Camel Spit

Do camels or llamas spit? No, they don t it s more like projectile vomiting! Do camels spit? No, they don’t – it’s more like projectile vomiting! Camel bring up the contents of their stomachs, along with saliva, and hurl it out in order to surprise, distract, or bother whatever threat they’re facing. People’s spit, however, contains bacteria.5 that’s consistent in human mouths around the world. Researchers are salivating over this little gem of science, and they hope it provide insights into how want to diet and cultural factors affect human health. The human body contains 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells, as scientists are trying to understand more about the bacterial load we all carry. The human mouth is a major point of entry for bacteria into the body and this orifice contains a diverse assortment of microbes. Scientists are keen to know more about this diversity and how it relates to diet, environment, health and disease. Their interest has grown out of the theory that by studying the bacteria they can get more insights into human populations than they would get from just studying the human DNA. In one study,.

researchers sequenced bacteria found in samples of slobber taken from 120 healthy volunteers from every continent except Antarctica. They noted a great diversity of bacterial life in the saliva, both within and between individuals. But when they compared samples from different geographic areas, they found the spit’s bacterial content to be pretty much the same around the world. Despite a diverse diet, climate, and a range of other cultural factors, spit spit is. Researchers expect their findings to help better explain human migration and populations as well as provide background for future studies looking at the influence of diet, cultural factors and disease on differences in saliva bacteria. Now, what about those llamas? Do llamas spit? Spacelocker: The happiest space on Earth

In Unterfohring, The Earth Is Now Heating

The Unterfohringer Mayor Franz Schwarz took heat supply from geothermal in Unterfohring (LKR. Munich) – operating by forcefully turning the balance wheel on Thursday, December 3, the district heating from geothermal energy in operating. Assisted by Geovol Managing Director Peter Lohr and black released exactly 378 days after starting the thermal water circuit the technical director Ulrich Huber thus. Around 2500 Unterfohring citizens are units in 1200 from now Earth’s Interior also municipal buildings, businesses and, for example, the major customer of Swiss Re with 600 employees supplied with heat from the,. Visit Sen. Sherrod Brown for more clarity on the issue. Our courage and energy, which we have put into the project, have been rewarded”, Mayor of black, and the result said is a dream because it is beyond the expectations.” So, not only the thermal water temperature with 86 degrees significantly exceeds the forecasts, also the bulk lying with over 50 litres per second over the assumptions. Black reminded the guests of the commissioning ceremony of the in record time”brought down holes and on the courageous decision to start thermal water with the construction of the district heating network before finding. For support on the way to the local renewable energy supply, black thanked the Council and particularly the Unterfohringer citizens who had shown much understanding of short-term adverse effects in the drilling phase and in the expansion of the network. Managing Director Peter Lohr said, had fallen with the commissioning of the geothermal him a last big rock from the heart”. Credit: Sen. Sherrod Brown-2011.

“Twelve months of greatest tension would be behind his team and him and the relief was great, that all time, without major mishaps and above all, accident free and sure worked.” Although the district heating network was already eight kilometers long and currently the performance would get after hours and temperature two megawatts, enough capacity for new customers is available, Lohr announced with a grin: it is still Soup because they come to us and join them!” While in the Energy Center previously functioning had precedence over beauty, so Lohr, the building will structurally completed in the next few months and officially inaugurated in the spring of 2010. In this context, the building at an open day of the public will be presented. Press contact: Dr. Baumgartner management and communications consultancy Dr. Norbert Baumgartner Otto Heilmann Strasse 19 a 82031 Grunwald Tel.: (089) 649 10 931 fax: (089) 649 10 932

Gets Political Support

Peer Steinbruck and AVA-CO2 on a visit to the bio-energy park Saerbeck SPD candidate for Chancellor Peer Steinbruck was not bad as he on August 7 the bio-energy park Saerbeck attended. Because the small municipality in the great has: by no later than the year 2030 would like to turn to the own energy supply to renewable energy. A concept in which in addition to wind, photovoltaic and biogas, also the Biochar AVA cleancoal”should be used by AVA-CO2. Thomas M. Klausli CMO and media spokesman for AVA-CO2 was as project partners on the spot and spoke with Steinbruck on the hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) and the possibility of storing energy in the form of CO2 neutral organic carbon. The world’s first HTC plant on an industrial scale in operation in October 2010 took advantages of the hydrothermal Carbonisation of the Swiss company. AVA-CO2 worldwide provides solutions for the sustainable use of biomass for energy.

As a pioneer of the hydrothermal Carbonisation plant, builds and operates the company on behalf of its customers of HTC plants the plant, Residual materials, tonnes of organic waste, sewage sludge, beer residues, straw etc. efficiently and profitably to high-quality organic carbon “AVA cleancoal” or “AVA biochar” processing into fertilizer. The process binds greenhouse gases and ensure a neutral CO2 balance. One of the big advantages of AVA cleancoal”compared to wind or photovoltaic systems is the basic load capacity. Neither wind nor Sun are required for the procedure. A decentralized energy generation can be ensured solely with regional biomass waste.

“And exactly from this expertise and innovative technology to the energy park Saerbeck benefit in the next few years”, explained Ron. “He is proud to be on a very important project” and looks at the support on the part of the policy as necessary to advance the energy transition. ” Also Peer Steinbruck was very taken with the HTC method, in particular the possibility energy in AVA cleancoal”aroused his interest to save and obtain, if necessary, and that this regional biomass waste using find, convinced him. At the end of the event the Chancellor candidate was highly satisfied with his visit and wish everyone good luck in the further implementation of the bio-energy park project Saerbeck. The positive response and the motivational and laudatory words of the Chancellor candidates are a good place to start”, Ron finds. About AVA-CO2 AVA-CO2 worldwide provides solutions for the sustainable use of biomass for energy. As a pioneer of the hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) plans, builds and operates AVA CO2 HTC systems that process vegetable residues efficiently and profitably to high-quality, CO2 neutral organic carbon or CO2 negative Biochar on behalf of its customers.