Know How!

The know-how! AG Germany among the top 10 of training companies in the E-learning sector. You joins together with the successfully operating also in the E-learning mindmedia GmbH through a merger with its competitor of mindmedia GmbH we want to strengthen in our position in E-learning. The top 5 vendors to belong to Germany-wide, we have set ourselves as a destination”, explains Martin Kundt, Board know-how! AG, Stuttgart, the merger. Now it should be together under the name know-how! Forward go AG. The competencies of the company are supplemented by the merger is still more in the creation of individual E-learning concepts and solutions – to new customers and industries. Served by offices in Stuttgart, Konstanz and Cologne from the know-how! AG mainly the sectors of industry, authorities, banks, insurance companies and other service industries. Mindmedia GmbH, the customers are mostly from the trade.

One location close care, greater capacity and increased expertise through additional project experience and an even stronger orientation of the media see Martin Kundt and Markus Grunwald, former Managing Director of mindmedia GmbH, Augsburg, as a major reason for the merger in the industry. We consider an intensive customer oriented than absolutely necessary to improve our good position in the E-learning market. In addition we see ever more clearly how important is a complete offer in the continuing education. With the know-how! AG we can offer an all-inclusive package through the complementary areas of campus seminars and standard learning software for our training customers”, so Markus Grunwald future Board of the know-how! AG. The company is therefore also a clear sign of joint control and attaches particular importance to the input of the former business leader.

With Frieder, the Board includes three members Temple, Martin Kundt and Markus Grunwald. Headquarters of the company is Stuttgart, the former headquarters of the know-how! AG. The location of Augsburg, from which the mindmedia GmbH led their businesses, new branch is the know-how! AG. Company profile of mindmedia GmbH in 1994 founded the mindmedia GmbH in Augsburg. Simply impart complex knowledge. This motto is always aiming the company for its customers with comprehensive E-learning and blended learning concepts as well as small individual solutions. Professionalism, pragmatism, creativity and humor employ the staff at their customers to achieve the training objectives. Enthusiasm, joy and satisfaction to be rekindled among customers with fast and efficient solutions. Company profile know how! AG develops the know-how since 1992! AG as independent, owner-managed company continuously new training concepts. The company is based in Stuttgart, has offices in Konstanz and Cologne from January 2010 through the merger with the mindmedia GmbH in Augsburg. As a pioneer in the field of Web-based training (WBT) created the know-how! AG as early as 1995 the first successful E-learning products. The company offers matching More value for the company means concepts and solutions in the training field for customers from all industries, because more knowledge. Individual E-learning concepts, learning software, practice-oriented presence seminars, demand-oriented consulting and target group oriented learning approaches are among the core competencies of the company. Press contact know-how! AG Bastian Dadlani