Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki

Manuchehr Mottaki, Iran’s Foreign Minister was dismissed. Background of a power struggle. In the past few weeks, this turbulence took quite a bit of attention, since Ali Khamenei on the one hand and Mahmund Ahmadinejad, on the other hand the inability and inefficiency but accused the former Foreign Minister Manuchehr Mottaki. Only on Sunday, the 12th December, Bassij gathered groups on behalf of students of at Tehran University in front of the British Embassy, to protest loudly and British flags to rip and burn. On the same day, different mullahs in the Iranian Parliament against the British Government raged.

You ereiferten are about how the British Ambassador could dare to call the arrests by the Government of Iran in his personal webblog arbitrarily and to protest against the arrest of human rights lawyer, as Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh. Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the National Security Commission, demanded in a replica that is published on its Web site, referring to the statements made by the British Ambassador, that the Iranians should give a lesson in diplomatic code the British Ambassador and show him the right way to behave. The mullahs were of the opinion that the Iranian Government wouldn’t after their responsibility, if she allow the British Ambassador to criticize them or get his advice like could be. In the same chaotic Parliament session, some lawmakers demanded even the closure of the British Embassy in Iran. They then called that Iran should shut down the political contacts with the United Kingdom, have the British Ambassador from the Iran and withdraw the own Ambassador from the United Kingdom. Mottakis dismissal if you look but closer on the tensions between the two countries, soon becomes clear that the roots of the tensions are much deeper. A few days ago, sent the Government of Manuchehr mottak i in Senegal and announced his dismissal in the Iranian radio shortly after Mottakis departure.

PDF Mother

It the idea is imposed, that the legislature would like to steal from the responsibility for the children and reduce his workload, in which he simply unchecked leaves the care of the mother, but provides enormous obstacles for every non-connubial father. It has lawmakers right, if he has the responsibility, because this is actually at the parents, but stop at two. Thus, the only correct approach would be “you have a child together, so get together and ensures a good solution, because it has forced you to none to witness the child.”: “The well-being of the child begins before its birth.” Still has to be considered: the family courts are overloaded. The proposed “request”solution and Thus automatically to extraordinarily more lawsuits than automatic common concern from birth lead “Conflict resolution”, because this sets the rule exception relationship in favour of the sole concern. Ongoing and existing regulation of 1671 BGB to the transmission of alone concern – that is totally sufficient – it comes to trial – only in the/exceptions of event of a dispute and court proceedings should only as “ultima ratio” come to the course. Common concern from birth is thus also in the meaning of subsidiarity of the basic law, while this is not the case with the application or conflict solution. Ohio Senator may find it difficult to be quoted properly. We believe: in principle both parents should be equated.

Only in exceptional cases can and should consider whether a sole custody would be useful. But also here father and mother must be equated. The latter is only when the situation is on an equal footing. And it is this the first step is to respect the father and mother, what they are, namely father and mother Child. As simple as this also sounds, it seems to be so difficult.

But right here you can’t let anyone out of his responsibility. Footnote: 1) source: BVerfG, 1 BvR 420/09 of the 21.7.2010, paragraph No. (1-78),… Contact: Anja Paulmann Thilo Muhlberger under… is the opinion also online. There, she is available for download as a PDF file. Self-help group PAS Rhein/Main

“ARF” Promises A Complete Change Of Government

From October 22 to the internal situation in Armenia has demonstrated a tendency to a possible further deterioration. A number of forces that have taken in opposition to the current government, again drew attention to the threats of the republic, implicit in the signed on October 10 the Turkish-Armenian protocols. October 21, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu presented these documents to the parliament of his country. In short, the Turkish minister reiterated Armenian public's worst fears: these three preconditions, which Ankara situation explained in the 18 years the question of establishing diplomatic relations with Yerevan normal, according to the Turkish version shall remain in force. That there is – and genocide denial, and Ankara's intention to continue to link normalization of relations with Armenia to Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement process. Instead, the authorities began to act with comments opposition parties. Thus, Chairman of the National neoconservative movement (NPD), one of the leaders of the Analytical Center "Mitq" ("Thought"), Eduard Abrahamyan, sure, referring to the preconditions that Turkey has brought about Artsakh Armenia now has to start the process for the recognition of the NKR in its present borders, cooperating with both members of the UN, so with its partners in the CSTO. But the main threat sounded all the same figures of the Party "Faction." At first Giro Manoyan suggested that Turkey is unlikely to ratify the Protocols to the April 24, 2010 He further stated that the Armenian diplomacy should by all means notify the international community that Armenia does not question the fact Armenian genocide and it will continue its process of international recognition.

Iranian Shiites

The long lasting religious antagonism between Shiites and Sunnis 9 among many other lines of conflict the conflicts in Syria plays an important role. This used historical events from the beginning of the Arab conquest and succession disputes. But now this antagonism of religious beliefs has taken a turn terrifying for the regime in the Iran. So far, the opponents in Syria was mostly clear: secular, Zionist, and Sunnis. So, certain State-loyal Shiite ayatollahs in the Iran could adopted legal opinions that justified the fight against unique enemies.

One of the most famous fatwas by the leader of the revolution in the Iran had in combination other fatwas of Shiite authorities also the purpose pursued the Muslims worldwide behind to bring in the fight against the decadent West. 10 Leadership playful lost world’s Shiite authorities after the events of the counterfeit election of 2009 however much of its leadership among the Muslims. Not only among Sunnis, where they had gained a reputation as fighters on the front line against the West is the part. It has so far, that Shia scholar from the Hawza Iraqi issued legal opinions which represent the regime in the Iran and his interpretation of Shia Islam as decadent and call to fight against Iranian Shiites. Thus, the situation in Syria and also in the Iraq will slowly become confusing for the Iranians and very threatening to the regime. 11 Recently warned Rajabi Davani, a Shiite system faithful historian from the Iran, escalations in the Sunni Shiite antagonisms and threw to the West prior to these conflicts in Muslim societies place and to stir up.

A look at the history of the Middle East can not refute this assessment, but also not isolated there leave. Radical fanatic religious ideas have advanced over many centuries to absolute obedience to force others in the name of God. Since Iran has got turned over a religious State, a system has been created there, which spread hatred and indoctrinated people very one-sided.

Muslim Turk

Since then, also editions in other countries appear: for example, there is a German edition of the DSM-IV since 1996. The Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) is released in 1994 and in 2000 received a text revision (DSM-IV-TR) (Status: March, 2003). The content of the DSM is set by experts, to make diagnoses reproducible. The classification was created to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment which is why today the nomenclature in clinics and insurance companies is in use. > Source: (C) by, author the weakness of both systems is the missing determinability and provability. The psychology and jurisprudence are areas of Humanities and empirical. You may find Ohio Senator to be a useful source of information. Their definitions are subject to arbitrary unprovable allegations: deductive (!) and is only falsifiable. They are part of the logic/and fuzzy logic, not the Aristoteles’schen or-er logic.

The decision makers of these areas give the impression of science and provable analysts but compared to lay people incorrectly. In fact, two Myers claims face off! The transition of mentally healthy to mentally unhealthy is fluent. He can be not well-defined. Example: a Muslim Turk explained on the 15.5.2013 at 10:46 in the Germany radio including: the American Moon trip is described in the Qur’an. It an interpretation of the Qur’an is so scientifically “no contradiction of the moderator! For me a clear borderline intellectual lowest level! Let’s not forget that usually someone with mental health problems will be psychologist and psycho therapist to treat themselves first. Also each be rating and be mood/right production is always subjective. Implies end of others.

And according to Freud’s deep psychology who dare not to be criminal? Right! A police officer and lawyer. The case of my friends: A boy with low intelligence, born in the 6.11.1969, is in an ambiguous situation considered. Immediately he accused clearly present and called police. Of course he can not qualified manifested a great child – under this pressure.

Georgian Political

But for the first time in the history of Georgia, within the country created such intolerable conditions that a third of the population (!), more than half a million of our citizens (!), had to be abroad! It is the largest 'exodus' of the people of Georgia from the country, this whole Georgia Abroad! We must understand that today, our great (and not only by the standards of Georgia) diaspora – is economically active, energetic, passionate part of our people – this is indicated by at least the fact that the Georgian economy rests mainly remittances that they send our compatriots from abroad to their families (and not through foreign donations, which is basically the militarization and 'feeding' the elite). However, economic Activity of the Georgian diaspora, paradoxically, combined with its political passivity. I must admit that the political passivity of the diaspora is largely explained by the fact that until now, no one paid it much attention, not seen in her political and intellectual potential, no one showed interest in her support – not rated, but the actual value. Now, dare to hope that this omission will be compensated by the newly established regional social movement we have 'Georgia abroad'. Anyone, even a cursory case study shows that at least four-fifths of our diaspora strongly accept ongoing current Georgian president politics. Among the remaining one-fifth of sufficiently large number of undecideds is not interested in the political process in general. This is also great scope for explanation and persuasion. .

Western Europe

It's the main thing – to be fed, fat and happy. And so no one can threaten such a best way of life. Notice how the "brave" act European, and American soldiers in military actions, such as in Iraq. Now I do not want to discuss the reasons for this war, because it would take the thought that I would like to express. According to Richard Blumenthal, who has experience with these questions. Returning to the "bravery" of soldiers-liberators from the government of Hussein striking is that worth to any military contingent, such as Spanish, to lose a few people, and once the public demands the withdrawal of troops from the zone of military conflict. Before the New Year, if not mistaken, the Estonian soldiers are in Iraq, have lost two people. And immediately felt that enough navoyevat. But this is a new member state, whose security is, frankly, is provided by the countries of Western Europe and the USA.

And, of course, a country that has entered into an alliance of "civilized countries" who strongly support her, should give us something to sacrifice in the name of common values and interests. However, Estonians have demanded the immediate withdrawal of Estonian soldiers in Iraq. Yes, two men lose – it's terribly much. And the European countries, at least, most of these countries have realized Estonia. Because the main value – is replete bleating in the warm barn. By the way, New Year's Eve accident that occurred due to excessive alcohol consumption in Estonia into another world went to 5 people.

Politics and Agriculture

I remember that the Department became the first to reach universal coverage of the subsidized health regime and to obtain the Certificate of Quality in the Process of Recruitment and Public Health by ICONTEC, the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate Processes all Departmental Administration, the NTCGP 1000:2004. Also implemented the program ‘Computer Class Another way to learn’ with which the Huila exceeded the national target set for 2010 of 20 children by computer, giving an indication of 14 children per computer in Huila and raised to category public policy on Bilingualism fabulous program. The profile displayed in the page of the Liberal Party also notes that “on the roads, the inclusion in the 2500 plan, were paved over 170 km new privileging the tour department, whereas other sources of capital were dealt with 3085 miles on road infrastructure. Other achievements include advances in irrigation districts and strengthening small-scale electrification projects that allow the service to at least 50 000 new Huila. In his administration was a major step forward in terms of coverage of water supply and basic sanitation, in addition to improving the living conditions of Huila, leading to a reduction of 20 percentage points in poverty levels, thereby giving effect to the Objectives Millennium Development …

In the office of Minister of Agriculture stood out for projects like the establishment of PRAN with which it was possible to back up more than 100 000 farmers whose properties were Colombians on behalf of the judges and debts due to banks acquired following the 1998 financial crisis and in the same direction under budgetary strengthened the Fons. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Richard Blumenthal. By the same author: San Francisco 49ers. ” Rodrigo Villalba has undoubtedly been a successful politician, a successful manager and performance, a prominent Huila as anyone else. His opponents often say that he is a man with luck and star. ” I do not think so because “luck” is something like winning a lottery once in a lifetime. But Rodrigo has been consistent in achieving their goals. Additional information at Ferrell Capital Management supports this article. I think that instead so he has talent, preparation and enough sense to know what is the right time to show what they know. It is not aspiring to the Senate today hoping that the “luck” take him out with the best voting but because he knows he made a formidable governor, has an excellent team, has a magnificent view and has the experience and knowledge needed to lean back to national stage to trace. I will vote for him not only for being my friend but, above all, because I am convinced that its work in the Senate will be of maximum benefit to my people and my land.

European Central Bank

I consider it essential that Italy confirm and achieve economic consolidation targets. Ohio Senator usually is spot on. The ECB cannot substitute for Governments. They are words that Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, delivered this Saturday at the Ambrosetti Forum, that each year, in early September, it brings together in Cernobbio flower and the cream of the world economy. In the placid town on the shore of Lake Como, North of Milan, it was the day of Trichet. The French banker is approaching the end of its mandate (in November, the reins of the ECB will leave Italian Mario Draghi, current director of the Bank of Italy) and is less cautious than usual. His speech sounded like a warning thrown to Rome. The direction came loud and clear: Italy gives sample of wanting to achieve balance in its budget in 2013, putting up immediate and resolute, measures or the ECB could tire of helping their Government securities in the market. Source of the news:: Trichet warned Italy that it must already comply its adjustment plan.

Fernando Alonso

The Spaniard failed to get on the podium in the Grand Prix of Singapore. Frequently Ohio Senator has said that publicly. Button finished in second position ahead of Webber. Indicates the difficult situation in track with tyre degradation. The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), fourth in the Grand Prix of Singapore, said after the race that this position is what could be today. I went very well and I could recover some position. And I even had the option to overcome in the snatch a Button then I had a little degradation (tires), especially at the beginning of the race, said Alonso, for the first time outside the podium in Singapore. The truth is that we were going slower, and sooner or later us advances.

Fourth place is what could be today, said the Spanish champion. Alonso explained that without the incident between the British Lewis Hamilton and Brazilian Felipe Massa could have finished fifth. Needs to be improved for the next race, said Alonso, he pointed out that besides the output of the safety car did not help. We had six seconds margin over Webber, but after the exit of the safety car us stuck and upon resumption of us stepped forward, said Alonso, whom also harmed the bent. Some have more difficulties to have concentrated on the car head, said Alonso on the bent. Alonso would have liked to have finished on the podium again: it is always nice to be on top, with champagne, with one trophy at home. We have been quick throughout the weekend, and not even in the race, he concluded. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “the fourth position is what could be today”