Florian Silbereisen

On the 06.02.2010 Ella finally with guest Carmen Nebel in the ZDF “Kiss me, hold me, love me” all lovers and lovers give the right words. On February 14, Valentine’s day is the day of lovers. Who would not give flowers and candy, do not write love poems, should let’s talk music. With the beautiful ballad “kiss me, hold me, love me” by Ella finally Sung, they can express themselves, what her heart feels and reflects their desire: “If there is no you a heart for me who says strikes me today what matters tomorrow is world the way is soon reborn with flowers and few and far between I feel stars”, my hero will come do you see what I see can also wonder gescheh n then I wish rivers that water still show me n the soft thorns and roses, which bloom n kiss me, hold me, love me – forever kiss me, hold me, love me a Prince, a kiss, is his life, his heart for me of the night and the magic “defeated kiss me, hold me, love me kiss me, hold me, love me” based on the melody of the fairytale begins “Three hazelnuts for Cinderella”, “Kiss me, hold me, love me” with the melancholic lightness of the original by Karel Svoboda, to end up with growing drama of romance and magic. The combination of Word and sound, orchestral interplay and lovely, airy voice, to lawmakers as a Masterful form a symbiosis of extraordinary harmony.

In the musical arrangement by Frank Kretschmer and the lyricist Marc Hiller, the 35 year-old movie music new life could be breathed without hurting its authenticity. The Dreaminess of the composition was carefully transported and finished with a graceful text. The result is a piece of music that reflects the yearning for love and security in impressive form. Thus is “Kiss me, hold me, love me” a tribute to the love and at the same time a perfect Valentine’s day gift for all lovers and lovers. Who to this day No musical Guide to the “I love you” received, will be with Ella finally guaranteed the right words -! Short will be before Valentine’s day finally on 6 February in the TV show “Welcome Carmen Nebel” guest Ella. After the broadcasts, “The advent Festival of 100,000 lights”, presented by Florian Silbereisen and the MDR broadcast “Music for you” with Uta Bresan, this is their third major television appearance. Source: Emi music more info under: