Take The Initiative

Remember your last interview, what questions you asked what mistakes should be considered? Prepare an opening statement, a story about yourself for 25 seconds. The way you would say – is more important than WHAT you say. Prepare practical examples that demonstrate your best skills. Be prepared to describe your previous positions, responsibilities and achievements. This is no time for false modesty, so do not be afraid to emphasize your strong professional side.

Remember: it's not bragging if it's true. Ask your spouse, son or friend to play the role of the interviewer to learn more calmly and confidently talk about yourself. The more you practice the more you believe in yourself. 5. Prepare your list of questions. Interview – not questioning, and dialogue. This is a form of dating, so do not hesitate to ask questions. Questions will help you understand the specifics of the work and objectives of the company.

By asking questions, try to change the course of the interview and gently take the initiative. This produces the effect. The smart interlocutors J. 6. Dress for success. On clothes welcome … Interview – this show of artists who play their roles. Your role – "a successful person who brings success to others." A woman or man you are a conservative business suit is recommended for any interview. Even if you arranged in a nightclub or design agency, in any case you can not go wrong if you will put conservative. If you do not have a costume, go out and buy it! It does not cost, it is investment.