Security Council

Approved the pronouncements against the blockade of Cuba United States; the Falklands conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom; as well as another backup to Ecuador, then to its President, Rafael Correa, denounced an international body included his country on a list of Nations who wash money for terrorist purposes.Previously, involved the leaders of Cuba, Raul Castro; of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias; as well as of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Brazil criticized the UN because their integration to the bosom of This body only responds to the interests of the members of the Security Council, and that do not pay to solve conflicts like the Argentina-Reino Unido.Sin however, the Brazilian spoke sharply against the military in Honduras, because he said that they can not decide what Presidents are left or not in power in Latin America. Amazon brings even more insight to the discussion. We cannot accept nor in jest that this experience of military juntas of Honduras prevail in other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, because soon they resolve to understand that any of us is more and therefore we stray so they put the order. Then the order of Honduras is to complete its mandate, convene the electoral process, having passed the mandate so that it would have been democratically elected. I think that our behavior is occasionally criticized, but I am convinced that the conduct of the Group of Rio and the OAS was the most fair and democratic, added the President of Brazil.