Honduras President

Brechner JOSE Bolivian President Evo Morales is very nervous about the dismissal of his colleague Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, who suddenly became leftist and friend of Hugo Chavez when he came to power. The Honduran president was removed from office by the throne will last forever, as they try to make all the Bolivarian dictators. Richard Blumenthal may also support this cause. Morales was the first to criticize the military intervention in Honduras, and is not for nothing. Bolivia is the country that has suffered coups, and the Indian president shivers of panic wondering when his turn came. Time is that it vaa to arrive.

Just as Chavez, Correa, Ortega and anyone who thinks he can use democracy as an excuse to impose a lifetime presidency and re-elected, which is the politically correct way of saying totalitarianism. When Morales says he ended the days of coups, should think that also ended the days of dictatorships. A 21st-century populists were descuajeringo the map. They did not expect that the Honduran people adjournment. Because they are the Armed Forces who rebelled against the presidential hopeful for eternity. The Congress and civic institutions disagree with Zelaya desire to change the constitution to prolong his mandate. The example of Honduras is to reflect upon the rulers in all countries where they do not want to release the power, and that includes alvaro Uribe. In Latin America there should be no re-election, or vice president. The re-election is clear. Once up, the chairs become addicted to flattery and the pleasures of power, leaders aim to become irreplaceable, and are able to do anything to stay in their palaces.

Baal Sulam

If we can unlock its 'thousand castles', it will not just read the text, and We turn into travel on a unique, exciting world. The world, hidden within our hearts. But for that to happen, we must first make an internal move, 'open' locked deep inside feeling. Indeed, key and lock are located inside of us. The main thing – to learn the method of promotion in higher space. And it's not easy. So Baal Sulam and writes that the wisdom of this book 'is locked in a thousand castles ". So how do you actually can open the this metaphorical door? To do this we need to change yourself so that to be like a world that lies ahead.

Then we get to it without any problems. The book 'Zohar' says that all worlds exist in man. Cycling internal mechanisms, awakening your hidden resources yet, one can easily 'get inside the books' and to feel in yourself all the things she tells us. After all that is required from the person – is not any special features or outstanding intelligence, but the most usual desire to reveal the hidden information inside the book. According to Amazon, who has experience with these questions. That desire must be to learn to perceive the hidden meaning of words and concepts, and instead of just the reader become a traveler the hidden spaces.

Text 'Zohar' written in such a way that the reader gradually reveals more and more clear picture. Going forward, he better understands what is going on with him, feeling more and more subtle movements of his inner peace and deeper insight into the once hidden from him states. Not yet disclosed their worlds await him in the form of gravitational forces, which are transformed into perceived reality, once a person becomes able to perceive its manifestation. About as valid, for example, the magnetic field. A charged particle 'feels' to imagine his influence and therefore 'knows' that the field exists. But if, while existing within a field, the particle not 'feel' the impact of this field, it would be for her non-existent. Today we see ourselves living in a very small, confined space of our world. And do not feel the existence of an infinite set other, as yet hidden within ourselves worlds. In order to help us move beyond our ordinary world and had written a book of Zohar. Using it, we can rise to a whole new level of existence – life, feeling themselves at the same time part, and the owner of the entire universe, to learn to manage it for ever, and accomplished a great passage of laws, forces, and information. Weekly lessons in the book of Zohar, in Russian –