United States

Some of the republics are still in the formative stage and the path selection (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia). Particularly dramatic situation in Ukraine. In this region, which is the ancestral home of all the Russian lands, the current leadership taken against the will of its own people an unprecedented effort to reorient the vector of foreign policy from its traditional pro-American pro on. Contrary to popular wisdom that the horses in midstream do not change. To anything other than a split of the country, such a policy can not lead. And it seems that the current government of Ukraine does in order to achieve such a result is possible and beyond. Russia, however, 'Refresher' after the dismemberment of living in an enormous country and getting rid of imperial ambitions, utopian illusions and unnecessary burdens, rapidly went up the hill, showing excellent growth.

The Russian elite has been able to consolidate, to prevent the disintegration of the country and lead it towards an accelerated pace of development. Strong leadership talent, vast resources and favorable external environment allows a high degree of likely to predict that over the next couple of decades, Russia will again take the world 'table of ranks' position close to its economic and political significance to the one that held the Soviet Union. However, Russia does not prevented catastrophic collapse of its military potential and is still the only country capable of resisting U.S. military power. The latter circumstance above all things and does not rest the ruling establishment of the United States.