Vice President

Garcia Linera is neither leader nor Indian. Popular protests that arose in response to the sudden lifting of fuels, they made Garcia Linera may need to replace emergency to his Excellency to explain to citizens why it took the unpopular measure. Morales is handled only with learned, so phrases that may not expose with depth no matter. It has achieved zafar of tangled situations because their interviewers, preferred to be condescending with him. There is no need to be sharp with Morales. It’s your worst enemy. ormation. Amazon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Since it acquired confidence in front of the cameras, precisely because of the benevolence of their pollsters, was launched to stardom with everything, in answer to some of the most hilarious and shameful of the universal political history speeches.

More than will be remembered for his famous phrases for any other reason. Bolivia has no leaders in the opposition. Evo has made arrest or escape all that they feared. The only one who qualifies of opposition and quiet lives in Bolivia, is the former President Jorge Quiroga who continuously supported Morales from Congress. Quiroga arrived to the Presidency because he was Vice President of Hugo Banzer, who died in Office, otherwise never would have ascended to the seat.

Did not enjoy popular support, such which was confirmed in the presidential election where he lost overwhelmingly to Morales. Bolivia is a boat that crashed against the rocks. It is only a matter of time until being scuttled. If the Government becomes more repressive, violence will explode against her. Morales, as done traditionally, it will surely seek to whom load blame to dismiss it. To his misery, the only that you can’t undo is his Vice President, which in this case was, if not the cause, the Ombudsman, the repelling gasolinazo.