Traditional Coaching

But before they act. It is difficult to get up early in the morning, open plan and step number 1. Coaching "charges" of human energy, through which he begins to stir. Coaching is not only responsible for question, "What to do?", but also forces us to make. GE: What is the reason for this activity? M.Sh.: I'll tell a secret, which you can use for the session "samokouchinga." For each person it is important to formulate the result, to that he wants to come. At the same time very difficult to maintain this "image of the future" before the eyes.

Therefore, it is popular letters to Santa Claus, pictures, on which we draw our dreams – and the wording of any fixation on the order work. One of the most important coaching – tools – coaching focuses on client results. Study objectives, discussion of how best to achieve it, the search capabilities – thanks to the experience of coaching a client reaches goal and "together" are very important to clarify the issues themselves. That relate to the client: see their usual tricks that lead to inefficiencies, ways to interact with colleagues and friends, attitudes toward personal resources (time, health, money). Aware of their values, attitudes, limitations. GE: In what situations coaching effective? M.Sh.: Traditional area of coaching – personal effectiveness.

Coach helps the client to determine their goals and move toward implementation. Often happens when a coach specializing in a particular area of business – finance, management, and marketing. But, thanks to a professional "working through" issues of a single sphere, client begins to better focus in other areas of their lives.