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The basis for the registration of property rights of citizens in these plots are: Certificates and certificate for the right of lifetime inheritable possession, records and certificates for the right of permanent (perpetual); records and evidence of ownership, records and evidence that did not specified or not specified the right to land; Households Extract from the book on the approved form, issued by the local authority after September 1, 2006 (only long section LPH) Other documents that establish or certifying the rights of citizens on the ground. See Michael Ramlet for more details and insights. "Dacha amnesty" depends on the method and time of the acquisition of rights to land. It does not apply to citizens who have received plots of local governments after October 30, 2001, and also to the citizens who have purchased plots in transactions with individuals and legal entities. Restrictions of land rights of foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities. Currently, Russian legislation, the following restrictions on the land. Foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities may not: to own land in the border territories, which list established by the President of the Russian Federation in accordance with federal law on state border, and on other established particularly the Russian Federation in accordance with Federal Laws; get in free ownership of land plots that are in their permanent (perpetual) or lifetime inheritable possession, in other cases specified by law for the citizens of the Russian Federation of cases of gratuitous acquisition of land; Use the preferential right to purchase land in the acquisition of ownership of buildings, structures and facilities from the list, which can be approved by the President of the Russian Federation (Article 35 paragraph 5 of LC RF) to own plots of land from agricultural lands (except land for individual housing, garage construction, maintenance personnel farms, as well as areas occupied by buildings, constructions).

Features of purchase of land. According to the general for all types of real estate normally st.551 CC subject to mandatory registration transfer of rights to the buyer. Contracts for the sale of land not subject to state registration. As well as contracts for the sale other real estate non-residential purposes. These transactions are concluded with signing. Article 37 of the LC RF, the following features of sale and barter of land uchastkov.Obektom sale can only be land, the last state cadastral registration. In accordance with the requirements of the Civil Code st.554 and Article 8 paragraph 2 of the LC RF, p.1 Article 18 of the Law on registration of rights in the contract must include: Site Location, Area, cadastral number, category of land (earmarked) Permitted use uchastka.Prodavets at the conclusion of the sales contract must provide the buyer with available information on encumbrances and restrictions on land use in accordance with approved use. In view of Article 37 paragraph 3 of the LC RF in the contract may also contain information: About the planning permission of the land, On the use of adjacent land, has a significant impact on use and cost of selling the land, On qualitative properties of the earth, which may affect the planned use of the purchaser and the cost of selling the land; Other information which may influence the buyer's purchase of the land. Source: