SFT Detectors

Recently, a very popular metal detectors, namely the search for coins and treasures with a metal detector. Indeed, one can sit at home, watch TV, you can fish while sitting by the river or lake, you can drink vodka, sitting at home. And you can actively carry out their day, all day to walk and fun to look for old coins. On the one hand it's interesting, on the other hand may find valuable. Merged creates supply. And now there are many online shops that sell metal detectors. A variety of models for many large, it is difficult to understand it.

Do not stay aside and the Russian firm ACA, which has done all his life detectors for the state, but now make and model of groundwater metlloiskateley. Currently, the best is metalloiskatlem AKA Signum 7272 SFT. The device costs about 30000rub and has good performance. Since the depth of the search for 5 cents Catherine is 45 cm, 5 cents of the USSR – 30-35cm. These are the parameters to the best of modern metal detectors. In addition to these measurable indicators Signum 7272 SFT has good characteristics for the separation of metals. Ie When a number are black and non-ferrous metal, he able to see the two goals, not just one. Not unimportant role played by means of displaying the found goal – hodograph.

When the screen is given (with the aid of a beam) a statement of purpose (black or color). Characteristics of the metal are reflected in the angle slope of the ray. For example, finding a piece of metal, Signum 7272 SFT will tell you that it's not just a piece of iron, and maybe an arrow or spear. Certainly it right so you do not write it, but the angle of inclination of the ray locus, you will realize that it is worth look at this (dig it). In addition, the display shows a digital ID purposes (each type of metal sootvestvet certain chilo), which also helps in the search.

Pumping Equipment

Solve the problem of sanitation in the country can be a variety of ways. You can buy the bio-toilet to testify. This is probably the easiest option, because in this case do not need to carry out work on piping. You can organize drains on site, using pumping equipment. Find the right pump will help you in the store, the activity of which is the sale of garden machinery. Which option is best? It depends on your own wishes. Toilets need to give, while not difficult, but care.

Pumps for sewage, for example, sewage pumps, require virtually no maintenance. Shop where is selling garden tools, tell you how often should remove and check the status of the pump. On the other hand, the bio-toilet to testify does not require any places that will merge sewage. Pumping equipment can only pump out the contents of the sewer, but the process it is not. So you choose. And be careful, go and ask where is the proper sale of garden machinery quality.