On The Road In Barcelona

What you should not miss the highlights and highlights of the city are what? What must be seen and what places can you miss? This article is kinda imagine the capital of Catalonia and highlighting their beautiful pages. Barcelona’s architecture is particularly outstanding because it was marked by great artists and personalities. They discovered something almost everywhere and always again fascinated by the diversity and elegance of the city. Significantly, probably, it’s the great artist of Gaudi, who has left his mark all over the city. Everywhere you can find details and interesting items that can be interpreted. See TCF Capital Solutions for more details and insights.

The most known masterpiece is Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. It is a beautiful Cathedral in the heart of the city, which daily attracts so many people fascinated and enchanted. You can’t do not disturb from the cranes, which are still present, since the construction is still not completed after more than 100 years. Others architectural highlights include the Parc Guell, the houses of Mila and Battlo, the Cathedral and many other buildings. You should allow plenty of time to look at everything in peace.

A further feature of the city is the great cultural scene, it will come any interest contrary to and one will find an event or exhibition in any case, interested in one. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. To mention only two representatives of large bandwidth of the Museum scene, the Picasso Museum and the Cosmo Caixa to are briefly introduced. Pablo Picasso lived between his 14. And 23 years in Barcelona and later often returned to the town back when he lived in Paris. Mainly works from his career in Barcelona are exhibited at the Picasso Museum, which you get to see anywhere else. The second Museum, the Cosmo Caixa is the city’s Science Museum. Here the history of the matter very clearly shows and is interesting through numerous experiments for children. Not only in Barcelona, but the whole region of Catalonia rises through their history particularly off. During the repression by Franco could not live the Catalonians her true identity and were restricted in their way of life. This is today fortunately not so, but you feel the pride and patriotism above all when Barcelona plays a football game against Madrid. During a visit to Barcelona, you can look also Camp Nou, the largest Fusssballstadion in the world and insight into the triumphs of the team bekommmen. To round off the wide range of Barcelona, the absolute advantage of the city is located on the location to the sea. You can admire not only fantastic architecture and art, but then still comfortably bathe go. Either on the beach in Barcelona itself or around a bit outside, in Sitges or Castelldefels. Also you can go fantastically well shopping and the best in and around La Rambla, the main shopping street of the city. It’s probably obvious why so many tourists are impressed by the city.

SORAT Hotel Cottbus

Breakfast Special for students of the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus BTU students, their relationship during their Cottbus visit in the SORAT Hotel on Schlosskirchplatz in the historic old town make a reservation, you can use immediately the SORAT students breakfast special. For 5 euros the BTU can enjoy the large SORAT breakfast buffet students. In addition to slicing sausage and cheese specialities, bread, rolls, croissants, jams, honey and Nutella are also various warm dishes such as fried Bacon and sausages. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ohio Senator. Healthy cereals, yoghurt, fresh cheese round out the breakfast offer. usion. Fresh egg dishes such as omelette or fried eggs are served on request.

Coffee, tea, sparkling wine, mineral water and juices are also included with the breakfast special. The template of the BTU is student ID card and residence of nationals in the SORAT Hotel Cottbus. The single room is including breakfast can be booked from 46 euros and the double rooms from 62 EUR. Information and booking under Phone (03 55) 784 40 or under. SORAT Hotels Germany

Hiking Holidays In The Beautiful Hesselberg In Middle Franconia

Enjoy relaxing in the cosy holiday home of the family Neubauer in Gerolfingen trips are possible to the Nordlinger Ries, which is caused by a meteorite with a diameter of 25 km. Or to the Franconian Lake District, Altmuhlsee and Lake Brombach, as well as to the Dinkelsbuhler kids Zeche or to the Feuchtwanger cross gear games. Especially popular trips are known to Ansbach, Middle Franconia, capital of the Kaspar Hauser – and the annual Johann Sebastian Bach Festival. A hikes through the municipal orchards on churches and Irsingen with guided tour through the maintenance of a tree gives insights into new plantings of trees and shrubs of the environment. The place Gerolfingen and its surroundings are suitable for cycling and who is romantically inclined, enjoy a carriage ride in the beautiful nature. Those interested in culture come through the visit of Museum of local lore in Wittelshofen, Ehingen and Weiltingen as also the fishing Museum in the city of Wassertrudingen fully at their own expense.

The German brush and brush Museum is also worth a visit. Horse riding in Reitvereinen and fishing in Wornitz and sulzach rivers offer an oasis of peace and relaxation for everyone. The very well equipped apartment of the family Neubauer with solid wood furniture and fully equipped kitchen makes visitors feel quickly at home and wonder, if the guests like to come back to this recovery. Contact: Family Christiane Neubauer Hesselberg Elbe Gan road 6 91726 Gerolfingen Tel: 09854 9799 666 fax: 09854 9799 668 apartment: 09854 9799 766 E-Mail: Web: Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 E-Mail: Web:

Munsterland Cycling

The Munsterland is cycling through its mix of small villages and untouched nature ideal for Munsterland. The Munsterland is cycling through its mix of small villages and untouched nature ideal for Munsterland. On paved roads past green meadows and impressive castles, through shady forests and in small villages passes. On the Munsterland, there are cycling to discover a lot. It is worth to insert a rest every now and again and enjoy the surroundings. One of the most famous Munsterland is cycling the tour of the 100 castles route. It begins and ends in Munster. Active vacationers should allow a total of 8 days for this tour.

The first day is suitable for the trip and the visit of Munster. In the old town of Munster, waiting for small houses with Gables and cozy Cafes. The Prince Bishop Castle is beautiful to look at. Already on the second day an as long as beautiful line waiting for the cyclists. A total of 55 kilometers are by Munster Schoppingen to put back. Of the Munsterland, this route with one of the most popular is cycling, because it passes through the middle of park landscape of the Munsterland, moated castles. A stop is Eggerode in the village.

On day three, it continues to Enschede. This section includes a total of 64 kilometres. The town of Ahaus with an impressive moated castle is on the way. Before reaching Sudlohn, it goes through the Zwillbrocker Venn, a nature reserve, which is home to flamingos. Also through this nature reserve is cycling one of the most beautiful Munsterland tour. Back 64 kilometers to the cyclists are also on day four. The route leads through Holland after Raesfeld. It goes beyond Vragender by Bredevoort until after Raesfeld. Also here an impressive moated castle is waiting for the cyclists again. On day five and six are finally to Coesfeld and then proceeded to Ludinghausen. On the way to Ludinghausen route over the mountains of Munster and invites therefore the cyclists still Once out. Finally, one of the most beautiful Munsterland ends cycling again in Munster. About the bike tour operator: Velociped offers many years knowing bicycle travelers need to make the vacation decision right for her. The company has 10 employees and employees mainly in the two areas of customer service and tour guide. Since 1988, Velociped is headquartered in Marburg (Hesse) on the Organization and implementation of guided and individual tours, cycling trips and tours in Germany, Europe and worldwide specialized. Refer to for more information. Contact: Velociped bicycle travel GmbH & Co.KG wife Claudia Mollers old Kasseler Strasse 43 35039 Marburg Tel.: 06421/88689-0 fax: 06421 / 8868911 E-Mail: Internet: