% children came from “humble” or such, the material conditions under “harsh” (pronounced: Hartz IV) grew up always illusion remained. Also the idea that it is possible to wealthy families, “to educate their children as if they are not” be prosperous”and”facilities such as Salem, … This educational mission”took in their favor by creating a”shelter before the materialism of the world of adults”(Bernhard Bueb). On the contrary.

Life was ambiguous”, reported the former head of education Landheim Marienau, Bernhard Knoop, looking back on 35 years of experience in two country homes, and the”coexistence of the consumer behavior of the homes and the ascetic lifestyle promoted in the boarding school”always an irreducible remained heavily incriminating opposition, the educational work”. (idem ibid.). And not the instrumentalization of “Fellows” in the interests of the upper class clientele is the past now. Ulrich Lange

Great Potential

If the amount of energy is constant, the resulting energy should not depend on chance or randomness of the event will happen or not. 4. In large celestial bodies, especially in solids, which have been formed over billions of years, due to the accumulation of matter by the pull of gravity, internally generated, continuously, a large amount of thermal energy, due to the great pressures that reach inside formed by the accumulation of mass. We may assume that this heat energy is the result of the transformation of gravitational potential energy that had the masses that have been impacting the celestial body during the training process. Connecticut Senator has much to offer in this field. In light of the law of conservation of energy, the resulting thermal energy should be equal to the sum of gravitational potential energy than when they were attracted to each and every one of the parties that have formed the celestial body. But clearly these two energies are not equal. Explanation: The sum of the gravitational potential energy that had the masses that have been impacting the celestial body during the training process is a limited amount is limited by the measurable magnitudes of their masses and their accelerations and will always be quantities of potential energy finite. If the celestial body in question is not destroyed by any cosmic event and lasts over time, while there, you're constantly generating heat energy in it, or it would be a generation of heat energy indefinitely, not eternal words, rather say it is an inexhaustible source of energy.

The Product

Clarifies which is the situation of the inhabitants of the Avernus prisoners in his observer ship due to virus heliconiano that kills the earthlings a few days of breathe the air of the planet. However a lottery allows that an individual can lose every so to die in Heliconia, nobody refuses because death in liberty is better than live centuries in a tin can floating in space. Senator Richard Blumenthal often says this. The story revolves around one of the winners of the lottery that gets involved in the intrigues and wars of domain. What changed is that we are on a planet where nature is strange and addictive. The fact of reading the second volume of this trilogy immediately after the first, is due to the ability of the writer to catch your reader. Merit is greater when it steals time to other things to do. Recommended as the first. Finally I would like to say the souls outlandish to read these lines that I have bought and enjoyed some books by their criticisms or recommendations.

Why still milling wheat, once someone will make bread with the product of my effort, I see them on the next turn of the wheel. Axxon 188 magazine August 11, 2008 – Blog of Sci. FICS August 2009: annotations in one Book II on Heliconia > summer do not need to explain some things when the trigger of the trilogy is known. In this second installment – a little more extensive than the first (569 pages approximately)-we find ourselves with more of the same, but without ceasing to be interesting, of course. This time the station mentions that the title is so charged as palatial wefts that embroiled the story. I have not stopped making notes, this time in pieces and strips of paper which I think may interest only to a mind so wandering like mine. Of what would give them strange names that will not understand.


When it will not have agreement, it will be attributed who to disclose better conditions to exert it, in the terms foreseen for articles 1,583 and 1.584. E, finally, in case that if it verifies that the children do not have to remain with none of the parts, the guard is granted the third person. The absence of express legal forecast how much to the institute of the shared guard it did not constitute impeditive factor so that she was accepted for the doctrine and it had application, a time that already came being sufragada for the doctrine and for judged of some courts. The guard shared for the children of separate parents or that they had never coexisted was instituted express by the Law n 11,698, of 13 of June of 2008, that he modified art. 1.583 and 1,584 of the Civil Code.

The option for the subject appeared of the interest for the shared guard and its insertion as legal modality in the actions at law of separation, analyzing the difficulties of efetivao of the guard shared without losing of sight the intention of the legislator of whom it must be measured that better she takes care of to the interests of the minor. The shared guard does not have to be seen as instrument to promote the consolidation of the equality between the sexos, already recognized for the Constitution, therefore both are right basic and as such must coexist pacifically. It occurs that, in the practical one, the application of this model for the legal system comes being object of critical and conflicts incited in such a way in the doctrine how much for jurisprudence of the Courts when the hypothesis involves the contentious separation between couples. Importance social of subject accumulates of stocks challenge to provide to parents that has if separate – in virtue of not to be more possible the convivncia in common or that they had never coexisted together -, still thus, to share the guard of its son, by means of division of responsibilities and decisions in set, so that it is kept the parental bond and the balance, that must permear in the relations between parents and children.

For What Is Really Needed Crisis ?

In a recent interview with the bbc President Dmitry Medvedev said: 'It is obvious that the current monetary system has not coped with the challenges. It is good that we still have a set of currencies: dollar, euro and pound sterling. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. But in a good future, this system should be based on a multi-currency basket, it must include other regional reserve currencies. If we can agree, in the future we can talk about creating some kind of supercurrency '. The signal is clear: approaching a new world order and its onset can not be stopped. First will be a single global currency, then agreed to establish a One World Government, immediately will cancel the introduction of paper money and electronic, by implanting microchips in the arm and the brain (such technologies already developed or under development).

Clearly, these microchips will be used for total control over thoughts and feelings of man, the disobedient will be cut off from the system, and they simply can not survive without these chips in the society. I'm afraid that globalization has gone too far and too late to change anything. But it was all predicted almost two thousand years before all of this: 'And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast, and spoke and acted so that the killing was anyone who would not worship the image of the beast. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name . Here wisdom. Who has a mind, that count to the number of the beast: for it is a human Chiclo his six hundred shestdesyat six. '(The Bible, Revelation, also known as' Apocalypse', chapter 13, verses 15 th to 18th.) nothing new to me not written, I simply stated a fact. As stated, the conclusions do you only