First Window Plant

They are not interested to lose their customers, who went out to those who offer the product cheaper. The primary measure was the development of crisis management options products, which should help support sales. “Clearly, the economic situation makes adjust its product line, – said Sergey Chernyshev. – The main motto – quality at an affordable price. For example, in component sales we proposed a new metal roofing Decorrey.

Product retains the Finnish quality standards, and has a very attractive price. Immediately after the launch of its sales, we noted the high demand from customers. ” “Our company is also a last year launched a turnaround product – a new four-system PROPLEX-Comfort. The windows of the profile of this series offer better heat and sound insulation than from the three-chamber. In this case, the cost of the product below the analogues of five-chamber profile – says Leo Minullin, deputy commercial director of the Group companies propleks (one of the founders of the Russian market of pvc profiles). – But we did not dwell on this and decided to teach our partners to save money without compromising quality. For this, special programs of support. In addition to the training of technical personnel, we are helping refiners our profile to assess their production in order to optimize all processes and improve productivity.

In addition, our experts warehouse audit and suggest solutions for the movement of goods. As this is the special role played by recognition of the company, then we invite to join our efforts in promoting and developing uniform with our partners advertising strategy. ” A sharp drop in new sectors of the construction market has forced companies to seek orders in new sectors of the economy. One of the trends – government projects on energy development, sports facilities, as well as the reconstruction of housing, schools and hospitals. These programs have become the lifeline of many organizations. True, they may participate in only those who win the tender, which is not so simple: the number of contractors sometimes dozens, and suppliers – in the hundreds. As a result, leaders are the most experienced players, offering know-how and quality at the most affordable price. “Gosproekty – these are the special rules of the game – sees Leo Minullin (PROPLEKS). – We have a special program to support our partners who wish to participate in the tender. First and foremost, we provide all the required technical documentation, help make the necessary calculations of constructions. Price should be an additional asset, so the participants of this program are provided special discounts. Such assistance enables partner companies to win tenders are very serious. For example, “First Window Plant (Lermontov) is involved in the restoration of social facilities in the South Ossetian . In times of crisis, as history shows, died companies who hides in waiting for better times and continually reduce their costs. Survive as those who worked out for himself a special marketing tactics aggressively promoting its own original, high-quality and innovative products on the market. Construction industry – is no exception. Market experts say, today cleared. Remain strong.