Understanding Philosophy

If you want to learn about different philosophies, Jason Waller’s page might be a good place to start.  Waller is interested in Early Modern Philosophy (esp., Seventeenth Century Rationalism) and Metaphysics (esp., Persistence, Time, Space, Special Relativity, and Material Constitution.)   He also has an interest in the study of how bodies persist through time in Spinoza’s metaphysics.

Some of the papers Waller wrote include: Spinoza’s Attributes and the ‘Intermediate’ Distinctions of Henry of Ghent and Duns Scotus; Numerical Sameness Without Identity of Property Tokens; Defending a Pure Biological Interpretation of a ‘Form of Life’ as used in the Philosophical Investigations and more.

Jason Waller was a PhD student of Purdue University, Department of Philosophy.

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The TCU elaborated portflio with pointers adopted for public institutions, in Brazil and the exterior, for mensurao of performance in the intention of ' ' to contribute for the perfectioning of the public administration and consequent improvement of the installment of the services pblicos' ' (TCU, 2006). A pointer represents one ' ' varivel' ' that it is desired to measure, that is, characterizes the dimension to be evaluated. The values effectively measured and the desirable values for each pointer are, habitually, called of metric of the pointer of respective performance. Already the set of desired values is called frequently of goals. According to Blacksmith (2007), when determined activity it can be described by means of simple unidimensionais data and easily you quantified and measurable (former: taken care of parts or solved processes), if do not characterize the use of pointers, but of simple measurements of performance. The use of performance pointers if it makes necessary when it is not possible to effect such mensuraes of form direct, being the boarding of the evaluation most complex and multidimensional. Additionally, the analyses of the rude result of the solved processes can classify the quality of this result adding other agreed data aiming at to create pointers that reflect the set complete of action that generated that rude result, a good example would be a pointer that showed the cost incurred for the administration to solve each process.

A performance pointer acquires importance when it is evaluated inside of a picture of reference of accompaniment and chronological evaluation of the performance, inside of the same dimension reflected for the pointer (comparing the previous performance with the chain); or comparing the chain with some standard of independent comparison (either it a generic standard or the similar referencial of performance of other organizations or activities? benchmarking). Hronec (1993, P. 13) defines benchmarking, as being a structuralized method to measure processes and products with regard to others.

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Country Life

He locked up its parliamentary career, in November of 1982, result of a cancer. In its speech of farewell (30.11.1982) he made question to leave clear its disposal in continuing acting politically: ' ' I am leaving this House this week, this is not fired, same because it is not of my habit to fire you are welcome. The life politics continues with me, will continue fighting there is, I will not only have the privilege to use this or that tribune. How much to more, I will continue in my life of old menestrel, singing here, singing there, singing acol, my teeny ones toadas polticas.' ' (Daily of the National Congress, Brasilia, DF, 2.12.1982). Few months before dying, Teotnio declared in interview to the press that kept with the death a relationship without asperezas.

It died in 27 of November of 1983, cancer generalized, leaving us until today the legacy of its proper life as example of patriotism and cordialidade, an example for all current politicians, also its son and heir politician Teotonio Brando Vilela Son. For occasion of its death, the periodical Leaf of So Paulo of 14 of November of 1983, relieved a homage making to publish an editorial to it where it analyzed the legacy left for the Senator of the Alagoas for the Country and the politics. In accordance with the publication, ' ' with disposal and ubiqidade, Teotnio fought against the will, the great power and the injustice. The absence of Teotnio Vilela puts term to a biography politics that the circumstances had transformed into Saga. It is in this mitolgica condition that its public life, now locked up, will continue reing-echo in the Brazilian panorama. Raised to the condition of national unamimity, packed by the affection of the public opinion and by the applause of countless admirers, it is probable that its fight opened against the cancer has been perceived as evident metaphor? congregating the staff and the collective one? of the identical combat that it looked to stop, with amazing disposal and ubiqidade, against the will, the great power and the injustice.

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Revolutionize Your World

I’m sure that you’ve heard hundreds of times that the lives of people on Earth needs more than one change. That things should not follow the direction they have been in recent years. And it is very likely that you agree with these statements, but as the vast majority of humans, however, is likely to not have no idea of where to start to change, something that is deeply rooted in our collective psyche and that takes hundreds of years between us. Educations and who today are deciduous and beliefs that no longer serve for a world of 7 billion people, must be eradicated from our mind. And for this purpose a great personal revolution is necessary. As you already know, a revolution is a sharp turn, almost always in different and sometimes opposite direction which continued until the outbreak of the revolution. The revolutions that have gone down in history of mankind, have generally changed circumstances and injustices social and sometimes even entire countries, although it is well known that unfortunately, not always they get the benefit of the vast majority.

In my opinion, a real revolution, not may consist exclusively of changes external, unrelated to our person and our way of life does make sense of overthrowing a Government through a social revolution, if that comes back, this polite and keeps the same old-school beliefs? The real change, rotation, revolution, that we must engage in humans, should be background, substance and not only shape. This is the great challenge that we face today as a species. How to change the beliefs, education, the erroneous vision of the world that surrounds us and the mentality of each individual of this unjust society? I dare to say that it is almost impossible; a utopia. In this short life we live the human species, soon it reached us the time that we have to know ourselves and to try to change what does not favor us.

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The Good

Great part of Brazilian policemen extremely is feared by the good citizens, and for joust reason it is clearly; when they would have to become respected, acting in favor of the defense of the society, with self-denial, honor, dignity and education, they do not make it. Thus, unhappyly great part of the policemen does not act in such a way condigna. everything what they make is to disrespect all the possible and imaginable laws, and compelling the coitado citizen of good, worker, to paying gratuity, in case that contrary, it withholds under false accusations, when, not very, they attack it physics morally and. ' ' Quae dignitas, Gloria et honor' '. The military policeman, when she finishes its period of pseudo work, goes for the house, but she hides its uniform, fearing retaliation for its dishonest acts, this means that, they are total cowards, they are only courageous in bandos, when alone, turn rastejantes insects, hiding itself in any infectum hole.

This occurs of another form with civil policemen, which, from fear and shame, never to declare its functions. What of the Dignity, Pride and the Honor? ' ' in conclusione' ' Concluding, the question is: To be able because them Public they do not use the same apparatuses, that is, 400 military policemen (PM) and its parafernlias, (infiltrated helicopters, agents, police civilians) to contain and to nullify the actions of delinquents, dealers, assailant, group of organized crimes that campeiam uninjured in this country, or better, in this State? We know Reply. ' ' Scimus responsum' ' Delinquent shoots to kill polices, therefore, the policeman has fear, and the good citizen, does not kill nobody, works and with its sweat, paid not to be attacked, humiliated gratuity, withheld and lead to a police station of polices, under false accusations, for revolting policemen. THAT IS SO PAULO AND BRAZIL ' ' Quousque in tractare his adiunctis, et impedit moralis denigrentes? ' '. Until when we go to support these offensive situations, denigrentes and to the moral?

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Economic Crisis

The grippe suna is a mutation, that occurs between three vrusgripais, of the aviria grippe, human being and proper suna. The H1N1, specifically, already is raising a species of Curtain of Iron around of Mexico, ondeaparentemente everything appeared. However, the media comes presenting false information and data on the illness, causandoat exactly one I begin of Chaos between the populations. The foiclassificada illness already in pandemic state 5, speed with that if it if espalhaentre the continents, however use such information to demonstrate a falsaidia of gravity of the illness, what it is made a mistake. Comparaesentre the Spanish Grippe and the Suna, that are being made, are totalmentefora of context, in view of the advances of the medicine since then, and that agripe Spanish did not supply no type of medicine. What nasuna does not happen where the Oseltamivir, medicine classified for the OMS as more eficientecontra the viral lineage of the grippe, comes helping to treat the sick people. Essetratamento is made in rooms that are isolated, that is does not allow the exit to donate impure of its space, thus the illness is not spread for other people.

The sick people who have been treated demonstrate the same quadroclinico of the common grippe, that is, the same symptoms, thus making it difficult adiferenciao between the Suna grippe and the Common one. Specialists in genetics vmconseguindo to differentiate the virus from a sequence base of the materialgentico of the H1N1. Foidivulgada today for the O Globe, the confirmation of the first case of the nChina grippe suna, a country where 1,5 billion of people inhabits almost, the world now enters emuma new perspective of the grippe. If doctor-sanitary authorities of China to notrabalharem arduously in these cases suspicious and confirmed in its territriopossa to have one ' ' Boom' ' of the illness, thus reaching you vary them populations of Asia, who also possess one high demographic density, thus being able to make maisvitimas. necessrio an awareness of populations an intensified work decade person, looking for to inquire itself and taking the due precautions, for aerradicao of the illness.

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Barry Rubin

The modernistas to a large extent are influenced by the seita Sufista, that if centers in an day internal spiritual instead of trying to impose its faith on the reality external politics. Geography, of the commerce and history had influenced the Islamic definition in Indonesia. The understanding of diversity is essential for the strategical analysis, as Barry Rubin elaborates: The majority of the Syrians is Muslim sunitas. In the Syrian, ossunitas look at for low in Alawites, not even considering – Muslim. This religious antagonism is in the center of the internal fight for the power in the Syrian.

In order to forge domestic unit and to prove good Arabs and Muslen, the Alawites to try to be firmest in the fight against Israel and E.U. ' ' imperialismo' '. This reason, among others, is the reason for which passed E.U efforts to call Sria for the peace israelo – Arab lectures or to calm the Syrian in the Lebanon (especially in 1982-84), had been condemned. Only in a religious understanding – politics these questions the politics of the E.U can deal religiously efficiently with influenced states or the fundamentalismo. Underlying ideology Beyond unit and diversity, an ideological analysis offers an understanding of the importance of the diversity. Study of the underlying ideologies to the terrorism it is essential for global war and demands an inquiry on the forms where felt it is constructed and transmitted for symbolic forms of some types.

Religion has many symbolic mechanisms that it transmits as an individual thinks exactly about itself and as to see the individuals in the world. For the militant ones, the faith offers interior peace, but its share foresees exterior justice. Consequently, they many times look symbolic targets to attack. Juergensmeyer notices: Part of the attraction of religious ideologies is that they are so personal. They transmit a feeling of rescue and dignity to all those that they defend.

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The Sensitive

It would enter into a process of adaptation, first would see shadows, then images reflected in the waters and later the objects themselves up to be able to look directly at the Sun. With this allegory Plato describes an inner reality at the same time. The cave is within ourselves, is the stage where the common man’s life unfolds. It is the world of shadows in which we live and which we take real into our captivity. According to Plato the cavern is the sensible world and the captive is the human soul that has the ability to traverse the steep path towards the light.

Plato introduces us to the symbolism of the foregoing. The cave tells us, is the sensitive world, i.e. that which perceive with our physical senses and that the common man constitutes reality. It is the realm of matter, of our possessions, work, worries, pleasures etc. It is this world which we see as external but who really have inside, a world in which there is only a faint glow of the true light that is out.

The captive against the wall is the situation of the soul for which the only reality that there are the shadows cast on the wall. These shadows are our life as usually conceive it our circumstances, physical body and everything that concerns him, people who surround us beloved or not both, close or distant, the objects that surround us and everything that we desire to have. Hence we live in a world of illusion away from the authentic reality, there suffer and we are happy, we dream, hate, love and fear. All physical and psychic this type of people (the vast majority) activity revolves around the shadows that for them is the only thing existing. It is interesting to note that, according to Plato, the shadows the captives seen come from objects that other individuals charged.

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However, nothing of this it mattered: the exit of military of this theater of war would stamp the vertiginous fall of the profits of the warlike industry, and, although the simultaneous war in Iraq, points to less for Bush before the great conglomerates. Already Obama possesss a less explicit cynicism: at the same time where, one year and way and thousand of deaths after its ownership, announces the end of the mission in the Iraq, it more communicates the sending of 30 a thousand soldiers to the Afeganisto, in a clear strategy of concentration, and not of reduction of troops in Islamic territory, guaranteeing, in a reasonable term and as Bush, the maintenance of the invoicing of the complex industrial-military man chose who it, despite this in nothing contributes for the internal security of U.S.A. (dive the recent attempts to blow up an airplane that went for Detroit and a car-bomb in New York, that they had only failed because of the ambassadorial of its executors), that Bin Laden continues untied and that.

I come back to say, I mean the increase of the breaking of human rights of the civil population, with the consequent cooperate of terrorist futures for radical groups. People that, sedenta of revenge and doutrinada not to fear, but to desire the retaliation as martyrdom form, nothing will have to lose detonating some nuclear device in American territory – what enormously it is facilitated when has linkings with who can supply the bomb, as the extremista regimen of the Anger and the corrupt intelligence service of the Pakistan, admittedly an atomic power. The route of the events leads almost to the certainty of that something terrible will occur, disclosing to a necessary Einstein predictively when praising that ‘ ‘ the Fourth War will be with woods and pedras’ ‘. Therefore, it does not have any reason so that the current president of U.S.A.

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University Freedom

I quick attention in what they say, but they do not say nothing, but who was that it said that it exists order and progress?. While the men exert its rotten ones to be able, to die and to kill headquarters and anger, hunger they are, many natural times, gestures Although to be about stretches of musics and different authors, the parentheses are dispensable when we evidence that the symphony of the ideas portraies yearning the same. The freedom that took Tiradentes to lose the head did not break of great people, would not be a national reality. The texts and images in the Internet are innumerable, where if death duly warned complains the freedom announced for Dom Peter. Independence or Death, said it prenunciando successive popular revolts, in which Brazilian they had died to the thousands in search of the freedom. Then it came the romantic Republic of the colonels and the not less individualistic populist period. After that, Brazil sang against the dictatorship and the term freedom was changed by the promise of the democracy.

More as a recognition of that free we would not be same, of what for the effective division of the power. The Brazilian dictatorship already had taught Brazilian and to be soft. It only lacked the televising democracy in them to become donkeys excessively. never in the History of this country this was so real. Today they play with the people of Vamos to see who beat weakker? and we always earn in this trick.

We always beat weakker than they. They look in them and say: ‘ ‘ has Hunger Zero. But if not to only want to study, therefore we have the program here University For All the ones that to pass in the vestibular contest. We have the power to choose musics. What we cannot is to have communitarian radios. We are who we say which of them will be the representative of the people. What we cannot is to say who does not deserve to be candidate. Who said that it does not have security? The politicians lie down insurances of that mayors will wake up so, members of the house of representatives, senators and similar how much they had slept. Good, in the truth they do not sleep. Who sleeps in splendid cradle perpetual, to the sound of the sea and to the light of the deep sky, we are!

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The society arrests and wants to kill that one that a hen steals, however applauds the ones that steal the nation. All play this responsibility that is of all for that they enter for the public life, in special the partisan leaderships. However, nobody associates this guilt to the corruptores that exist in the families, in the public and private organizations. Also if it does not relate as bribe, depravation and demoralization the attitudes unprincipled people practised for military and civilians nor if relate to the rotten seeds that germinate in the seio of the families, the schools, the directions of the educative institutions and of assistance, much less cogitate that in house and classroom it has always in development unilateral ideas and shining minds capable to make changes for good or badly. (NIETZSCHE). The education based on the ethics and values of the people cannot be left to take for the easinesses and conformation with injustice indications, discrimination or preconception, much less for the interest in acquiring physiological benefits and aidings. When a son has lain and explores the parents, already they are in evidence corrupt acts which if strengthen if the parents do not restrain this corruptor indication. In the school, when a pupil ' ' cola' ' in the test or he compels colleagues the introduziz it in a group of which they do not participate, also characterize corrupt actions there. If a premia professor pupils imcompetent people with high notes or votes in colleague imcompetent person only for interest for position, function or benefit, this also is collaborating with the growth of the corruption. Thus, some educative institutions which the society trusts the preparation of its citizens to act with ethics, loyalty and justice, finish many times, in its day-by-day, using itself of illicit attitudes that go sewing the carpet its representatives will parade in passarela of the corruption.

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