Venezuelan People

Time brackets Teodulo Lopez Melendez The creation of a new reality is similar to the Venezuelan people have a mission impossible for alleging lack of forces. The word solution seems to have escaped as a wandering celestial body not subject to any gravitation. Now think about the possible outcomes you crave a feature of his ancestor barren historical times finished. We can call this time that we are one in parentheses. Now look at the reality with fatigue and pessimism is set to a heavy hardware which prevents the transformative power of the will. The new paradigm can not wake him or does it looks powerless to remove it from the historical tragedies that sank into lethargy or is tampered and hidden under the carpet by the representatives of a past that will not return. It is a particular ataraxia replacing with equanimity alert status.

We wonder why the Venezuelan has abandoned the role of decoder. Dissatisfaction with the status quo seems to have lost its ability motorized travel out of this ominous. Chavez has lost the power to enforce submission to the symbolic order of reality. That is, no longer questioning. This space jammed between two symbols is only one and is called parentheses freezes and breaks up, it will constitute a kind of limbo where only one would expect a higher decision to determine once and for all the duration of punishment prior to promotion to new instances . The two ends of the brackets remain confined to a republic while some argue that the command that closes right break on 26 September in a barrage of mana. From the side of power takes pleasure in the time hidden in the bracket while outside unleashed a flood of tears facts and utilizing the parentheses. Inaction characterized at the time of parenthesis.

It is known in Christian theology that the time of end brackets, which is just a passage, but the concept of time is curved like a snake coiling about itself that seeks the tail to bite like a well written story with appropriate literary techniques. The emphasis is on the right side of the bracket and it is argued that it dates, it is enough patience to get the time of the parenthesis. In the outside world, however, time runs fast, is captured, it violates, is passed over, the clothes because the republic is enclosed in parentheses. This country has two stages: that of which is enclosed in parentheses and the Republic of the usurpers. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Paulo Coelho. The stench has two stages: the cats who dig and those who display it. There are two theories: that of those within the brackets begin to argue that time does not exist and those who questions the interaction to the rebirth of energy. We conclude that we must seek the highest group of symmetries as possible what always leads to unimaginably high energies. It is possible that the country is simply pushing the right side of this sign spelling-political and extending the time parentheses. Open bracket is needed, interrupt the speech contained, make clear that the speech goes on all the expression and not on the closure of a time. Here there can be no saints or patriarchs awaiting the redemption of the genus in Venezuela. We have to get the plate that have hung around his neck. We can not continue to ignore the intricacies or evaporators Avila smoke that burns alone.

Fighting For Pax Americana

Failure to understand the ideological analysis, political, media and military are Noam Chomsky, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jean and Robert Petras U.S. Fisk, then there is the Hollywood film industry to understand through the drama and action all the splendor and decadence of a country ruled by democracy brighter on the face of the earth. Avatar-Hollywood-The Hurt Locker is a single piece of a whole in pacifism, advertising and the war in a country and its culture forged in the dream of wealth materialized by means of the invasion, occupation and exploitation from colonialism to neocolonialism mental body, and if you prevail and Horror wellspring Rosebud cosmopolitan is because they have always been a virtual avatar and a real soldier fought in the dirty work of the old and new treaties of a party and Democracy the world is spread through blood and fire. Okay, Obama is not warlike, peace is not so repressed or imprisoned or killed as Martin Luther King. Learn more at this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Call it the charismatic Avatar dilemma in The Hurt Locker amidst a jungle and virtual-reality-desert of the U.S. government going beyond the limits of unilateralism and otherness in which a war is always the rational ideal of all logistics pacifist men of good will on earth. The Avatar, Hollywood and The Hurt Locker is not entertaining minutiae-border and immigration, they are the triumvirate of eventuality, advertising and reality, go where they want to do, and when it comes to being himself and become the great entertainer with the entertainment industry, the glow of the mind is the body burning with desire overacted studied and who offers the sacrifice to save humanity in the name of freedom, justice, equality, fraternity and democracy, emptying everything in its path into a road movie of helicopters, tanks and pumps with the insignia of the eagle, not the Nazi swastika, the Pax Americana. If the American film is the exception which includes and excludes in the drama that is in itself-the action-kinetic power and subordination images voracious phagocytes tease and values ethical, moral and socio-cultural, one can reach the happy conclusion that in-Hollywood is the place where actors, users and avatars are a series of performances worthy of an Oscar or to welcome all global public and the benefit of a cause that is justified and humane film-like light portent Camera and Action..


When in those days did show him the currency you paid taxes, offered him a penny and had a figure and was inscribed "Caesar." Thus, the alleged cheating that had been lying, he knew to get out without much difficulty and I am so well known that phrase: "Give to Caesar what is Caesar …". Now, when self-assess the taxes and no coin bearing the inscription of Caesar, or even an inscription that says who he is, nor the papers (banknotes) and coins in circulation has a gold convertible … Even in some cases they are just numbers that represent the total receipts that could have on their hands and they look like decrease with the rest and still, when it comes to paying taxes and deductions that have been made over the years were lower than what supposedly played pay. Perhaps this is why one of the reasons that our dear politicians find it necessary that everything is "relative" and that everything can be "dialogue" is to defend his position in power, not to serve, but to send … And so, you can enjoy its wealth in tangible personal level increases as you remain in your command chair.

Perhaps this is why it is necessary that everything is "relative" because otherwise the policy shift could not resolve the contradictions that will be faced with the individual conscience of the members who form a society which supposedly seeks to lead. For example: – A pacifist may be financing the cost of a war not in self-defense. – One who loves life may be financing the killing of unborn children and sick people. – A worker may be financing the pleasures of vague. – An environmentalist may be financing the wanton destruction of natural environments. – A Democrat may be funding groups that seek the destruction of the democratic system. So, when it is a bit of conscience, and he has had to live in a society where reigns the "relative", and these approaches "relative" has resulted in the financing of concepts indispensable to their conscience, would have to bear in mind that "Finance is not Caesar.".

The Mayor

More secrets also exit the Vatican for the first time a letter from silk written by the Chinese Empress Wang, who converted to Catholicism He adopted the name of Elena, Pope Inocencio x (1650). Wang advises the Pontiff that thanks to the preaching of the Jesuits has embraced the Catholic faith along with his son Yongli, baptized as Constantine. Bull of the dismissal of Federico II (1245), the first paper on dismissal of an emperor by a Pope (innocent IV) will also form part of the sample, as well as some documents due to the second world war. Interviews if they will be on Pope Pius XII, who played lead the Church in that turbulent period, Pagano said that no documentation on that papacy is still secret and that opens within three or four years, prior to clarify that you it’s four or five photographs on the barbarism committed by men, such as deaths of children and families and Nazi concentration camps. To avoid damaging the light not to some documents, will be placed in special polls, with temperature control and low light.

The Mayor of Rome highlighted the importance of the exhibition and said that you because to the value of the documents it is possible that this is the first and only time that leaving the Vatican ends. The Vatican Secret Archives, the largest and most international in the world, preserves documents of twelve centuries, spread over 85 miles of shelves in its vast deposits. The exhibition will be open from February to September 2012. Source of the news: the Vatican brings to light one hundred of its greatest secrets

The Challenge Of The Third Option

The challenge of the third option Teodulo Lopez Melendez The results of the primaries conducted by the two ends of this damaging phenomenon called polarization have shown the deterioration of the government, on the one hand, and the inability to overcome, on the other, the old practices own agreements party alliances. The call of the government showed a significant reduction in percentages of participants while the second involved only a small concession to the citizens who, incidentally, were launched hungry to show his immense desire to participate. The PSUV was shown in all its reality, that is, a party formed from the government for the support of a regime.

This story is repeated in this country, where we have seen throughout the ages as those in power to organize your pictures from militants and how, when the government that created them is gone, the party that is your child will sometimes exhale slowly, sometimes with surprising promptitude. The MUD, along the whole conformation of their agreements made in the light of all the old traditional parties procedures have been implemented throughout its history. We have stressed the difficulty to agree to so many people, when in fact it was agreed to so many acronyms. And we put the item “difficulty” to introduce ourselves as a milestone earned. Indeed the remarkable thing is how eager people, still limited to middle and upper classes are often launched to exploit the gap that was given to please that of participation. Both poles showed all its weaknesses and all its possibilities.

The Return To School In The Peruvian Highlands

In a few days thousands of students return to school. The Ministry of Education of Peru has approved the date of commencement of work for the upcoming March 13, 2006, the day on which the Puno Region plans to reopen the doors of more than four thousand among educational institutions, primary and secondary schools. Some state schools have already announced to start the dictation of the work, even from Monday, March 6, so that in recent days have seen huge queues of parents seeking to enroll their minor children where they feel the most appropriate institutions for education. Every year, the parents have killed crashing an indisputable reality. Education is not free as the government argues, however in March will be one of those months where more spending will have to do, because not only is the cost of the shares of the Apaf (Parents Association), but also the purchase of school supplies and even the same uniform.

Each parent will spend as at least 300 new soles to cover the cost of each school-age children, of course, if the estimate provides for “rebajitas” you can get to buy school supplies and uniform in the informal market. With regard to the circumstances that we have in the Puno region to start this school year, the regional director of education in our department, Professor Romulo Borda Asensio, said that this year will seek to have better conditions to start the school year in relation to previous processes. We are doing everything possible to coordinate with the Local Management Units (UGEL) on issues such as infrastructure, curriculum design and teacher recruitment, said the official.

What Goes On In the National Assembly

This is producing a shift from passive acceptance to a field of alternative development. It requires the appearance of a person with his conception of Being in politics, one who decides to do and to institute. The issue is to tame the Venezuelan government, Chavez is not possible. The correct approach is to induce that human life is no repetition, and fewer of the political sites, and find back in reflection and deliberation on a new meaning. We are not talking about a “Revelation” but the sudden creation of a new social imaginary. So, without getting ideas and thinking about the future to do can not change what exists.

The Venezuelan government questions every day its reason for being and this is provided in our power to build the new paradigm. The option is hidden in instituting anonymous collective. In this way forget the classic terminology. The maximum value is not a constituent power. What is a Power Institution, which does not mean that the instituting not institutionalized, only to be challenged by the emergence of the instituting new. Democracy is therefore constantly changing.

Any such process takes place, it is obvious-in a specific historical circumstances. In ours, the Venezuelans today, we can not fear the uncertainty of the future The twenty-first century democracy conceive, then, is a permanent update. Venezuelan society today is in negative phase. The protest is simply a loss of patience and reading columnists who insult the government a simple exercise in catharsis. What I intend to talk about instituting citizenship does not refer to a founding myth. I refer to an agent (the agent) that constantly promotes inclusive democratization. There is hope, because of the new rationality in ethics will be built. This will come from the awareness of a necessary recovery (not the past, in any case), but of meaning. The country that the “intelligent elite” must lead in fighting is a distortion, one based on a logical alternative. Happens because people take as a new standard of conduct is not delegation, which in turn implies the assumption of the role which makes redefine responsible in first grade. It is through the complex thinking that can cope with the maze itself XXI century, as the mixture of predictable and unpredictable elements, accidental, or undetermined causes, restates in full force the ride out of dogmatism. I reiterate my country’s proposal to form a government parallel and Instituting a National Assembly to challenge the future.