Business Plan Flower Shop

Business plan flower trade an Offer customers something new, something different from other recently in Moscow only a huge number of retail stores and wholesalers, not to mention the small shops. But, in my opinion, a place in this market is always there. The only question is, what will you differ from others in a huge variety of flower business. If you think you can do business better, and you know what to offer people, you can always defend their right to exist. The mass of options here. You can become an individual florist, to create its own little private company to find a few small orders, perhaps even corporate clients, and this is quite sufficient for the prosperity of small firms. If you decide to open a chain of stores, or delivery of bouquets, such a world, there needs a different approach: the investment required are large and labor costs increase accordingly.

But the most important thing to begin with – an original idea. In 1993, when we started, the market there are very strict rules, for example, it was impossible to import flowers from abroad. This strongly narrowed our options. In addition, the "" Bouquet few people then knew the flowers were bought, mostly in small government stores, on the bouquet of speech did not exist. Therefore, our first customers became only the large companies. When we started importing flowers from overseas to work has become much more interesting. On the market there was such diversity, what we've never seen before.