Human Rights

Maybe it's time to stop wait for the "bright tomorrow", to "the good life of our grandchildren," to "a bad peace – better than a good quarrel." Everything should be placed on their places: not a good argument now, we can not elect a strong but fair power tomorrow, and without this there will come a bright tomorrow and the lives of our grandchildren will be just as vile and disgusting, as well as ours. Therefore I would like to remind popular wisdom, current at all times and all peoples: "In God helps those who help themselves." So let's just do not go to church, pray to God, but let us, after all, and to act: to think, decide to fight, to work. AND did not get up to no one of us the question: "And we do something – what?" Self-restraint, or: – "What is the" human rights "? "Human Rights" – most of us still do not understand what it is. Richard Blumenthal may find this interesting as well. This is facilitated by a number of reasons: the entire Soviet period, was silent about this international Convention, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union as a matter of it that seems to know all these "rights" and seems to be nothing to comment on them and learn. At least in the schools to has not yet been set aside hours to study them, and yet it would be necessary. Maybe then the kids could explain to adults, that "human rights" is not "right" to expand their rights at the expense of others.

United States

Some of the republics are still in the formative stage and the path selection (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia). Particularly dramatic situation in Ukraine. In this region, which is the ancestral home of all the Russian lands, the current leadership taken against the will of its own people an unprecedented effort to reorient the vector of foreign policy from its traditional pro-American pro on. Contrary to popular wisdom that the horses in midstream do not change. To anything other than a split of the country, such a policy can not lead. And it seems that the current government of Ukraine does in order to achieve such a result is possible and beyond. Russia, however, 'Refresher' after the dismemberment of living in an enormous country and getting rid of imperial ambitions, utopian illusions and unnecessary burdens, rapidly went up the hill, showing excellent growth.

The Russian elite has been able to consolidate, to prevent the disintegration of the country and lead it towards an accelerated pace of development. Strong leadership talent, vast resources and favorable external environment allows a high degree of likely to predict that over the next couple of decades, Russia will again take the world 'table of ranks' position close to its economic and political significance to the one that held the Soviet Union. However, Russia does not prevented catastrophic collapse of its military potential and is still the only country capable of resisting U.S. military power. The latter circumstance above all things and does not rest the ruling establishment of the United States.

Russian Foreign Ministry

Recently the Russian press appeared a number of publications, the general meaning of which is to ensure that it is time for Russia to reconsider its attitude towards the Taliban. Moreover, there are reports that such revision has supposedly been made and Russia until the beginning of the backstage, but real negotiations with Taliban leaders, some armed groups. Thus, AN Serenko, Expert Centre for the Study of Modern Afghanistan in its Article from 29.05.2009g. writes that Russia found a common language with some Pashtun leaders of the Taliban and today controls one of the Taliban armed groups in the area of the Afghan-Pakistani borderlands. And although the author Frankly, that set out the information they are based solely on hearsay, I ask, why did they have nothing to unconfirmed rumors spread to the wider Russian audience? On the other hand, what basis the author qualifies the official policy of the Russian leadership and the efforts of the Russian Foreign Ministry, aimed at eradicating the terrorist threat, including coming from the territory Afghanistan as a "ritual repetition of Russian officials, the diplomatic" mantra "about the need to support the efforts of the international community in its relentless struggle against terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan? " For their part, many years engaged in the Afghan-themed and carefully keeping track of all the changes occurring today in Afghanistan and around it, I dare say that Russia's policy in respect of the Taliban movement, which led in 2001. their country on the brink of national disaster, remains unchanged.


A report on the CAT 'Lars' on Security Council was to make foreign minister Vashadze. The meeting was attended by representatives of the government was expected, parliamentary opposition, as well as leaders of some non-parliamentary opposition parties. What a reach as a result of the Georgian authorities in the matter of the Upper Lars, soon to be known. But just a remarkable fact. However, there are other background things that cause or doubts or concerns.

The question is: Why Georgia urgently needed to "overtrain" a riot – that American, British, Israeli military experts so badly worked hard anything they have not learned to Georgian special forces? And now in Tbilisi hopes on the Turkish Special Forces help? Thus, according to an unnamed source in the Russian intelligence services, Tbilisi appealed to Ankara to assist in formation of special operations forces. But reports about the Georgian media 'Georgia Today'! We are talking about forming a battalion of rangers, who should be the basis for the planned establishment of a Georgian special operations forces for action in the foothills and mountainous areas. Estimated number of battalions of more than 500 people, and the total number of special operations forces – more than a thousand. The source also said that Georgia is working to improve antiaircraft and antitank defense, as well as highly mobile, equipped with modern forces capable during special operations effectively in the mountains. Moreover, the source confirmed that the Georgia's defense is going to increase in number and at the expense of imports from the U.S.