Law Of Attraction – A Change Of Attitude

Every so often consult me: How I can do my work the law of attraction, and that long ago that "do" what they say and follow (for example) without getting a job?. So these people tell them: Firstly I am not the right person to give proper advice, because I still consider myself a student of this "law", but student progress at last. What I do with my articles is in my own words try to a pragmatic (to turn more practical and understandable) concepts discharging others, filtered through my own experiences, as I understand more clearly its contents, to facilitate the other understanding of the functioning of the law of attraction. So this is where I'm going to talk about the attitude one must have when you stand to meeting a goal, in this case, for example, getting a job. All the literature says the same, one must change the mind "competitive" by the mind "creative." What does this mean?: That no one should be handled with the reasoning but with the heart, ie the "Faith." And how is this done? To explain the above I will first give an example of how we behave "competitively" when seeking a job: You work with the need to start by reading the newspaper and go to job interviews.

The first feeling one has to reach the place is that there is a long queue of applicants, for perhaps only one or two positions. And before this one and think negatively and say, "Huuuy, many people, probably will give the job to another." When it comes to knowing the outcome, we report that do not take us. Obviously if you go with a negative mindset, the easier it will not achieve what we want, but there are people who are predisposed best and neither get (and it is reasonable and understandable because if 100 people are positive and there is only room for two posts, there are 98 people who are not going to get, at least at that time).