Baked Cod With Potatoes

Now that we are in Lent is beginning to be time to prepare a delicious cod. There are many ways to prepare it well with tomato and chickpeas, as with garlic mousseline, as the Vizcaina … but today we will do one of the easiest ways, alhorno with potatoes. Ingredients for the baked cod with potatoes: 400 grams of cod. Two medium onions.

2 small potatoes. 1 cup tomato sauce. 3 garlic. Parsley, oil and breadcrumbs. Peel and cut potatoes and onions into slices about 5mm thick.

Asimosmo, cut the cod into squares of no more than 5 x 5 cm. While we spread the oil a baking tray. We placed, so interleaved, the potato and onion slices to cover the entire tray. This will be a bed of onions and potatoes. Pour tomato sauce over the sliced evenly. We put up the pieces of cod, skin side down. We water with a little oil every piece of cod. We make a flock in the following way. Peel the garlic and crush in a mortar with parsley, finely chopped. Add the breadcrumbs and a few drops of oil to make a dough. Put a teaspoon of the dough on top of each piece of cod, trying repartila, so covering the entire piece. Preheat oven to 240uC, and place the tray of cod, until the paste over the pieces are crispy but not burned. In our recipe to be found, in addition to the recipe, as other delicious recipes, or. Samuel is web editor since 2005, currently manages and

Nao Tenho

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