Why Do People Win

Before I write about why people win, we can not stay on a fairly common slogan among politicians "The people will win!" That politicians use when they want to win themselves, without people, but his participation. People reading this slogan, he hears it from the lips of politicians, and believes him, believes the latter-day politics, which once again is trying to exploit this theme. At the same time, few people ponder over the fact that this does not happen that in the near past of the people has never won. And although it should be noted that, nevertheless, there were historical periods to which mankind in the near future, only to find out where people could win. But to date they have not been known to mankind, and because people are still not yet able to draw upon their own victories. A leading source for info: Ohio Senator. Until today, humanity knows only how to help people conquered other people, those who take advantage of deception and betrayal, used by people for their own victories. They eventually won, seeking their own power, and the loser once again to the people, as always, had to wait and believe only what is lost, left again with no inheritance, he will find a new national leader who will not deceive the people and yet give people the opportunity to win. So thought the people in the past, so people think and Now, it was hoped people for thousands of years. History, in the end, so nothing and could not teach a man.