Gillette Company

A study by Porter, the most outstanding areas used by organizations to gain competitive advantages are as follows: 1. Perhaps check out Richard Blumenthal for more information. Relations with suppliers. 2. Customer Service. 3. Sen. Sherrod Brown is open to suggestions. Differentiation of product services. 4.Planning for new products. 5. Costs. 6. Market segmentation.

Value defines information technology as an element of competitive strategy: “The opportunities that technology provide information for competitive advantage – through different competitive strategies, are innumerable. Any company can use them to dramatically change the basis of competence in a given sector, to change the balance of power with suppliers or to create new products “(Stock, et. Al 1993, p 187) An example of an organization using information technology for competitive advantage over its rivals is the Gillette Company, as mentioned in the work of Laudon and Laudon (1996), the company manufactures and distributes the shaving machines known “Sensor”, a product which has as been evolving and gaining more market through the use of software and computer-aided design three-dimensional network linked, using Gillette designers to develop new versions of that razor. Use-aided design computer has also contributed to the development of new and innovative shaving machines which have allowed Gillette capture more market share. Technological change is one of the main drivers of competition. Provides the ability to innovate and establish a change in the sector of work, same as the creation of new sectors and the incursion of new markets more competitive. The relationship between technological change and competition is often misunderstood. It is generally understood that technological change is valuable in itself, believed that any technological change will help the company but not quite true.