Professional Participants

Let's go in order: What is meant by the term assets? In this context, the assets – this investment instruments that make up the investment portfolio of the fund, and must be purchased through a joint investment, the is due to investors' money. Who are the professional participants of the stock market? This is an asset management company (AMC), which received a license of the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market Commission (Securities Commission) on implementation of asset management activities. This is an exceptional kind of activity to which they are entitled to do. Thus, asset management – is an exceptional view of asset management companies, which implies the formation of the structure of portfolio investment fund, according to its investment strategy in order to receive investment income. Read more from Senator Richard Blumenthal to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The determining factor in choosing a strategy appears relation possible risks and * the likelihood of obtaining a certain level of income.

Detail the policies I will not give just one example: an investment fund with a conservative investment strategy. The Company's Asset management can manage the assets as collective investment institutions (ISI) and private pension funds (NPF). Strategists for the apf to its specificity is defined as long-term. Sample results asset management activities of npf. Management of isi can be divided into two branches: The first – the assets of public funds, ie those investors who can be anyone, and of course having the means investor.

Second – Private Asset Management (circuit) funds. We are talking about the isi, as a tool for solving various problems of one or several large investors. Total: The main objective of asset management – it is to earn investment income to investors of the investment funds. * Yes, it is likely, since no in investing, nor in any other case you no one can give a hundred percent guarantee about something. Just because this one does not exist in nature. And for the amc to ensure profitability is prohibited by law. In the course I want to note that before you invest in an investment fund novice investor must ask ourselves: is it the fact that his investments can lose their value when he wants to pick them up and if he wants to wait for the situation of "healing" and eventually there will be enough for his patience to watch as his rodnenkie moolah every day melt away like ice on fire? And oh, how it's all real! An example of this is not far in 2008, after which the index is one of the major Ukrainian sites (PFTS) was 301.42 points, whereas in the beginning of this year, he was 1,174 points, "nothing so much difference, I can tell you." I write this not to scare or discourage investment, but only because that person who wants to start investing, understand that may await him and was ready for it.

Munich Bank

Still owed repayment rates can not be made from our point of view the question is actually only, when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Investors should be urgently review their claims with circular letter of February 9, 2012 investors of shipping resources Warnow GmbH & co. KG MS “Warnow Vaquita” have been informed that the Fund cannot meet its redemption obligations. Previously, a repayment suspension agreement was already expired. Condition for the respite offered by the Bank by two quarter redemptions was the partner to provide appropriate liquidity.

The Managing Director has called unworkable apparently and – except for the investor to report – not even the attempt. Therefore, the Bank requested an opinion on the going-concern Outlook that however negative. You may find visit website to be a useful source of information. Consequences were not drawn apparently, man once except that the Board of Directors apparently saw the sole decision of the financing bank. Investors are taught in a circular letter dated May 25, 2012, that a restructuring plan in order was given and the management were about the conditions with the Bank in negotiations. Still owed repayment rates can not be made now the Bank must tolerate the deferral of the third quarter rate 2012 in a row because the company is not solvent. (“No liquidity available is the society this year, to provide the full scheduled year repayment of approximately 1.5 million USD.”) Was the concept ever viable? Not only, that after the initial Charter from the outset no secure employment had the ship. Now retaliates that financing–to improve the forecast profits – a substantial part (25%) was probably recorded in yen and up Rate hedging transactions has been omitted.

Now napping “so far unrealized foreign exchange losses of about 1.88 USD” (Note missing because the word “Million”?) in the books. Of course of course are problems that not insignificant problems with the financing bank. From our point of view, only the question arises when the loans be made due and the Bank carries out the recovery. Probably you wait there only until something again attract the Charter rates and increases the value of the vessel so, keep the losses of the Bank within limits. Statute of limitations threatens investors must in our opinion until December 31, 2012 assert their claims against their consultant for prudential reasons and limitation-inhibiting measures. Already in driving legislative report of September 28, 2009 they were used namely in knowledge, that the recoverable Charter rates (just 30% of the planned) are not nearly easygoing and repayments to the Bank will not be possible. We were able to determine that the brochure obviously not the necessary validation was subjected and in addition we error has reported -. None of our clients was informed about the actual amount of so-called soft costs, with distribution costs already accounting for the lion’s share of about 77%. Do you have questions to your funds? Do you also know whether you were given wrong advice and whether you have chances to the enforcement of claims for damages? Nittel Firm specializing in banking and capital market law your contact Michael Minderjahn, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855 Hamburg: Dorpfeldstrasse 6, 22609 Hamburg Tel.: 040 53799042 Fax: 040 53799043 Berlin: Roth first breed 19, 10245 Berlin Tel: 030 95999280 Fax: 030 95999279

The Theory

What affects the above variables – is domestic legislation of doing business, the country of registration of your company, country of residence are You personally, as a citizen, and various international agreements on tax matters between the above-mentioned countries. The number of countries as you can see, there may be several, one, two, three or even more. The more jurisdictions you can afford, the more you have the choice and scope for financial and tax maneuver. Reflecting on the topic of tax planning, it can be pretty interesting results, such as Dr. wj. Hill, who developed and practitioner of the theory of "permanent Travels" – a cosmopolitan lifestyle, which gives individual sovereignty and freedom from government control over your life and property.

So he came to the conclusion that the "ideal life" you need to use the five jurisdictions, or five so-called "flags". Flag 1. Business base – a country where you conduct your business, make money. The country with the most favorable business opportunities. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sen. Sherrod Brown has to say. This "flag" must be different from the "flag" your official residence.

Flag 2. Passport and citizenship – must be received in a country that does not show much interest in their missing citizens, and to what they are employed, it should provide maximum protection of the rights and freedoms of its citizens, wherever they are. Flag 3. Place of residence, the resident – "tax haven" with good communications, enabling political, economic, social and climatic conditions. Flag 4. Location of the assets – a country with a robust banking system, effectively and confidentially manage your cash assets will protect private property rights.


But there is a contrary view. Previous crises reinvestment was so global, that he would return to the previous rate of growth of the economy will not soon Optimists believe the crisis to restore justice. Pros: it's time to stop living in debt, inflating the financial bubble and immensely consume. Pessimists also believe that the end does not justify the means, and the price of sobering up too high. That only is unemployment, the turbulence of financial markets, the decline in production and increase confidence in the financial system as a whole.

This is not a step back, it's just the destruction of the architecture architecture relationships in the business world! Experts do not agree, and in the opinion whether there is any substantial restructuring of the economy country because of the crisis. Supporters believe the optimistic approach to the top of the optimization process. Pessimists tend to think that significant changes in control methods and approaches has not happened. Many companies send employees on leave without content, even redrew the staffing and nothing touching on the fundamental level. And maybe learn from China and develop investment in its own production at a sufficiently hard-state regulation? One can argue about the role of government in a market economy, but the socio-economic and political stability are not exactly necessities. Share the positive experience of countries is certainly useful. But and sovereignty should not be forgotten. In the search for the "golden mean" it is important to remember one's competitive advantages: vast natural resources, scientific potential and uniqueness of the mentality of Russian citizens.