Christian Humanism

Christian humanism: commitment, set image, or a way of life? The worldwide Christian understanding of man shows him as creature acting with freedom and reason. This enables the people to the free decision, and often to distinguish between good and evil. The freedom of man is given him I believe that through his image of God. No State or else a man can take her away from him… He carries a personal responsibility also for this freedom of choice. No specific instructions for all political questions of everyday life in parties and parliaments can however be derived from the Christian humanism. The Christian view of humanity is anyone who is politically, repeatedly before decisions that he can answer only in his personal responsibility 1. Former Constitutional Court Judge Paul Kirchhof stresses also the responsibility and talks about the human image of the mature citizen”, which should apply in the policy.

This would underestimate the policy 2. Pastor talks about four cord Saeed 3 Basic facts for every Christian humanism: man is man in relationship and Exchange, the man is the image of God, man is not his nature and the will. Here I interpret the will as freedom of choice. Thus the basic requirements of the people in the Centre, who have received their legal form in the formulation of human rights move: in the personal freedoms, the political and social participation rights and social rights. To help the social recognition of these fundamental rights and to enforce these rights in optimizing balance for all people within the national and international legal communities specifically, is a policy based on the Christian view of humanity. 4 “who do not accept the Christian Humanism ()”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “no place” in Germany.