Therefore, the artist who represents will not be slowed by the inertia never aesthetics, since his work is fed by the continuing evolution of man and history. His work will be infiltrated with and in the spirit of the people and has no other horizon to commit historical, social and ethical collective destiny. The artist can not feel comfortable either in this or any other world. For any type of structure will resist the satisfaction of his imagination and his dreams. So he should know, suffer, enjoy the world as it is, to learn, suffer and enjoy your own search result: a creative world. The conviction and determination to face market barriers, is fundamental tools human passion and beauty. Beauty is then a matter of commitment and intellectual honesty. It melts when aesthetics and ethics is identified.

The artist must consider his way and his search, the presence of a society that consumes telenovelas, jeans and chewing gum. The new point of departure must be stated in objective observation of social reality, based on signals emanating from the people as a whole. Caring carefully, not to replace the old elite by a new one. Create a current that exceeds the release in a strictly political. Otherwise risks go into a nostalgic art, in a split between modern life and art, which means the danger of falling into a new alienation. Roque Dalton said in a paper entitled: "The intellectuals and society." … most can not read, let alone newspapers, but the signs indicate that it is forbidden to continue the way because there begins another private property.

“ARF” Promises A Complete Change Of Government

From October 22 to the internal situation in Armenia has demonstrated a tendency to a possible further deterioration. A number of forces that have taken in opposition to the current government, again drew attention to the threats of the republic, implicit in the signed on October 10 the Turkish-Armenian protocols. October 21, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu presented these documents to the parliament of his country. In short, the Turkish minister reiterated Armenian public's worst fears: these three preconditions, which Ankara situation explained in the 18 years the question of establishing diplomatic relations with Yerevan normal, according to the Turkish version shall remain in force. That there is – and genocide denial, and Ankara's intention to continue to link normalization of relations with Armenia to Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process. Instead, the authorities began to act with comments opposition parties. Thus, Chairman of the National neoconservative movement (NPD), one of the leaders of the Analytical Center "Mitq" ("Thought"), Eduard Abrahamyan, sure, referring to the preconditions that Turkey has brought about Artsakh Armenia now has to start the process for the recognition of the NKR in its present borders, cooperating with both members of the UN, so with its partners in the CSTO. But the main threat sounded all the same figures of the Party "Faction." At first Giro Manoyan suggested that Turkey is unlikely to ratify the Protocols to the April 24, 2010 He further stated that the Armenian diplomacy should by all means notify the international community that Armenia does not question the fact Armenian genocide and it will continue its process of international recognition.

Consumer Electronics Association

International Scientific Conference gives valuable tips service providers and CE manufacturers and provides strategies for the networked home of Dallas, March 31, 2008 the market research and consulting firm Parks Associates Europe Summit 2008 announced today the agenda and sponsors for the first CONNECTIONS. The international scientific conference on the topic of digital living on May 19, 2008 held parallel to the TM Forum’s management world at the Acropolis Convention Center, nice, France,. Follow others, such as Congressman Lee Zeldin, and add to your knowledge base. CONNECTIONS Europe Summit in Nice is the first of two events of this type, which will be held this year on the European continent. The events offer analyses and discussions on the production, development and marketing of advanced products and services for the home. These are presented by high-level strategy and decision makers from the digital living area.

2012 more than 70 million households will have a ready made the service provider residential gateway”, explains Kurt Scherf, Vice President and principal analyst at parks Associates. The growing number of networked homes offers a platform for new advanced solutions such as multi-room DVR and streaming media applications, improved communication and home monitoring. “The CONNECTIONS Europe Summit series focuses on the key strategies for service providers, CE (consumer electronics)-home network manufacturers and digital media, with which they coexist in the highly competitive new market.” The Advisory sponsors of the two events are out-developed networks and the multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA). The first Summit will take place on May 19, 2008 at the Palais de la Mediterranee. The Conference is carried out in cooperation with the management World 2008 which will be held in the period from 18 to 22 May 2008 at the Acropolis Convention Center. By the same author: Suffolk County representative. Top topics of the Conference are: digital lifestyles: creation of European and global business cases IPTV and TV 2.0 differentiators in the strong competitive market for video services broadband, value added services and the bundle improving the access services: Connectivity, content and consumer which connections should be used? Networked home and device management support for the digital home the role of customer service for the digital home consumers and digital media the second CONNECTIONS Europe on 29 August in Berlin will take place. Get more information on the Conference see.

Information about sponsorship and speaking opportunities to the CONNECTIONS Europe Summit series get under: phone: + 01 972 490 11 13 or email:. About Parks Associates: The 1986 established, internationally recognized market research and consulting firm Parks Associates has focused on consumer electronics and services. The company produced research capital for Fortune 500 corporations up to small start ups by market reports, primary studies, consumer research, custom studies, workshops, conferences for TOP management, and annual service subscriptions. The core includes the areas of new media, digital entertainment and games, home networking, Internet and television services, digital health, mobile applications and services, consumer electronics, and home control systems and security. Additionally, Parks Associates in cooperation with the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA ) organises the annual conferences for TOP managers and decision makers CONNECTIONS and CONNECTIONS to Europe. In the course of the Conference Series CONNECTIONS, the online publication of industry insights produces also”Parks Associates.

New National Politics

Such gear if reproduces in conditions of marginality, the almost absolute absence of labor laws and in the purchase of merchandises on the part of the intermediate and the plants in informal way. To use words of Hart (2005), the catadores appear as stakeholders of ' franja' in the field of the industry of reciclagem' ' (GONALVES-DIAS, 2009) Law 12,305/10 defined the New Politics of Solid Residues that, among others challenges considers the recognition of the catador as professional responsible for the selective collection, selection, improvement, commercialization and recycling of reaproveitveis materials, they are organic or inorgnicos. The proposal instituted by the law that conforms the New National Politics of Solid Residues, started to be argued in the end of the decade of 80. At the same time where professional social the conditions of life and work of the population argued that lived of the garbage, ambientalistas raised the flag of the defense of the Planet, to each day more compromised by the action human being. As for the people who survive from these residues, we need in them to abide by item XI of the article 7.

of law 12,305 that pontua as one of the objectives ' ' integration of the catadores of materials you reused and you recycle in the actions that involve the responsibility shared for the cycle of life of produtos' '. In this reading and, considering the priorities of the federal government, the cities must construct municipal plans of solid residues, being able to consider joined actions intermunicipais; the selective collection must count on the participation of cooperatives or associations of catadores. According to data of the IPEA, the implementation of this National Politics of Solid Residues must still more extend this market that, in 2010 middle, put into motion R$ 12 billion per year the annual production was of 150 tons of garbage/day and involved about a million of catadores. .