Promotion Of National Brands Will

Care about patriotism, the State Duma deputies from United Russia party 'believe that improving our country's image in the eyes of the world community should be a special agency. This opinion was expressed by the coordinator State-patriotic club party, United Russia, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Federation Affairs and Regional Policy Irina Spring, speaking at the II Inter-municipal investment forum 'The area of the economy of values', which took place in Ivanovo. Irina Spring modestly noted that the authorship of the 'brand' ideas do not belong to her. For the first time such a thought was expressed by political analyst Dmitry Orlov was three years ago. He warning: can not be reduced to promote the country's image just for the tour of culture and learning the Russian language abroad. Promote the brand, according to Orlov, very conducive to the activities of pro non-governmental organizations abroad. 'Other countries promote their professional image component, and we have seen this as an example of the conflict in South Ossetia and Georgia, losing the information battle. It was evidence that we have completely forgotten about what needs to be professionally responsible for promoting the image of Russia '- warned the Spring. 'The question arises, the product of one's actions should be brand' Russia '? The answer is obvious: interaction of government and society, with power in all its forms, in all forms of social and state institutions, is the union that defines the brand and Russia ", – explained the deputy.