The Craft

But you made, it little less than a god, crowning it of glory and beauty, pra to dominate the workmanships of your hands, under its pstudo colocaste' ' Sl 8,5; J 7,17-18. But, not satisfied with asprerrogativas of image and similarity of the Creator, the man and the woman, created eamados in the Son before the creation of mundo' ' , forgotten that tambm' ' they are dust and to the dust retornem' ' , they had been rebelled against its Author, to recusandoser to it only similar, but ' ' as deuses, turned in the good and nomal' ' Gn 3,5.19. The vase did not want more being vase, but the Potter; the creature, Creator. More info: CIT Group Inc.. Tenebrous foolishness! ' ' There of that it contends with who omodelou, vase enters the vases of the land! By chance it will say the clay to that aooleiro: what you are making? How perversion is yours! To treat the Potter comoargila! Therefore, it will dare the workmanship to say to it made that it: ' it not me fez' , and one vasosobre the potter made who it: ' it nothing understands of the craft? I go to break this eesta people city as if he breaks the vase of the potter, who cannot serconsertado&#039 more; ' Is 29,16; 45,9; Jr 19,11. Without a doubt, the pretension of criaturade to be Creative alone produces vase trincado: the tragic history of the sin the sample. The irresponsible revolt of the human beings affected its deeply relaescom God: infidelity, idolatria; between itself: Caim killed Abel; with the creatures, of which it is guard: ' ' He blessed them to god and he said to them: Headquarters fruitful, you full the land and you submit it; you dominate on the fish of the sea, the etodos birds of the sky the animals that crawl in terra' ' Gn 1,28.

Freire Knowledge

The cultural action for the freedom if characterizes for dilogoe its purpose is to acquire knowledge the masses, already the cultural action for dominaose opposes to the dialogue and serves stops to domesticate them. On this it affirms Freire (2005) the basic paper of that they are compromised in aocultural for the awareness is not properly to speak on as to construct liberating aidia, but to invite the men to catch with its spirit verdadede its proper reality …. (FREIRE, 2005, P. 105) In this direction, the awareness concept fits the idea desuperao and construction of the education as practical of the freedom. Freire (2005) considers that the awareness is not one varinha magical for osrevolucionrios, but a dimension of base for its reflexiva action.

If the homensno was entities conscientious, capable to act and to perceive, to know to ecriar; if they were not conscientious of itself same and of the world, the idea deconscientizao would not have no direction and would the same happen with the idea derevoluo. Revolutions are undertaken to free the men, precisamenteporque the men can know that they are oppressed and to be conscientious of the realidadeopressora in which they live. (FREIRE, 2005, P. 108) In the educative process, the knowledge cannot serconsiderado as absolute truth, in it the educator must be intent to emelaborar a theory of knowledge from the interest of the oppressed ones, deformed that it allows them to reelaborar and to rearrange its proper knowledge to eapropriar itself, from there of other people’s knowledge. Leaving of the directive paper of the educator, Gadotti (1989, p.73) characterizes the liberating directive educator and the diretivodomesticador educator as two opposing types of directive educator: The domesticador directive educator not humaniza, masdesumaniza; he domesticates the educandos through the passive reception of packed umconhecimento, not stimulating them to think, to reflect on suarealidade, only domesticates.

The Federal Constitution

In the situation of illiteracy appears that half of the illiterate population in Brazil is at an acts less than fifteen years. Educational Our process reflects rates that ploughs twenty teamses to higher among people with low incomes, precisely the social to layer where education is the only means you to better perspective on life in the future, facing the competitive job market. Keywords: Education, Brazil. Development. 1 INTRODUCTION Is spread out today, enumerates educational methodologies aiming at to the full formation – social and professional, of the Brazilian citizen, assured as a constitucional law, without social or racial discrimination. Until point is raised as reality, the educational situation today for the eradication of the poverty situation and illiteracy of our nation? The Federal Constitution and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Brazilian Education guarantee the access to all, without any discriminations? Until point the population and contemplated in its educative process enjoying of the institucional rights with fullness dignity? The developed educational projects national contribute for the citizenship and the sustainable growth in the context of the national and international market? As it does not have prescription to act in fact in the education and formation of the personality of the human being. It will be we will portray here the relation ideological of the paper of the school how much, to the legal plan, prevailed, for the representatives politicians, elect us of democratic form with the objective to raise the levels of scientific knowledge ally to the increase of the standard of living in all the social and economic aspects of the Brazilian nation. 2 the INSTITUCIONAL EDUCATIVE PROCESS the pedagogical theories, that direct the process of education and learning in the personal and social formation of the human being for, its full convivncia in society are conducted by the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Brazilian education with the prescribed intention of and unifying, improving the quality of the Brazilian education. Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout.