Nobody has doubt that life is a battle, and has never been different, only that each who has escaped her at different times, in different fields, with different circumstances and using different weapons. At this time, with the geological, political, social, economic conditions and general conditions which fall to us, one of the weapons of greater use is technology. We use it on our offense to win time, effective communication, conquer a salary, get a career, finally, in almost all our everyday activities; but at the same time, from that same weapon we received bombardment of pornography, spams, consumerism and violence, among many others. And it is in this vertiginous race that they involve modern times in general and technology as a flag, that also humans we have been mechanized, circumstances require us to have the switch on, we walk with the tongue out, we need air, absorbs us stress, a disease that did not exist in previous decades, or at least their presence was scarce. But certainly that how water adapts to the surface, we must do the same, adjust to the era and its changes, although aware that we must never put aside our human nature. We need at one point shut down the machine that today we are, take away the automatic and put ourselves in Manual. It is imminent to turn on the switch of the emotions we take time with something that fills us with things that will give us significance, that we can do today and that will then be late.

Let’s take control of our lives, and remove the sign of dollar, euro, weight, yen, pound or the currency that was to turn it into actions that generate dividends of personal satisfaction, family strength utility to the community and spiritual peace to our time. In no way are saying that let’s aside our commitments with our jobs or business, no, but neither anything serve the achievements we have zambullidos in our daily tasks, if fail to realize our dreams, or maintain a good physical and mental health, if we fail in the education of our children, in the integration of the family or to keep our friends. Every day, turns off the switch of the routine and by the greater amount of time possible keep ignition Switch of the emotions, check the progress of your steps toward your dreams, live the wonderful things that await you. It carries out an encounter with yourself, practice relaxation. Eliminates emotions toxic, uses default positive words: love, forgiveness and mercy. Take care of your diet, avoid fast foods and get some physical exercise. Read at least one book of personal growth by 20 minutes, listening to the music that convey peace to your spirit. It departs a space for sharing at home, plan family trips and future projects. For assistance, try visiting Amazon. It aims to meet needs that others have of you and always, always, always receives and fires every day in conversation with our supreme being.