Christian Humanism

Christian humanism: commitment, set image, or a way of life? The worldwide Christian understanding of man shows him as creature acting with freedom and reason. This enables the people to the free decision, and often to distinguish between good and evil. The freedom of man is given him I believe that through his image of God. No State or else a man can take her away from him… He carries a personal responsibility also for this freedom of choice. No specific instructions for all political questions of everyday life in parties and parliaments can however be derived from the Christian humanism. The Christian view of humanity is anyone who is politically, repeatedly before decisions that he can answer only in his personal responsibility 1. Former Constitutional Court Judge Paul Kirchhof stresses also the responsibility and talks about the human image of the mature citizen”, which should apply in the policy.

This would underestimate the policy 2. Pastor talks about four cord Saeed 3 Basic facts for every Christian humanism: man is man in relationship and Exchange, the man is the image of God, man is not his nature and the will. Here I interpret the will as freedom of choice. Thus the basic requirements of the people in the Centre, who have received their legal form in the formulation of human rights move: in the personal freedoms, the political and social participation rights and social rights. To help the social recognition of these fundamental rights and to enforce these rights in optimizing balance for all people within the national and international legal communities specifically, is a policy based on the Christian view of humanity. 4 “who do not accept the Christian Humanism ()”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “no place” in Germany.

Muslim Turk

Since then, also editions in other countries appear: for example, there is a German edition of the DSM-IV since 1996. The Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) is released in 1994 and in 2000 received a text revision (DSM-IV-TR) (Status: March, 2003). The content of the DSM is set by experts, to make diagnoses reproducible. The classification was created to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment which is why today the nomenclature in clinics and insurance companies is in use. > Source: (C) by, author the weakness of both systems is the missing determinability and provability. The psychology and jurisprudence are areas of Humanities and empirical. You may find Ohio Senator to be a useful source of information. Their definitions are subject to arbitrary unprovable allegations: deductive (!) and is only falsifiable. They are part of the logic/and fuzzy logic, not the Aristoteles’schen or-er logic.

The decision makers of these areas give the impression of science and provable analysts but compared to lay people incorrectly. In fact, two Myers claims face off! The transition of mentally healthy to mentally unhealthy is fluent. He can be not well-defined. Example: a Muslim Turk explained on the 15.5.2013 at 10:46 in the Germany radio including: the American Moon trip is described in the Qur’an. It an interpretation of the Qur’an is so scientifically “no contradiction of the moderator! For me a clear borderline intellectual lowest level! Let’s not forget that usually someone with mental health problems will be psychologist and psycho therapist to treat themselves first. Also each be rating and be mood/right production is always subjective. Implies end of others.

And according to Freud’s deep psychology who dare not to be criminal? Right! A police officer and lawyer. The case of my friends: A boy with low intelligence, born in the 6.11.1969, is in an ambiguous situation considered. Immediately he accused clearly present and called police. Of course he can not qualified manifested a great child – under this pressure.

SAP BusinessObjects

On the basis of SAP BusinessObjects developed the open systems consulting ‘at a glance – cockpit’ special expertise partner for BusinessObjects “, the open systems consulting GmbH developed a cockpit, with which the essential company data at a glance are available for its customers. Congressman Lee Zeldins opinions are not widely known. Represented debit demands will be payable liabilities the incoming orders in the last few days the invoice values of the last days of the company’s stock values. The data is read directly from the SAP ERP system and presents with Xcelsius dashboards. A detailed evaluation is also shipped with Crystal reports reports. Dashboards provide a quick glance on the key figures, through drill down options is the possibility created to rise to the level of detail of the figures off.

“The packages are out of the box solutions that read essential business greats such as receivables and liabilities, new orders and turnover and bound capital in the form of material stocks directly from the SAP data and” represent meaningful at a glance”, as Mr Dr. Dietmar Kamp, Member of the Executive Board. This development to finalize the OSC seeks three customers that these developments can be brought to the series production stage. The implementation at a package price of 10,000 euros is offered to these three customers. In addition, an SAP business objects for the BO software license and a server is required. The package will be SAP BusinessObjects on the next series of events at a glance”the OSC presented. These take place on different dates and places. The first date in this series of events will start on March 23, 2011 in Bremen, for more information see: the OSC accompanied uhstuck sap businessobjects as of official SAP partner since 1993 customers on the way into a new era of information and supports them with tailor-made ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, all-in one, Business ByDesign, business one and BusinessObjects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supported in the Life-cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution. Andrea Zupke open systems consulting GmbH

Canada Market

24translate ventured the leap across the Atlantic at the beginning of the year and is now fully productive in the North American region. “Hamburg/Ottawa, March 10, 2011 – with independent partners is the German online market leader for translation services the expansion across the pond” managed. 24translate operates branches and joint ventures for years in several European countries. The Canadian partner firm are involved in the former 24translate Germany employees Bastian Kuhn and the PR specialist Anna-Lena Johann. Ottawa from the two founders of the know-how of German online market leaders and conquer the North American market. Bastian Kuhn uses now his experience as Managing Director of 24translate Canada, he acquired as a project manager at the 24translate headquarters in Germany. In Hamburg, he expanded his expertise as a language expert, and worked in the areas of customer management and sales. He met the 24translate software tds5 and appreciate, the carrying out of Translation jobs allows you to simply and without any time loss.

In Canada the 29-year-old takes over the customer service and sales. “He is sure: with the 24translate software in the background and a worldwide network of more than 7,000 qualified translators we have best conditions to operate successfully in the North American market.” His business partner Anna-Lena Johann is PR expert and previously worked for the international PR agency Ketchum Pleon in Germany. 24translate Canada Inc. She developed for PR and marketing concepts, to anchor the company on the North American market. The first customers of 24translate Canada Inc. find a reliable and also a competent partner in terms of quality translations in the company. 24translate excels in speed, easy handling and the highest quality that what we have always been looking for!”Johannes Ziebarth of the ZEC Ltd. through the new provider on the Canadian market is looking forward. Sean Lundy of the company M.P.

Online Sure Bill

BillSAFE access to PX-webshop perfectly feel safe can from now all operators one PX-webshops have offered the BillSAFE account as your payment option to their customers. As factoring service providers, the BillSAFE GmbH takes over a payment guarantee in the event that the buyer paid his bill late or not at all. For all PX webshop, the factoring company founded in the year 2009, allows a comfortable and reliable liquidity planning and guarantees them pay open invoices at a fixed date. For this, BillSAFE identified the strong credit shop visitors during the checkout. The selected customers may then buy their goods by Bill BillSAFE opposite the shop owner guarantees for their compensation.

Also, the Osnabrucker company does the complete customer management of the dealer, who must report only returns to BillSAFE. As a beneficial side effect of this factoring-based risk hedge traders monitor regularly as an increasing conversion and larger shopping carts in their shops. This is because that the invoice unchallenged is the most popular method of payment among online shoppers and the threshold for a remote sales business dwindle. Learn more about this with Richard Blumenthal. Shop owners now receive a non-binding offer of BillSAFE GmbH. Moreover exist links to the xt: Commerce software and os-Commerce, as well as to the eBay subsidiary Afterbuy. Other modules, including for oxide eSales, Magento, and xt: Commerce Veyton are under development. All plugins are developed by the in-house IT Department and meet the highest quality standards.

In addition, the company offers a comfortable SOAP interface as a general solution for all users who want to integrate BillSAFE more individual in their software. BillSAFE emerged in the spotlight of the E-Commerce billing provider in 2009 in the vicinity of Osnabruck of mediafinanz AG. BillSAFE ensures perfect security in the online payment processing both the seller and the buyer to in the sales invoice. The company needs any sensitive customer data, about information on the bank account or credit card in order to checkout. At the same time, the seller receives full protection against non-payment. See more information and the opportunity to request a quote, about the PX-Web shop is the shop of the company PX-webdesign from Minden from more than 2500 professional sellers. He offers the list of products in all price the seller in addition to the Afterbuy checkout eBay sales. PX has a differentiated marketing system, which the seller has all tracking and click cost of search engines at a glance. PX webdesign was founded in March 1995 by Patrick Rosener.More information, see BillSAFE GmbH / white wide 5 / D-49084 Osnabruck contact: wife Daliah Salzmann phone: 0541-860-349-3 / fax: 0541-860-349-4 / e-mail:

Georgian Political

But for the first time in the history of Georgia, within the country created such intolerable conditions that a third of the population (!), more than half a million of our citizens (!), had to be abroad! It is the largest 'exodus' of the people of Georgia from the country, this whole Georgia Abroad! We must understand that today, our great (and not only by the standards of Georgia) diaspora – is economically active, energetic, passionate part of our people – this is indicated by at least the fact that the Georgian economy rests mainly remittances that they send our compatriots from abroad to their families (and not through foreign donations, which is basically the militarization and 'feeding' the elite). However, economic Activity of the Georgian diaspora, paradoxically, combined with its political passivity. I must admit that the political passivity of the diaspora is largely explained by the fact that until now, no one paid it much attention, not seen in her political and intellectual potential, no one showed interest in her support – not rated, but the actual value. Now, dare to hope that this omission will be compensated by the newly established regional social movement we have 'Georgia abroad'. Anyone, even a cursory case study shows that at least four-fifths of our diaspora strongly accept ongoing current Georgian president politics. Among the remaining one-fifth of sufficiently large number of undecideds is not interested in the political process in general. This is also great scope for explanation and persuasion. .

Lawyers And Their Professional

Read here about the Attorney General on the search for the right lawyer lawyers can operate alone in a single firm or join forces to law firms or even a Rechtsanwalte GmbH. There are General attorneys dealing with the disputes, which brings the daily life, and professionally specialized lawyers. Connecticut Senator understood the implications. Lawyers with different professional training and interest are often combined in large law firms. There are also firms, in which several lawyers of a specialty, for example, of business law, have come together. Lawyers can settle as lawyers for special areas of expertise. The professional regulations of for lawyers (BRAO) calls directly the following areas of law labour law employment law tax law administrative law for the acquisition of a trade law designation. Other areas of law, for the meantime a technical legal term can be purchased through an exam, are in the compartment Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (FAO) enumerated. Meanwhile, trade lawyer title can be awarded for many different areas of law, including family law and tenancy law.

Lawyers may advertise due to their professional order slightly limited for their activities. Providing a specialist lawyer title or particular areas of interest in an advertisement on the Internet or in print media is permitted. In these media, some lawyers draw attention by publishing popular articles on legal issues. An admission by the locally competent Rechtsanwaltskammer requires conditions that any lawyer must comply with the activity of the lawyer. This approval is only granted if the applicant has successfully filed two legal State exam for University study and subsequent legal preparatory service. This applies also for us – as lawyers in Leonberg, Germany. The technical requirement for the profession thus meets the “capability to the” Judicial office”, which is mentioned in the Federal law Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO). The only exception applies to applicants who have acquired the title of “diploma”lawyers in the GDR. In addition to verification of two State examinations, proof of completion of a professional liability insurance for lawyers is required for admission to the legal profession.

Mrio Quintana

While they waited, they changed information on the children who frequent the program, as well as the proportionate benefits for it. The mothers who waited there, had very humble appearance, they wore with much simplicity and brought in the face an expression of suffering and concern. One of them, while talked, she kept the hand in the face, despertando a species of mercy. ' ' Thanks to God my mnino you here, this dinheirim aid dimais' ' To that he looked a vacant for the son, to who it he called rebelled, he spoke: ' ' Penalty that in one has vacant more, had that April more, this is so bo here pra they Par to think bobage, to think about drug and people still dinheirim gains one that aid very in house ' '. At this moment, it was evident the interest of the mothers for the stock market that the children receive, when participating of the project, at the same time was visible the paternal absence. Each participant of the PEOPLE OF the FUTURE receives as allowance for expenses 100 monthly Reals. But to frequent and to receive this value, percent of frequency in the school is necessary 80 and the same frequency in the program, seno loses the stock market.

This makes with that the mothers stimulate its children to participate with the greater possible assiduity. In the wait room, it is noticed many thoughts of known writers, writings in bristol board pieces affixed on the walls. Amongst them: ' ' The true illiterates are the ones that had learned to read and do not read ' '. ' ' Me I love when less deserving, therefore he is when more preciso.' ' (Mrio Quintana) In the wall that of the access ' the kitchen, l_se ' ' He does not matter to know if people believe God, matter to know if God believes gente.' ' (Mrio Quintana) While we waited, the pupils return of the workshop of recycling of the UFV passes for the wait room.

More Concrete

Timetable for concrete action, uniqueness, and specific values the ER / revision of the mission statement should help, to make clear its own identity and others and thus to promote a certain performance culture. At the same time, a profound emotional loyalty of employees to the company should be made. Clear and understandable language, this concise and clearly written guidelines of the company used as a roadmap for concrete action. Even if the model is not the right place for great visions, yet concrete messages must be mediated by him. In the mission statement generalities should be avoided, from which only hard derive the uniqueness and the specific values of the company. If a vision to mere brochure formats is devalued, it’s more a burden than a help.

The environment including action potentials is described among other things by Becker, Jorg: intellectual and business planning action potentials to identify and explore, ISBN 978 3 8370 7564 9 frequently be replaced real content by cliches and truisms. Sometimes also the core of a vision will be missed, because this must answer questions such as: what is the heart of the company, may arise from the value-creating services? What values are worth to be lived? What should / staff need to align their actions? What can customers expect? You should submit to the discipline, binding to establish only three to five values. More is hard to handle in practice for the target groups. What is not memorable, is lived mostly also in practice. The guiding principle must be a possible reality faithful image of life in the company. Others who may share this opinion include Connecticut Senator. The message must go out from the guidelines: “we are!” (and not the message: “will we be”). Guidelines, too much pretend an ideal that fizzle and land after the first reading in the tray.

The mission must be formulated so that claim this translate into daily action can be. Planning is looking ahead and develop these forecasts are more accurate forecasts, the more successful will be the measures developed as a result. Information alone have a special value, nor an end in itself. I.e. the success of business depends on how efficiently business planning knows how to take advantage of this raw material. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.

In Bulgaria

As compared with New Year's holidays ski vacation in late January and February, much cheaper. Familiar with our tour of Bulgaria in the winter months also remains a great place to relax. After the holidays for savings on hotels ski resorts in Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia reaches 20 Some hotels offer packages in the field is much cheaper compared to the proposals for the holiday week. Approximately 20 30mest in hotels in Bulgaria is free, Although tourists was 20 more than in the same period last year due to the good state of slopes. In Bulgaria, the most expensive cost holidays in Borovets, follow him Bansko and Pamporovo. Relatively inexpensive You can relax in the resort of Chepelare. Hit of the season – a resort of Bansko, which made advertising world famous skiers and politics. Since last year, this resort has become a favorite vacation spot of Bulgaria's southern neighbors – the citizens of Greece, who come to ride on weekends.

Although due to the influx of tourists in this year's ski service barely even cheaper at the end of the season. e your knowledge. In high demand are also ski slopes at Mount Vitosha, where all lifts can be used for one loan. For those who prefer active rest, ready yourself to get acquainted with a new country, and does not require constant care and guide gang of animators, this option is rest – this is a bold plus. Many travelers admit that the air in the off-season fresh and clear, resort areas are deserted and ideal for long walks. A city in Europe during the low season find their true, stunning image that has nothing to do with publicized views from glossy postcards. So multiply all the low cost of the tour, we subtract the result from the bustle, tormented constantly coming tourist guides, wait indefinitely for a waiter in a crowded restaurant and queue for the elevator in the hotel-rise buildings and face it: some of the stereotypes from time to time to review and not a sin.