Why Do People Win

Before I write about why people win, we can not stay on a fairly common slogan among politicians "The people will win!" That politicians use when they want to win themselves, without people, but his participation. People reading this slogan, he hears it from the lips of politicians, and believes him, believes the latter-day politics, which once again is trying to exploit this theme. At the same time, few people ponder over the fact that this does not happen that in the near past of the people has never won. And although it should be noted that, nevertheless, there were historical periods to which mankind in the near future, only to find out where people could win. But to date they have not been known to mankind, and because people are still not yet able to draw upon their own victories. A leading source for info: Ohio Senator. Until today, humanity knows only how to help people conquered other people, those who take advantage of deception and betrayal, used by people for their own victories. They eventually won, seeking their own power, and the loser once again to the people, as always, had to wait and believe only what is lost, left again with no inheritance, he will find a new national leader who will not deceive the people and yet give people the opportunity to win. So thought the people in the past, so people think and Now, it was hoped people for thousands of years. History, in the end, so nothing and could not teach a man.

For What Is Really Needed Crisis ?

In a recent interview with the bbc President Dmitry Medvedev said: 'It is obvious that the current monetary system has not coped with the challenges. It is good that we still have a set of currencies: dollar, euro and pound sterling. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. But in a good future, this system should be based on a multi-currency basket, it must include other regional reserve currencies. If we can agree, in the future we can talk about creating some kind of supercurrency '. The signal is clear: approaching a new world order and its onset can not be stopped. First will be a single global currency, then agreed to establish a One World Government, immediately will cancel the introduction of paper money and electronic, by implanting microchips in the arm and the brain (such technologies already developed or under development).

Clearly, these microchips will be used for total control over thoughts and feelings of man, the disobedient will be cut off from the system, and they simply can not survive without these chips in the society. I'm afraid that globalization has gone too far and too late to change anything. But it was all predicted almost two thousand years before all of this: 'And he had power to give breath to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast, and spoke and acted so that the killing was anyone who would not worship the image of the beast. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or on their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast or the number of his name . Here wisdom. Who has a mind, that count to the number of the beast: for it is a human Chiclo his six hundred shestdesyat six. '(The Bible, Revelation, also known as' Apocalypse', chapter 13, verses 15 th to 18th.) nothing new to me not written, I simply stated a fact. As stated, the conclusions do you only

Game Participation

If you promise to win more than five hundred rubles, be prepared to ensure that you not only get the promised money, but also to the fact that participation in the game essentially empty your wallet. Here, the law of an arithmetic progression. The greater the amount promise you, the easier it is to win and the more potential winners, the more you pay. Do not send sms, read to start at least the "Rules". Read them, incidentally, very difficult, as they recruited small white type on a red background. From the very first lines it appears that the sts is not well-known television (in passing, site owners pour their namesakes of dirt that they do not paint).

Hey, guys, if you do not like this "and barely caught stealing live television station, "then why use their logo? Although a naive question. Clearly the same reason – the logo sts is the Russians have a no confidence. However, the ctc of guessing – it's some modern television systems. What a system and what their present anywhere no further clarified. But (unless of course you managed to read through the rules until the end, without losing sight), it turns out one small but important detail. For sms you take from 7 rubles, and much more. "The cost of a sms to short number 8385 about 150 rubles depending on the operator The campaign cost of access operating at a rate of five rubles a day, the rate of a hundred and ten days of access, so the total access price is five hundred and fifty rubles, payment access is done by sending three sms paid number.


People have always been divided barriers: linguistic, geographic, religious. Today, humanity comes to globalization. Towards a unified whole. The information revolution has brought the ability to communicate across humanity in real time "online." Globalization, at first glance bears only pluses. All we can travel freely, to get acquainted with the different countries and continents. Erased the language barrier, will not be such thing as a translation. Will not need several years to learn foreign languages to learn to communicate with each other, go to the translation. Rise economy, the country will unite and create a single government that would cooperate rather than fight among themselves.

And, finally, is the real fruit of globalization has the ability to communicate around the world simultaneously, rather than long letters and landlines. Communication become mobile and accessible to all. For the first time the term "globalization" appeared in 1985, the American sociologist, Robinson introduced this notion. And in 1992 published a book which outlined the basis of its concept. Globalisation – is primarily process, which should ideally cover all areas of life. The most powerful factor in globalization is the economic factor, it is manifested in the presence of multinational firms operating simultaneously in many countries. Bright example of such a corporation is a company Coca-Cola, known throughout the world. The central idea, which lies at the heart of globalization lies in the fact that many problems can not examine and decide on the level of a single state.

And their must be framed in terms of global processes. Many confer on the globalization of high hopes, but there are anti-globalists, who bitterly hate everything associated with globalization. Many of their fears are not groundless. Indeed, in many ways globalization is the loss of identity for most people. Already today lost many languages have disappeared from the face of the earth some people. States around the world are trying to keep small peoples and nations. But in many ways this is wrong. Globalization leads to a single denomination of people, and hence to the disappearance of religion. Will lose a great heritages of knowledge. Undermine the tenets on which the people lived millennia. The subject of lively debate is literally everything that is related to the term globalization. The first issue for debate, is the beginning of the process of globalization. Can we talk about globalization is when one nation could establish contacts with other people who are geographically on another continent. Or globalization began only a few decades ago. Another moot point is – what could be called globalization, and no. Globalization has proved a difficult subject for scientific analysis and for the mass consciousness. But its impact can be judged only over time. Well, what's going on this process or not, has to judge early. One thing is undeniable that globalization is already underway, virtually worldwide.