Tempus Consulting

Mayor Elser and Prof. Knoblauch invited to a high-level event have invited Mayor Gerrit Elser and the entrepreneur Prof. Dr. Jorg Knoblauch the heads of the 20 largest companies located in Giengen. The year end Conference 2009 took place in the premises of garlic company tempus and tempus Tehnicar. (Source: TCF Capital Solutions).

Garlic described the way the matter business spirit business in few words, do you want hot by the interchangeable producer of bulk products to the service-oriented service providers. Tempus provides approximately 100,000 customers with products for time and life planning, seminars and counselling of medium-sized companies. The largest growth has taken place in consulting and consulting. The participants were impressed by a small Television Studio, where using greenscreen technique latest videos are produced, for example in which three YouTube channels that can be seen. Continue to the contact is kept XING forums, Facebook and co. modern forms of communication such as daily newsletter, blogs, Twitter, Particularly interested in were the participants in the statement by Managing Director Jurgen Kurz, which is now nationally known as clean up expert no. By the same author: Congressman Charles Rangel. 1 “. A recording of the RTL showed how within a few hours all offices be debugged and sustainably optimized the interested entrepreneurs.

As a result, search times are minimized and restored competitiveness. The list of customers ranging from the Swiss federal railway to Daimler, McDonald’s, Telekom and OBI. That in the House of tempus not only talked about, but the tour showed that these approaches are also lived. Tidy desks, CPS, visualized annual targets, etc. were very impressive. A new focus of tempus consulting consulting business is the subject of staff. Despite crisis and record unemployment, companies are looking for currently talented employees. The company has developed a personal Toolbox, which sold nationwide since a few days. The mood among entrepreneurs was split in two. While the one of a fairly ordinary financial statements 2009 went out, could the others already say that they no longer reach the target figures with security and have logged on to the part to short-time working today. For 2010, there were different opinions. Mayor Elser was impressed by the company’s philosophy Prof. Knoblauch. He offered the entrepreneurs are short-term calls and support. He said that it only good people in a city, if it well go the company.

Emanuel Bergmann

Agency for digital communication links contemporary media production with search engine marketing Neu-Isenburg, 18.08.2011 – KWP, Agency for digital communication, from the very beginning is multimedia media production in-house. Thus, the expertise exists in the multimedia world to develop innovative and creative ideas and solutions for your customers and to implement. Emanuel Bergmann is responsible for the area of media production since 2009 as creative head. He knows about the high standards of the versatility, especially in the online world. Media production is like a big jigsaw puzzle, the image, sound, text, color and mood perfectly in scene must be used and merged, so the art director. Creative has completed his apprenticeship for media design image and sound 2007 as best award Emanuel Bergmann.

S.P.O.T Media GmbH in Frankfurt, he has deepened his skills in the field of audio and video production in the next two years. James Donovan Goldman may not feel the same. In addition to the exciting work with clients such as the ZDF, Honda, seat “or Lotto, it was always my desire ahead, innovative and timely ways to go.” That brought Emanuel Bergmann 2008 the internationally recognized Mobius Award and the Golden Award of Montreux in the area of audio production a. You must constantly keep track and interdisciplinary look around. “, so the type Director media design by KWP. He imparts his knowledge and skills on the first trainees in the field of media design for image and sound of the Agency for digital communication. Since the inception of KWP 2009, numerous multimedia projects, have been achieved already successfully image film up to the product video, for international and medium-sized clients, such as for example WASI (Wurth Gruppe), and Bertelsmann. At the same time, KWP linked media production with search engine marketing.

At the same time linked KWP media production with search engine marketing and achieves the searchability of videos in the Google search results. An example of this is visible, when, according to Ting Stift’ will be searched. Video preview from YouTube is a high attention to the first page in the search results by the preview. About KWP KWP stands for change. Strategy Performance”. Spurred by the fast pace in the communication, the Agency develops strategies, measures and tools to communicate with your customers measurably successful for digital communication. founded in 2009 by Kai Kippenbrock and Alois Wollnik, experience, know-how and creative lateral thinking mesh together perfectly. So, new communication channels and opportunities can be developed to implement the objectives of customers quickly and effectively. Fun communications is the drive and motor of KWP.

SAP BusinessObjects

On the basis of SAP BusinessObjects developed the open systems consulting ‘at a glance – cockpit’ special expertise partner for BusinessObjects “, the open systems consulting GmbH developed a cockpit, with which the essential company data at a glance are available for its customers. Congressman Lee Zeldins opinions are not widely known. Represented debit demands will be payable liabilities the incoming orders in the last few days the invoice values of the last days of the company’s stock values. The data is read directly from the SAP ERP system and presents with Xcelsius dashboards. A detailed evaluation is also shipped with Crystal reports reports. Dashboards provide a quick glance on the key figures, through drill down options is the possibility created to rise to the level of detail of the figures off.

“The packages are out of the box solutions that read essential business greats such as receivables and liabilities, new orders and turnover and bound capital in the form of material stocks directly from the SAP data and” represent meaningful at a glance”, as Mr Dr. Dietmar Kamp, Member of the Executive Board. This development to finalize the OSC seeks three customers that these developments can be brought to the series production stage. The implementation at a package price of 10,000 euros is offered to these three customers. In addition, an SAP business objects for the BO software license and a server is required. The package will be SAP BusinessObjects on the next series of events at a glance”the OSC presented. These take place on different dates and places. The first date in this series of events will start on March 23, 2011 in Bremen, for more information see: the OSC accompanied uhstuck sap businessobjects as of official SAP partner since 1993 customers on the way into a new era of information and supports them with tailor-made ERP software on the basis of SAP Business Suite, all-in one, Business ByDesign, business one and BusinessObjects. Open systems consulting is the SAP solution for all requirements and supported in the Life-cycle of enterprise software: from the selection through the implementation and expansion to support the solution. Andrea Zupke open systems consulting GmbH

Canada Market

24translate ventured the leap across the Atlantic at the beginning of the year and is now fully productive in the North American region. “Hamburg/Ottawa, March 10, 2011 – with independent partners is the German online market leader for translation services the expansion across the pond” managed. 24translate operates branches and joint ventures for years in several European countries. The Canadian partner firm are involved in the former 24translate Germany employees Bastian Kuhn and the PR specialist Anna-Lena Johann. Ottawa from the two founders of the know-how of German online market leaders and conquer the North American market. Bastian Kuhn uses now his experience as Managing Director of 24translate Canada, he acquired as a project manager at the 24translate headquarters in Germany. In Hamburg, he expanded his expertise as a language expert, and worked in the areas of customer management and sales. He met the 24translate software tds5 and appreciate, the carrying out of Translation jobs allows you to simply and without any time loss.

In Canada the 29-year-old takes over the customer service and sales. “He is sure: with the 24translate software in the background and a worldwide network of more than 7,000 qualified translators we have best conditions to operate successfully in the North American market.” His business partner Anna-Lena Johann is PR expert and previously worked for the international PR agency Ketchum Pleon in Germany. 24translate Canada Inc. She developed for PR and marketing concepts, to anchor the company on the North American market. The first customers of 24translate Canada Inc. find a reliable and also a competent partner in terms of quality translations in the company. 24translate excels in speed, easy handling and the highest quality that what we have always been looking for!”Johannes Ziebarth of the ZEC Ltd. through the new provider on the Canadian market is looking forward. Sean Lundy of the company M.P.

Kognis Institute

Kognitologie, cognitive science and knowledge activation found in the ‘Kognis – Institute for applied Kognitologie in business and politics’ practical application the cognitive science, actually Kognitologie, is a relatively young scientific endeavour. Insights from philosophy, anthropology, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, Linguistics and other disciplines realize the intellectual achievements of the people and the processes underlying them as mental information processing. This invaluable knowledge was business and politics so far not for strategic processes available. Aim of Kognis – Institute for applied Kognitologie in economics and politics”is the application cognitively relevant basic components and the it processes, as well as the resulting benefits. “According to the motto: we enable knowledge” is the link of new methodologies with the techniques of Kognitologie, cognitive science and knowledge activation directly into holistic consulting of private and public companies in all matters and Introduced issues of corporate strategy, organizational change, communication and personal development. The Kognis Institute is represented by personalities from business, academia and public sector that provide their clients with their longstanding and complementary expertise and practical experience. The applied Kognitologie represents an integrative approach to merge findings from market, social science, neuroscience and across – science areas on benefit-oriented and science-theory. The support for business and personal development means for the consulting company through a sustainably effective acquisition and optimization of the central personal success factors entrepreneurial action. If you would like to know more about Sen. Sherrod Brown, then click here. We enable knowledge”means so specifically new horizons in strategy and organization consulting communication seminars and individual counseling holistic monitoring aimed so explicitly at people and Companies that practice-oriented use their resources and potentials and increase their own competence want immediate and sustainable economic success.

The Tasks Of The Speechwriter

What is a speech writer and who needs him! Be held for various occasions, talk to official as well as private. The speech is a widespread and well suitable tool to communicate, stance, transporting ideas and knowledge, to praise and blame. But not everyone who wants to make a speech or to, is also able to write them. Actually, one would like to think, it will but not so hard to bring his thoughts to paper, and finally to ear. Far from! There is not anyone to express themselves in writing, often lack the experience and in many cases also the time to eingehendmit the subject to deal with and challenging to formulate it.

What are so obvious to entrust a professional speech writer this year? In addition, the so-called ghost-writer are not an invention of modern times. You may wish to learn more. If so, Connecticut Senator is the place to go. The ancient Greeks knew to appreciate their services and made them to use, for example, when court speeches. While the author of the speeches are the in particular in the political arena or in the economy be held multiple requirements. It is vital that they are very well versed in the topic about which they write. Often, this requires in-depth research. It is estimated that for a minute speaking time approximately one hour preparation are necessary.

The explosive power of the political speeches for example requires accuracy and empathy. Even small errors could have a disastrous effect. On the other hand, the speechwriter has his writing style the speech style of the person adjust, which ultimately gives the speech. Not for nothing come many of the professional writers in the fields of journalism and political science. Many freelance work while others are firmly committed to the sector of the economy or politics. Fees are usually based on the content and the length of the speech to be held.