Statistics Of Exports Of Goods During 2009

Typically, in current market situation, the company aimed to develop, you need to enter new markets. If you look at the history, the most successful entrepreneurs have always been entrepreneurs – innovators, entrepreneurs, do not miss the opportunity and not afraid of the new. Everyone knows that new opportunities for your business to look, and look for it in foreign markets. Now, most entrepreneurs begin to seek new markets outside Russia, and beyond. Based on the fact that just recently formed a customs union among Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, for obvious reasons, entrepreneurs in a hurry begin to switch over to these two markets. Kazakhstan and Belarus in large quantities to buy Russian raw materials, equipment, metals, machinery, clothing, decoration materials and so on. But Russian businessmen in every way try to gain their trust.

The most promising area now – it's exports to Kazakhstan, exports to Belarus and other CIS countries, and, of course, do not forget about importing. If you trust the statistics, foreign trade turnover in these destinations, measured in monetary terms and is equal to the sum of exports and imports, increasing from year to year. During 2009 the foreign trade turnover of Russia amounted to 492,400,000,000 dollars. However, even in first half of 2010 external trade turnover of Russia increased sharply to $ 293,900,000,000 dollars, the Federal State Statistics Service, referring to the Bank of Russia. For comparison – Foreign trade turnover in the I half of last year amounted to 196,300,000,000 dollars. From the data presented the development of enterprises in the export and import is clear. Let's hope that this trend will continue in the near future to acquire or dispose of goods abroad for entrepreneurs of our country will become as common a process as the Russian deal.


Most people have no future without predstavlyayutsvoe Internet. Because the need for your own website is becoming more acute. Creation of sites – and this is an opportunity to promote their services or goods, and also opportunity to share their own ideas, to find like-minded people … What does it take, that there was a site on the Internet for a long time and successfully? Ensure the success will be able to develop a professional resource and its promotion. In this case, the choice of the Executive should be guided by his knowledge and experience.

The first thing we see – the design. The uninitiated user to think that good design – a mass of changing, moving pictures. Animation creates a special effect, but here's a flash heavy load for a long time, and this affects the level of attendance: not many will agree to wait a full load. It should be clearly aware that the creation of the site – this is including the work design, however, still more important is the proper organization of the contents of the website – its organizational structure should be easily supplemented in the future as needed. However, this does not mean that the design should be dismissed.

Of good design even a single site was not injured. With the help of simplified understanding of the structure, and it brings the satisfaction of staying on the site. Mainly due to what the user visits the site – it information, if he can not immediately see what he wanted, he leaves the resource. In this regard, the contents of the newly created resource is given paramount importance – it is more important than brightness and beauty of graphics. Proper organization and availability of information – above all else. In the event that planning and organization of the resource are well thought out, searching for information will not seem complicated. The size of the web-resource should also be given attention. If your path – a small business, then stretch to the information pages pyatidesyat simply makes no sense: it should be short and to the point (no more than fifteen pages). Site developed by hundreds of pages (and more) is needed for those firms that publish various editions.

Traditional Coaching

But before they act. It is difficult to get up early in the morning, open plan and step number 1. Coaching "charges" of human energy, through which he begins to stir. Coaching is not only responsible for question, "What to do?", but also forces us to make. GE: What is the reason for this activity? M.Sh.: I'll tell a secret, which you can use for the session "samokouchinga." For each person it is important to formulate the result, to that he wants to come. At the same time very difficult to maintain this "image of the future" before the eyes.

Therefore, it is popular letters to Santa Claus, pictures, on which we draw our dreams – and the wording of any fixation on the order work. One of the most important coaching – tools – coaching focuses on client results. Study objectives, discussion of how best to achieve it, the search capabilities – thanks to the experience of coaching a client reaches goal and "together" are very important to clarify the issues themselves. That relate to the client: see their usual tricks that lead to inefficiencies, ways to interact with colleagues and friends, attitudes toward personal resources (time, health, money). Aware of their values, attitudes, limitations. GE: In what situations coaching effective? M.Sh.: Traditional area of coaching – personal effectiveness.

Coach helps the client to determine their goals and move toward implementation. Often happens when a coach specializing in a particular area of business – finance, management, and marketing. But, thanks to a professional "working through" issues of a single sphere, client begins to better focus in other areas of their lives.