The Importance of Thrift

I recently read a report that talked about how much hard successful people worked and how much time and effort they invested in creating their successful businesses. Some famous entrepreneurs started their business so that they could work when and how they liked, and even now they continue to appreciate that they are millionaires, not taking it for granted, and they appreciate every penny that passes through their hands. For example, the eBay-founder Jeff Skoll has undergone several back operations and blame their problems on the weeks of more than 100 hours in the company. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The Mexican billionaire Carlos Slims, working in locations with poor lighting, and admonishes his employees “to maintain the austerity and less wasteful.” Costco co-founder and CEO Jim Sinegal answers his own phone and buys $12.99 shirts and uses the same store. Warren Buffet’s partner, Charles Munger, a wealth of $ 2,000 million is also director of Costco and often buys at the store.

The founder of Ikea recycled tea bags and drives an old Volvo. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Billionaire Donald Trump’s father used to collect the nails left over from their buildings for future use. Some may think that these examples demonstrate is that these people are ‘stingy’ or ‘miserable’, but in reality are aligned with the philosophy that these people and other influential entrepreneurs like Robert Kiyosaki have always proclaimed, it is important to save and not waste absolutely no penny. Another equally important conclusion is that there is money to focus on reinvesting in our business and to defer things that are not really necessary for our economic interests, like a good car, a villa on the beach. These things are best left for when you really have them and keep them do not pose a drag on our economy.