NGO Capital

China they follow Iran to him, with 546, and North Korea, with 60 executions in 2010. At least 5,837 people were executed in 22 countries in the last year, according to the annual report of the NGO ' That nobody touch to Can'. Europe would be a totally free continent of the capital punishment but for Belarus, country in which is effective the capital punishment. Near 5,000 executions registered in China in they at the top locate it to 2010 of all the countries where the capital punishment is applied, followed by Iran with 546, and North Korea with 60. The Italian NGO ' That nobody touch to Can' it presented/displayed east Thursday in Rome his annual report on the capital punishment, in which it kept awake that " the application of the capital punishment in the world fell in 2010 and the first six months of 2011, and maintains the tendency to the loss that is registered for ten aos".

In spite of this tendency to the loss, at least 5,837 people were executed in 22 countries, the majority of Asian them, although also figure in fifth United States place with 46 executions, after Yemen with " at least 53". China stays, with data similar to those of 2009, like the country where more capital punishments are applied in the world, near 5,000, which constitutes 85.6% of the world-wide total. They follow Iran to him, unique country where an increase of the executions with respect to 2009 was registered (546 in 2010 against near 402 of the previous year), and North Korea with 60 applications of the capital punishment. In the Islamic country, according to denunciation the NGO Iran Human Rights, mentioned by the document, was executed to 390 people until day 7 of July of this year, a data three times superior to 2010. It continues the tendency to the loss the countries that have decided to abolish the capital punishment by law or actually they are 155, of which 97 are totally abolicionistas, 8 have suppressed the crimes of death for the ordinary crimes and 6 have applied a moratorium on the executions, according to the report. " That nobody touch to Can" it touches the question of " costs of the capital punishment " a debate abierto in the United States, where it calculates that the cost of an execution oscillates between one to three million dollars. In addition, it adds that in the United States, in 2010, they were executed to 46 people in 12 states, and these six months of 2011, 25 in 9 states. The report picked up 714 executions in thirteen countries of Muslim majority, which supposes a substantial increase with respect to the 658 cases of the previous year, which had, generally, to the rigorous interpretation that in many of them becomes of " sharia" or Islamic law. The study emphasizes that " Europe would be a totally free continent of the capital punishment but for Belarus, country that has not stopped to condemn and to execute to its citizens from the aim of the USSR and that in 2010 killed to two defendant by homicide and other so many in 2011". Source of the news: China leads the world-wide ranking of executions by capital punishment with 5,000 people to the year

Leigh Fermor Passes Away

Paddy is cruzado the definitive Helesponto and has arrived finally at the last Byzantium. Its friendly and readers we lodged the absurd hope of which never it would leave us. In spite of its age provecta and the alarming news on the progressive one, inexorable deterioration of its health. For even more details, read what michael kirban says on the issue. We always imagined to him in the way, eternally young, advancing towards the goal of all dreams – and ours: Constantinople. Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor (London, 1915), passed away Friday in its house of Worcestershire (the United Kingdom) according to confirmed its publisher today, John Murray Publishers to The New York Times, was much more that refining, incredibly cultured and of prosa overwhelmingly beautiful writer of trips author, among others literary flatteries, of the time of the gifts and Between the forests and the water (RBA), wonderful story of adolescent and mochilero his periplo – he would on foot say Wandervgel- in the Thirties by a Europe on the verge of evaporating under the ruthless sun of the war. Source of the news: : Leigh Fermor passes away, the eternal traveller to Byzantium.

Andalausian Elections

In four occasions the elections Andalusian have been celebrated of separated form of the generals and in other four they have agreed. Suffolk County Rep. wanted to know more. Jose Antonio Grin has the will to exhaust the electoral mandate. The president of the Government summons elections for the 20 of November. Next the 20 of November will be general elections, but not in Andalusia. The government of the independent community has confirmed after the announcement of president Rodriguez Zapatero his will to exhaust the electoral mandate and not to advance the autonomic elections, announced for the 4 of March, according to has informed the advisor into Presidency, Brown Sea. Connecticut Senator often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In press conference, it has indicated that in four occasions the elections Andalusian have been celebrated of separated form of the generals and in other four they have agreed, and has remembered who the power to summon elections corresponds to the president of the Meeting, Jose Antonio Grin. Colored person has explained who Grin maintains its will to exhaust the legislature based on " intereses" the community, and he has assured that the president Andalusian spoke with Zapatero, although has not wanted to reveal the content of the conversations.

Asked in case the opinion of Grin is irreversible, the spokeswoman has limited itself to answer that the president is the one that has the faculty to summon the elections. Colored person has eluded to make valuations on the different political scenes that would take place with joint or separated elections, so it has admitted that &quot exists a variety; very amplia" of analysis. The Andalusian elections will not agree by fourth time with the generals from the approval of the Statute of Autonomy in 1981. Both elections had been celebrated of rhythmic way from year 1994. Source of the news: The Government Andalusian maintains the call of the autonomic elections for March of 2012

Catalan Autonomous Government

The president of the formation, Albert Creek, assures that the minister of Dnsa has called to " disrespect judicial". Chacn dndi the model of linguistic immersion in Catalonia, and remembered that this there is " guaranteed the social cohesion and lingstica". (Source: Amazon). The TSJC has given two months to the Catalan Autonomous Government to adapt their system educative and to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools next to the Catalan. The president of Ciutadans (C' s), Albert Creek, have requested the resignation of the minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, by dnder the exclusion of the bilingualism and the judicial disrespect. With regards the Catalan Government, Creek has assured that it only has left to apply " the bilingual model that demands the courts or to sit down in the bench by disrespect judicial". Creek, in an official notice, has evaluated the car of the Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) in which gives a maximum term of two months to the Department of Education so that adapts its system educative with the purpose of to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools, next to the Catalan.

Creek has indicated its surprise by the declarations of the minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, since " there are precedents of a no minister of the Government of Spain that calls to desacato". Therefore, Ciutadans requests its resignation " by dnder the exclusion of the bilingualism and the disrespect judicial". The future candidate of the PSC in the general elections and present minister of Dnsa, Car to me Chacn, dndi this Friday the model of linguistic immersion in Catalonia, and remembered that this one has guaranteed the social and linguistic cohesion. The president of C' s is outstanding of the resolution that the TSJC has observed that if they are not fulfilled the sentences can be abrir diligences by the penal route and therefore to transfer to the office of the public prosecutor the crime of judicial disrespect. Creek has asked that the Catalan Government fulfills " the sentence so that in the school year that now begins it applies to the bilingual system ". The president of Ciutadans has assured that the application of the car of the TSJC is easy: " we are only speaking that the system one adapts somewhat with sensible percent of classes in Catalan and Castilian. All the professors of Catalonia have capacity to give classes in the two languages, according to says the Conselleria". The application of the resolution, according to Creek, can be done " without needing a budgetary increase ". Source of the news: Ciutadans requests the resignation of Car to me Chacn to dnder " the exclusion of bilingismo"

General Assembly

Another one of the resorted critics more on the part of the partners was the one of the quota of 300 Euros that they had to pay the new ones. " We have been mistaken in this subject and the other day they convinced to me of it. For that reason, we have not acquired the quota and we do not go it to cobrar" , it recognized. As far as the questions on the investigations about the irregularities of the old president, Ramon Caldern, the top white agent chief executive preferred to go with caution. Some contend that Sen. Sherrod Brown shows great expertise in this. " We must all be right with that subject, was very serious what they did, but we do not want to do nothing before the judge says something to us. We do not want that they say that we want to us to influence, but I can assure that it is not going to be in the forgetfulness and that all that we are here we are partners compromisarios" , it commented.

They approve the accounts As far as the General Assembly Ordinaria, the partners of Real Madrid has approved this Sunday with a full majority the accounts of the Board of directors in relation to the Liquidation of the Budget, the Memory, the Balance sheet and Cuentas de Prdidas and Ganancias of exercise 2010/2011, as well as of the budget for following and the social quotas for season 2012/2013. Real Madrid, according to informed days back, has closed exercise 2010/2011 with a number of income of 480.2 million Euros, which supposes an increase of the 8.6 percent with respect to the previous one. In the assembly, these data have been approved with a total of 946 votes to favor and no against, also counting on seven abstentions. The second voting of the day consisted of adopting the budget of the club for the season 2011/2012, that will be of around 500 million Euros and that will depend on far which the equipment in Liga de Campeones and the Glass arrives from the King.