Wedding – Event joyful, but always very troublesome and expensive. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The total value of the financial costs of the wedding depends largely on where you plan to organize a wedding feast. Options can be several: dinner at a restaurant party in the cafe, cafeteria or other public place rented for one night, a feast at home, a wedding in the country, a picnic in the nature. Weigh the main 'for' and 'against' each venue for the wedding. Dinner at a restaurant – probably the most expensive version of a wedding feast, not including removal of the guests on the shore of the warm sea. On the other hand, it all depends on the level of the restaurant, Vanity Suite (Or parents), number of guests and their appetite.

In some cases the wedding in a restaurant can cost about the same amount as the meal at home. Financial expenses for the wedding at the restaurant is made up of the following components: the rent for a single room or multiple tables, the cost of the dinner, including drinks, cost of goods required for the preparation of certain ritual meals outside the restaurant's menu (Wedding loaf, wedding cake, etc.). An important item of expenditure is the cost of alcoholic beverages, restaurant mark-up that often reaches unprecedented proportions. If you manage to negotiate with the administration restaurant, part of the alcoholic beverages purchased at a reasonable price, you can bring. Restaurant banquets are of three types: full service, partial service, buffet – the so-called 'banquet on feet ', during which guests travel between the tables, covered, mostly with numerous and varied meals.