Understanding Philosophy

If you want to learn about different philosophies, Jason Waller’s page might be a good place to start.  Waller is interested in Early Modern Philosophy (esp., Seventeenth Century Rationalism) and Metaphysics (esp., Persistence, Time, Space, Special Relativity, and Material Constitution.)   He also has an interest in the study of how bodies persist through time in Spinoza’s metaphysics.

Some of the papers Waller wrote include: Spinoza’s Attributes and the ‘Intermediate’ Distinctions of Henry of Ghent and Duns Scotus; Numerical Sameness Without Identity of Property Tokens; Defending a Pure Biological Interpretation of a ‘Form of Life’ as used in the Philosophical Investigations and more.

Jason Waller was a PhD student of Purdue University, Department of Philosophy.

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Commercial Transaction

This commercial transaction was effected through a passed public power of attorney for Pacific Mr. Lopes de Siqueira. Later, Low Sitio was vendido the diverse people. These lands had been, with the time, had been being vendidas and left as inheritance. In 1936, the city was disaggregated, for State Law, of the city of Ouricuri, which belonged and if it added to city of Is Gonalo, current Araripina.

In 1947, in the management of then the perfect one, Manoel Branches of Barros it implanted a fair in the Low small farm, and thus after one year, in 29 of January, it had a meeting with the commission of organization and creation of the fair, amongst which if it found the Foot. Luiz Gonzaga Kerhle, vicar of the parish of Is Gonalo that praid 1 pitched mass of the future city of Trindade. The first fair was carried through in the same date, with great movement in tents covered of leves. To follow a topographical survey of the streets had beginning that would leave of the Central Avenue, being built enough building for the birth of a village and after a town. The emancipation politics of Trindade occurred in 1963, in the management of then the governor Pablo Person War, having been nominated for temporary Mayor Mr. Joo Lino Barbosa, who directed the city during one year. from the following year had been carried through periodic elections for vote, for mayors and councilmen. The fairs of 1949 up to 1984 it was carried through to the sundays, were negotiated, in tents of leves, products as beans, maize, mamona, flour, kerosene, meats and skins of animals.

Great part of the traders was living of the place and carried its products in animals as: jumento, horses, donkeys and car-of-ox. Moreover, the fair was visited for inhabitants of the neighboring cities as Juta, Petrolina, Cabrob, Mirandiba, Araripina, Ouricuri among others. With the evolution of the commerce they had been appearing to the first houses and commercial points called bodegas, where if vendia the basic one for the feeding. Already in years 60, it counted on store where they were vendidos weaveeed, covers, hats beyond other products. The city of Trindade had as well as the holy ghost Espirito Santo, a party commemorated in the May month. With the emancipation it had change of the name of the city and the Padroeira the Sacred Family, who means Father, Filho and Espirito Santo. The party of the padroeira of the Sacred Family is celebrated of 19 the 29 of September, in the First Church with the hasteamento of the flag, religious act that symbolizes a message of Love and Peace, opening the doors for the celebration of the novenrio of the padroeira.

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It is being or it is for being approved the legislation that invades the Brazilian homes and allows the State to interfere in justssima ‘ ‘ freedom of correction of rumos’ ‘ in the Education of its children, legitimate and painful mission of the parents, making to tremble in the tomb the great Pitgoras, to who the formula of if constituting a decent society and pacific passed necessarily for the infantile correctional court jurisdiction, of which it nailed ‘ ‘ the child corrects and it will not be necessary to punish homem’ ‘. This article nor will lose time in much less debating the meandros of the new law the particular opinions of a mentally ill society for the mass media, and it will so only be abided by ‘ ‘ spirit demaggico’ ‘ that in recent years it has tax the dictatorship of the semipacifism, that always comes the tow of a series of other populist positions that compel the society to swallow rocks and sapos, since that tempered with the broth of the blind popular acceptance, that only follows to Maria-go-with-the-other of the modismo..

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SPA Account

To visit SPA was the guest comfortable, contributed to recovery, well-being and mood, brought new positive emotions, and for the business owner with modern and cost-effective, must, above all, to know its function, as well as tools and techniques of their union and separation. Must take into account the basic requirements for the organization and develop areas of individual needs, taking into account the processes typical for your SPA. Ie should develop a detailed plan setting out the amount and composition of functional areas, their boundaries and rules of use (zoning is one of the most important components of a professional organization SPA-space). With growing popularity of SPA-industry and commercial interest in this line of business, architectural and planning solutions in this segment of the industry is given, with In our view, insufficient attention. Often this state of affairs connected with the desire to save money, as well as lack of information in this area. This leads to the fact that many of the established enterprises, planning the territory of which were performed incorrectly and are not cost effective for business owners. It is important to understand that the stage concept and functional zoning – is the foundation of future business, which determines its success or unfavorable. That is why there is not worth saving, and cost only their own efforts. In developing the strategic plan also takes into account the possibility, by which can significantly reduce the operating costs of future business, to make it competitive, and not just at the opening of the company, but in the long term (follow-thought out variations modernization, for example, by using high-tech equipment with the ability to integrate additional features) – that is, properly developed strategy and plan provide a sufficient and diverse range of services that provide quality, updated and expanded. There are professionals in the segment of work that are likely to know which factors to consider in developing this plan, what nuances can be used for optimization and what trends are currently on the market.

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The Love

Love, considered as moral and aesthetic sense, expressed in unselfish and selfless pursuit of its object. Specific content of love is a feeling of dedication, commitment and appearing on this basis, the spiritual interpenetration. Personality with spiritual and natural variations in the form of love completed unity, complementing each other, they act as one. The moral nature of love is revealed in its aspiration is not just a creature of another sex, but on quite specific, unique and unrepeatable person. Need love the most peculiar man in his youth. However, the natural and inevitable in this age outburst of passion is not always called itself love, and often for a great sense of love is accepted. Love implies the uniqueness of the chosen one and, accordingly, the harmonious fusion of three to another person.

In this loving experience joy, contentment, bringing joy to a loved one or loss of their suffering. Thus, in the love of purpose is not to satisfy selfish, and test of joy, pleasure through the reflected joy and delight a loved one. Formula of love is simple: if I feel good from what is good for you, and if I want you to be better and do my best to do this, I love you. If we accept this point of view, the word 'selfish love' become meaningless, since love itself is just a denial, overcoming selfishness, the highest degree of development of human relations. Sympathy and mutual love in successful marriage. Everyday concerns, the clash of characters, temperaments and personality traits quenched the power of love and care it is often the cause of the dissolution of marriage (see Divorce) or justify adultery infidelity (see extramarital sex).

Love between people, not between angels, and therefore all sorts of flaws, mistakes, conflicts, difficulties in the relationship – a common thing, even if people associate deepest love. All obstacles to love are the very nature of human personality with all its positive and negative qualities. Of course, there is an art to love, but it is also true that it is impossible predict how love will grow. The reality is much more varied and unpredictable ideas about how to make love richer and happier, and love it more often manifests itself as a shock.

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Democratic Governability

Between the results of this project it can be mentioned: Qualification, by means of seminaries, of technical human resources of national governmental institutions, academic governments, mayorships, NGO, universities and centers. Elaboration of proposals of DHSL in the national scope with the Foundation for the Development of the Community and Fomento Municipal (FUNDACOMUN), the Foundation of Qualification and Innovation To support the Agrarian Revolution (IT WOULD BACK WATER) and the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Production and Comercio. Development of projects of technical attendance with the governments of the states Trujillo, Gurico, Miranda and Vargas. Beginning of a project of direct execution in the Valdez municipality (Sucre state) and in the Jusepn parish (Maturn Municipality, Monagas state), executed between 2003 and 2006. In these municipalities one has worked in alliance with the Statoil companies, Conoco, Shell and Total. From 2003 is developed with BANMUJER a project of national execution in 13 municipalities of 12 states of country, denominated Local Human Development, Governability and Fairness of Sort, which consists of the elaboration of Agendas of Fairness of Sort with the active participation of the members of the USENET of BANMUJER and representatives of organizations of women of governmental and nongovernmental institutions that operate in the locality. Between the profits reached through this product they are the fortification of the social weave by means of the communitarian qualification of women pertaining to the Popular Network of Users of BANMUJER and other organizations who work in each of these municipalities; the fortification of the share capital by means of the construction of a reliable frame in agreements in 13 municipalities; the fortification of the Democratic Governability by means of the construction of spaces for the citizen participation and to decide collective actions between the communitarian organizations and the multiple political, economic, social and cultural actors, among others.

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Supreme Leader

Apparent a change in Iran? -There is a lot of pressure on the Supreme Leader of Iran for quite some time. Now, he seems in his strategy to be caved in. The economic situation in the country is far from rosy for very large parts of the population. Teacher taxis in addition, to be able to feed their families, many workers get paid no wages for months, strikes are prevented alternately with subversive or brutal methods by the State. Children begging or forced with 7 years to hard physical labour. The black market for human organs is flourishing, the offer is huge.

Despite consistently and ruthlessly carried out campaigns of execution of, there is a massive drugs problem in the Iran. Allegedly, mainly drug traffickers are executed to deter others. Nothing is improved with the drugs. To prevent what some Pasdaraneinheiten look, others instigate. It is the lucrative business with the drugs lies in the hands of the Pasdaran.

This includes all of the roofs sparrows it: the young people want to know more about religion or turn to other religions. Christian House Churches have enormous inlet, alone in Shiraz, there will be 30,000 members. Also the traditional spiritual orders such as the Nematollah Gonabadi Dervish order should have gotten strong inflow in recent years throughout Iran. Supposedly, the order has 4 million members. The regime can conceal even all these problems in the country. There are no new problems even if they worsen. But even the Executive, the judiciary and the legislature quarreled violently with each other beginning of 2012 and be accused each other of corruption. Ahmadinejad against Ali Laridschani, President of the Parliament. Sadegh Larijani, the Minister of Justice, against Ahmadinejad and verbal breakdown and beatings by members of Parliament completed the picture of the last few months. In addition there was criticism of Khamenei’s policies also from top ayatollahs, again and again what has more weight in the current system of Iran than we can imagine that in the West.

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Business Administration

For the first time part-time Bachelor possible / financial and sovereign debt crisis as a focal point of political education in Bremen. The wisoak (economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber) now presented their new event plans for 2013. The offer includes also 2013 again over 800 seminars and courses in the professional as well as the socio political formation. For the first time the wisoak in collaboration with the University of Bremen offers a part-time degree of in business administration, graduating Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) “ends.” Establishing this cooperative studies program, College and wisoak have specially signed an agreement. “The new offer is aimed at graduates of established for many years in the wisoak and successful training state-approved / r business studies”. “” Further innovations 2013 are E-Commerce Manager about the Chamber of Commerce certificate course”or the courses of commercial computing with Excel”and write in the profession”.

Other topics range from Business Administration, marketing, personnel, Secretariat, key competences, computer to English. The focus of year 2013 of the socio political formation deals with the crisis”depending on the perspective called also financial crisis, euro crisis or sovereign-debt crisis and the power of the capital markets. There are also including seminars and educational holidays to globalization, climate change, the change of the working society, or urban development. The events can be viewed online at wisoak.de. The editions of the programs are available in many places in Bremen and are available as PDFs for download or can be ordered at the following phone number or email address: phone: 0421 4499 – 5 email: for questions call me happy. Dr. Thomas Gebel wisoak – economic and social Academy of the workers Chamber Bremen gGmbH marketing and public relations manager Bertha-von-Suttner str.

17 28207 Bremen 0421 is 4499-888 that wisoak economic and social Academy of the Bremen employees Chamber gGmbH – one of the largest providers of professional qualification in the Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area. It meets the statutory mission of the Chamber of workers be offered professional continuing education and training for workers and job-seekers in the State of Bremen. The wisoak-oriented qualification requirements changing their offer of continuing vocational training in itself, present and future of companies, workers and job-seekers. In particular through the training and qualification programs in the fields of business administration, commercial jobs, and health professions is a loaded and recognized partner wisoak in the company of the metropolitan region and in the North West for a long time.

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Executive State

Of the opposite, it will be predestinold to failure. Of the same luck it happens with the Public Security: or if it integrates and it interacts with the people, of form to be legitimated for it, or will be been successful by the desolation. Here it is the reason for the elaboration of goals for the public politics of security in the Espirito Santo, with projected period, and the proposal of constant accompaniment of the development of these actions. 2 GOALS OF THE PUBLIC POLITICS OF SECURITY OF THE ESPIRITO SANTO, PERIOD 2006 THE 2025. The State of the Espirito Santo, worried about the evolution of the times, the technological advances, the increase of the violence, the necessity of a plan of efficient and efficient actions for the promotion, protection and recovery of the Public Security, as well as the preservation of the dignity human being, and the Human Rights, therefore, idealized a plan of development for the state, with projection up to 2025.

The plan was presented by the state in 2006 of the following form: Volume 9? Agenda of Implementation, Governana and Plano de Comunicao is one of the documents that the Plan of Development of Espirito Santo 2025 composes. The work of development of this volume was lead by the Government of the State, through the Secretariat of Economy and Planning in partnership with the Espirito Santo in Action and Petrobra’s, with the support technician and metodolgico of the Macroplan? Prospectiva, Strategy & Management. Concluded the stage of formularization, the main challenge that doravante if places for the public agents and private people from de state of espirito santo is to make this Plan of Development to happen. (YOU ARE, 2011a) and it complements that, three main requirements must be guaranteed so that this challenge is surpassed (YOU ARE, 2011): 1-Assure durability, persistence and support of the implementation effort, minimizing the vulnerability of this effort the politician-administrative discontinuities; 2-Keep the effort of mobilization to articulate and to add multiples for a long period public and private actors and sponsors for the accomplishment of the Plan: Agents of the private sector (entities of enterprise representation, controllers of great companies, media and leaderships of great public recognition, among others); Agents of the public sector (Executive State, To be able Judiciary, Legislative, federal Cities and agencies); e? Agents of the third sector (ONGs and representatives of civil or religious movements, among others).

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The TCU elaborated portflio with pointers adopted for public institutions, in Brazil and the exterior, for mensurao of performance in the intention of ' ' to contribute for the perfectioning of the public administration and consequent improvement of the installment of the services pblicos' ' (TCU, 2006). A pointer represents one ' ' varivel' ' that it is desired to measure, that is, characterizes the dimension to be evaluated. The values effectively measured and the desirable values for each pointer are, habitually, called of metric of the pointer of respective performance. Already the set of desired values is called frequently of goals. According to Blacksmith (2007), when determined activity it can be described by means of simple unidimensionais data and easily you quantified and measurable (former: taken care of parts or solved processes), if do not characterize the use of pointers, but of simple measurements of performance. The use of performance pointers if it makes necessary when it is not possible to effect such mensuraes of form direct, being the boarding of the evaluation most complex and multidimensional. Additionally, the analyses of the rude result of the solved processes can classify the quality of this result adding other agreed data aiming at to create pointers that reflect the set complete of action that generated that rude result, a good example would be a pointer that showed the cost incurred for the administration to solve each process.

A performance pointer acquires importance when it is evaluated inside of a picture of reference of accompaniment and chronological evaluation of the performance, inside of the same dimension reflected for the pointer (comparing the previous performance with the chain); or comparing the chain with some standard of independent comparison (either it a generic standard or the similar referencial of performance of other organizations or activities? benchmarking). Hronec (1993, P. 13) defines benchmarking, as being a structuralized method to measure processes and products with regard to others.

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Country Life

He locked up its parliamentary career, in November of 1982, result of a cancer. In its speech of farewell (30.11.1982) he made question to leave clear its disposal in continuing acting politically: ' ' I am leaving this House this week, this is not fired, same because it is not of my habit to fire you are welcome. The life politics continues with me, will continue fighting there is, I will not only have the privilege to use this or that tribune. How much to more, I will continue in my life of old menestrel, singing here, singing there, singing acol, my teeny ones toadas polticas.' ' (Daily of the National Congress, Brasilia, DF, 2.12.1982). Few months before dying, Teotnio declared in interview to the press that kept with the death a relationship without asperezas.

It died in 27 of November of 1983, cancer generalized, leaving us until today the legacy of its proper life as example of patriotism and cordialidade, an example for all current politicians, also its son and heir politician Teotonio Brando Vilela Son. For occasion of its death, the periodical Leaf of So Paulo of 14 of November of 1983, relieved a homage making to publish an editorial to it where it analyzed the legacy left for the Senator of the Alagoas for the Country and the politics. In accordance with the publication, ' ' with disposal and ubiqidade, Teotnio fought against the will, the great power and the injustice. The absence of Teotnio Vilela puts term to a biography politics that the circumstances had transformed into Saga. It is in this mitolgica condition that its public life, now locked up, will continue reing-echo in the Brazilian panorama. Raised to the condition of national unamimity, packed by the affection of the public opinion and by the applause of countless admirers, it is probable that its fight opened against the cancer has been perceived as evident metaphor? congregating the staff and the collective one? of the identical combat that it looked to stop, with amazing disposal and ubiqidade, against the will, the great power and the injustice.

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