Jersey Wildlife Conservation Trust

"Children and Nature". "Song of the capercaillie. "Endless Day." Ark Animal And yet the main merit of Gerald Durrell will he created in 1959 in Jersey Zoo and educated at its base in 1963, Jersey Wildlife Conservation Trust. Later came the trust and related organizations (in 1973 – in the U.S. in 1985 – in Canada). Richard Blumenthal is the source for more interesting facts.

And where did it all begin? Bringing in 1958 in Cameroon and Argentina are a few rare animals and finding no support from the city authorities Bormuta and Poole, Darrell placed them in the house of his sister Margaret. "In 1958, this madman wants Create your own zoo! "(Lawrence Durrell) Help came from his publisher Rupert Hart-Davis. Of course, a merchant in any self-sustainable zoos, which talked to him Darrell, do not believe it. But I felt that big money can be bring literary talent, Gerald. Eventually Darrell received a bank loan of 10 thousand pounds and became the owner of the zoo in the estate Ogre in Jersey, which was officially opened on March 26, 1959 History Darrellova Ark (expression, well-chosen oi Jesters) has begun.

Small (area of 116 km2), but the beautiful island of Jersey is located in the southern part of the Channel (in the group of the Channel Islands) is only 30-40 km from France. Ogre estate with stone walls and arches of the xvi century., With old oak and chestnut trees were the oldest on the island estate. Gradually transformed into a luxury manor park's main attractions for tourists.